If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times, that it’s those among us who are nothing more than singers, and actors, are some of the most ignorant, and useless, individuals on the entire planet. And it’s none of these people who, courtesy of their chosen profession, provide any sort of service, or produce any sort of product, that benefits their fellow man in any meaningful way. Their ‘profession’ requires nothing of them in the way of actual sacrifice, no years of dedicated training, no years of difficult study, nothing. They’ve simply been blessed with a talent on loan from a God that, more often than not, they don’t believe in nor do they believe even exists.

And it’s their denial of the existence of God that then leaves them free to claim that whatever level of success they are able to achieve is simply the direct result of many years of hard work and dedication to their ‘art.’ And it is the vast majority of these people who, despite the fact that they are extremely uneducated, have somehow convinced themselves that they are all so much smarter than the rest of us. And, not only that, they view themselves as someone not only worthy of being listened to, but of actually being paid attention to, as well. All because they are able to regurgitate words, typically written by others, either to music or in front of a camera.    

Which brings me to none other than John Stephens, aka John Legend. You see, Stephens/Legend is now throwing his celebrity weight, or what there is of it, behind what is really nothing more than a rogues’ gallery of far-left district attorney candidates and current office-holders, many of whom have received very significant financial backing from none other than that sugar-daddy of the left, George Soros. And it’s many of these very same individuals who have supported lenient policies that have led to what has become a rather unprecedented surge in violent crime. Which goes to show how there is very little that this slimy little weasel won’t do for a buck.

This rogues’ gallery includes such notable leftists as embattled San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin, who is facing a recall election, and Contra Costa County, California, D.A. Diana Becton, who once charged a couple with a “hate crime” for painting over a “Black Lives Matter” mural on a road.  Both Boudin and Becton has received financial backing from Soros. Stephens is also backing Durham, North Carolina, D.A. Satana Deberry, who has stopped seeking cash bail in most of the cases she prosecutes, allowing suspects back on the streets following arrest. Which begs the question, how much do you think old George is actually paying Stephens for these endorsements?

Stephen’s endorsements come amid soaring crime rates in Democrat-controlled cities and counties all across the country, something that’s a direct consequence of lax policies and anti-police sentiment pushed by the left. Stephens made no reference to the crime wave in his Twitter endorsements on Wednesday, saying instead that he is focused on “improving our criminal legal system.” Stephens is backing former prosecutor Pete Hardin who is running for D.A. of Orange County in California, and Alana Mathews in Sacramento. Both candidates have adopted far-left platforms that include a promise to end cash bail and to stop seeking the death penalty.

Stephens, who endorsed ‘Shitbag Joey’s bid for the White House in 2020, has made so-called “criminal justice reform” a cornerstone of his celebrity activism. His pet causes include eliminating cash bail for criminal suspects and restoring voting rights to convicted felons. It’s a galling combination of hubris and cluelessness for an imbecile like Stephens to imagine that his opinion on anything of substance has any merit. B-list celebrities, such as himself, always seem to confuse fame with substance. And they always seem offended, when real folks refuse to take them seriously, but how can you? They’re all nothing more than modern-day court jesters.

But is anyone genuinely surprised by Stephens’ actions? Just how much Soros money gets funneled to these ‘Hollyweird heroes’ for them to then donate to various leftist candidates, as though it came from them directly? One would expect a liberal like Stephens, and his somewhat kooky wife, to support the most liberal, soft on crime, no-bail needed prosecutors since that would keep many of his and her followers out of jail. Democrat mayors and Democrat prosecutors who release their violent Democrat criminals over and over to prey on innocent citizens in Democrat cities are actually violating civil rights of minorities more so than has anyone else in history.

And it’s always the same story with these people, they insist upon supporting radical candidates, such as the ones previously mentioned and many who were not, that are the very same ones who will never have their lives affected by the insane policies they put in place. Stephens is nothing but a musician, and a rather mediocre one to say the least, and far from being legendary, except perhaps in his own mind. And it’s in Stephens that we have yet another rich black guy who clearly hates poor black folks. So very sad, but oh so common! Stephens is just another Affirmative Action celebrity. None of his work has warranted the level of celebrity that he has gained.

Stephens is so very clearly out of touch with the suffering of those who are the real victims of crime because of weak politicians who refuse to do their jobs. Perhaps he should move his family to one of those high crime areas to see what life is really like for some people. Skin color is more important than public safety when you’re a racist like Stephens. Just another useful idiot that Hollyweird has long been famous for. Smug racist of the very first order. And on top of that, he must be a certifiable moron or he would know that such measures simply foster worse conditions for blacks in the cities he claims to be so concerned about. Stephens is a liar and a fraud.

Stephens epitomizes the elitist left in this country who will never have to face any of the consequences of leftist candidates being elected. And in their minds, as long as they are sticking it to white patriarchal society, what’s the real harm. Stephens is another rich guy, who can afford to have liberal beliefs because none of them will ever affect him. He doesn’t need to worry about paying his bills and he has a security detail with guns to protect him. Another member of the Hollyweird herd who should stick to his ‘craft’ and not exert his feeble brain in politics. Stephens is another of those who could do so much good with his millions, but simply chooses not to.

Stephens/Legend is another of those who are not only short in stature but are shorter still when it comes to possessing any amount of intelligence. And if you’ve become even the least bit familiar with this moron over the years then you’re well aware of the fact that he is far from being the sharpest knife in the drawer, something he makes quite clear every time he opens his mouth. And that he chose ‘Legend’ as his stage name tells you all that you really need to know about this boob. Clearly, if he had not been blessed with the rather limited amount of talent that he does have, he’d likely be working a local fast-food joint asking if you want fries with that.



  1. I live in Orange County California and back Todd Spitzer for DA. He is one of the best DAs we had in years! He has the stinky duty of cleaning up our LA County neighbor’s mess as George Gasbagger sends his thugs down our way to attempt terrorizing our neighborhoods. I live in one of the NW OC cities that borders LA County. Our northern borders and West borders of OC border Los Angeles County. Our Northeast border borders San Bernardino county, while our East border and most of the Southeast borders Riverside County. The southernmost city San Clemente borders Northwest San Diego County. Soreass wants to turn OC into another dumpy Los Angeles County twin. In California, Los Angeles is the ugliest place I’ve ever been in. The people I meet who live up north have told me it’s even worse in Frisco, Beserkley and the other poop stained sidewalk cities.

    The untalented Johnson Legend can go screw himself up his behind!


    • He is another shit-for-brains uppity negro know it all that doesn’t know one thing, not one thing that he talks about. He’s another one of those on the left that lives his entire life by one emotional action.

      One emotional action = “FROTHY-EMOTIONAL-APPEAL.”

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