It has become painfully clear that it’s the lunatics who are now fully in control of the Democrat Party. And yet, we recently had one of those very same lunatics come forward in a desperate attempt to convince anyone who would listen that it’s actually the Republican Party that has been taken over by the ‘crazies.’ But which party is it that now says boys can be girls and girls can be boys or claims that there are somehow 300 genders, not just two? And which party sees nothing wrong will allowing hundreds of thousands to enter this country illegally?  And which party is it that sees nothing wrong with having sex with kids or butchering babies even after they’ve been born?

And it’s all of us in the Republican Party who believe in the Constitution, are in favor of protecting our national sovereignty, want energy independence along with low taxes and low inflation and a booming economy with low unemployment while protecting our children from pedophiles in our public-school system who are said to be the really crazy ones. Who in their right mind, regardless of political affiliation, is able to look at the Democrat Party, as well as those within the party, and not recognize that the party that has become far more radical, in every possible way, is the Democrat Party? And why are they so determined in their defense of it? 

One of those who are clearly NOT in their right mind is Elie Mystal of ‘The Nation.’ And it was just this past Friday, during an appearance on MSDNC’s “All In,” that Mystal declared that “Trumpers” had now taken over the Republican Party, adding “the crazy people” were now in charge. Discussing Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker, fill-in host Katie Fang said, “He will eventually have to address the critical issues, the core issues, the kitchen table issues that are confronting not only all of us and the United States by the people in Georgia. And Walker, he will not even show up for that debate we talked about.”

And it was Fang who then went on to add, “You and I both know that he will not stand a chance against the brilliance of someone like Raphael Warnock. So, is this just a throwaway for the GOP at this point?” Mystal said, “It is going to work for Republicans until voters start punishing them for putting forward these clown candidates. Right? That’s what we have not seen so far from the Republican base. So, you can go on this network, and you can find a bunch of former Republicans who now want the Democratic Party to start acting like the Republican Party.” Clown candidates? If there is a party that puts forward “clown candidate,” it’s the Democrat Party.

And it was THIS Clown who said, “But they are not doing the work in their own party of stopping being these people at the primary stage because the Trumpers have completely taken over that party.” He continued, “The inmates are running the asylum, and it’s the crazy people now in charge of that party.” You must admit that MSDNC does love its racists. When racists like Mystal, have lost the intellectual argument, they always resort to personal attacks. It’s their only defense mechanism, one that has been learned over the decades by watching other intellectually inferior people. Simply put, these people are simply con artists and control freaks.

Mystal is clearly a Marxist, racist black supremacist who is another of those on the left vigorously fighting imaginary racism with actual racism. This guy is the verbal cousin of the guy who just shot a bunch of people in the subway of New York and the other guy who mowed down a Christmas parade in Wisconsin because ‘those dancin’ white grannies deserved it.’ So here’s this rabidly racist moron, whose people never created or sustained any civilization throughout all of human history, who believes sex (gender) is a matter of personal choice and thinks his 13 percent of the population should rule because of their skin color, and he calls other people crazy?

The inmates are running the asylum, and it’s the crazy people who now in charge of the Democrat Party. Somehow it has a familiar ring to it. To me it sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black! With *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ and his clown car administration running the show!! Typical Democrat tactic, accuse others of what you yourself are doing!! And it’s we who believe in the Constitution, are in favor of protecting our national sovereignty, want energy independence along with low taxes and low inflation while protecting our children from pedophiles in our public schools, who are the crazy ones. I think this guy is doing a bit of psychological projection.

This guy really needs to take a look around, because what’s now taking place in this country is what happens every time the Democrats are placed in charge. Inflation, gasoline prices through the roof, energy bills skyrocketing and foreign policy that is an unmitigated disaster. And then there’s our skyrocketing crime rate, border security that’s nonexistent, worsening race relations, blatantly ignoring our Constitution, brazenly lying to the American public, hundreds of Americans simply abandoned behind enemy lines for dead in Afghanistan, mandating vaccines that aren’t vaccines, and so very much more. But it’s the Republican Party being run by the crazies?

Finally, the danger to America is not ‘Shitbag Joey,’ but those who think him capable of being *president. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of a Joey presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man as their *president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Joey, who is merely a symptom of what ails America. The actions of this fool should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive ‘Shitbag Joey,’ but is far less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who voted for him as *president.


  1. (why was President Trump‘s entire Cabinet and administration so successful in turning our nation around like no other administration had ever done in such a short time when so much was set against them, The Democrats tried stymieing them at every turn.

    For example, almost every person that President Trump proposed to be head of different departments, the Democrats would not show up to vote at the hearing. And if they did the party would send out just 3 or 4. Just to disrupt the proceedings!!!

    No other president and administration had ever had so many roadblocks put up against them and that’s been talked about in the media that will tell the truth. They did all they could starting day 1. Hell, he had not even taken office and many of them was already screaming how they were going to impeach him for Christ sakes.

    You will read below why they were so successful. And it’s because he did not submit names of people that were lawyers or politicians! many outlets on the left like politico and Washington Post said that his administration was the most conservative in American history.

    And they hated it but that was exactly why they were so successful and they hated the fact that he submitted so many business peoples names instead of politicians. )

    Many times I’ve seen people post comments about how successful President Trump’s entire administration was, even though the Democrats hated it, and the media that supports them, and keeps that entire evil party propped up with lies absolutely hated the entire Trump administration’s.

    But many times I’ve seen people wonder how his administration got things done so fast and how it took our country from the shape it was in and turned it on its head and created so many jobs so quick and they did.

    Companies started opening factories here and closing them overseas. And I’ve read The data of all the money that China had to pay our country because of the tariffs that President Trump slapped them with. It was just under $1 trillion.

    If I had time I would go get the figure. And look at what happened after the Trump administration along with the Republicans when they controlled both houses lowered the business tax the lowest it’s ever been. Let me jog your memory.

    Companies were giving money to employees left and right bonuses. It truly was, unbelievable. A $1000 $2,000 $500 $1,500 On and On it went On Fox News, which did tell the truth every night on Tucker Carlson Sean Hannity Laura Ingram and several other fox shows they did reveal how successful the administration was doing and how they turned our economy around so fast.

    Below you will find out why. It’s because he didn’t stock his entire cabinet in his entire administration with professional politicians White so many past administrations. He stocked his with business people!! With men and women that worked, for a living and with men and women that had owned, companies!!

    The main thing is he didn’t stock it with lawyers and politicians!! read below and you will see why, why so many left-wing outlets hated his administration but it really does reveal why they were also, so successful. Because they were so conservative!! And, it tells you that his administration was the most conservative in American history!!

    “Trump’s proposed cabinet was characterized by the media as being very conservative. It was described as a “conservative dream team” by Politico, “the most conservative cabinet [in United States history]” by Newsweek, and “one of the most consistently conservative domestic policy teams in modern history” by the Los Angeles Times.”

    “The Hill described Trump’s potential cabinet as “an unorthodox team” popular with conservatives, that more establishment Republicans such as John McCain or Mitt Romney likely would not have chosen.”

    “ CNN agreed, calling the proposed cabinet “a conservative dream team of domestic Cabinet appointments.” On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal stated that “it’s nearly impossible to identify a clear ideological bent in the incoming president’s” cabinet nominations.”

    “The Wall Street Journal also stated that Trump’s nominations signaled a pro-deregulation administration policy. Several of his cabinet nominees politically opposed the federal departments they were selected to lead.”

    “In terms of total personal wealth, Trump’s cabinet is the wealthiest in modern American history. The cabinet was largely made up of nominees who had business experience but minimal or no experience in the government when compared to the administrations of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. “

    “The Pew Research Center also noted that Trump’s cabinet was one of the most business-heavy in American history: “A third of the department heads in the Trump administration (33%) were people whose prior experience had been entirely in the public sector. “

    “Only three other U.S. Presidents are in the same range: William McKinley(three out of eight Cabinet positions, or 37.5%), Ronald Reagan (four out of 13 positions, or 31%), and Dwight Eisenhower (three out of 10 positions, or 30%).”

    “ There were no economists in President Trump’s cabinet. There were also significantly fewer lawyers in Trump’s cabinet compared to previous presidents’ cabinets.”


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