There are few in the entire history of the Republican Party more worthy of the moniker of RINO than is Willard ‘Mitt’ Romney. Willard, the first name that should come to mind whenever you hear the words, backstabber, turncoat or traitor. Because he is all of those, and so very much more. Elected to the Senate in 2018, thanks in part to the endorsement of President Trump. And I think we all know how it is that Willard has continued to show his appreciation for that endorsement. I’m ashamed to say that I ever voted for this guy, something I’ll never live down.

And now with a little less than two years left in his first term it seems as if many are now asking what his future plans may be, whether he will stay or will he go. And it would appear that not even Willard is able to answer that question regarding a possible run for re-election in 2024. He recently told ‘The Hill’ that a second term is not really at the forefront of his current thinking. It was after his recent support of radical Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court that he said, “I’m going to cross that bridge down the road. I haven’t given a lot of attention yet.”

As you may recall, Willard won gushing praise from *president ‘Shitbag Joey’ for standing with him behind Jackson’s confirmation. Willard chose to vote to confirm Jackson despite having voted against her nomination back in 2021 to become a circuit judge for the District of Columbia Circuit. And as expected Willard has not explained why he flip-flopped on his decision. But there’s really no reason for him to explain, he’s so transparent that I think we all know the reason behind this, his most recent betrayal of not only his constituents, but the country in general.

And you may remember that Willard was personally recruited to the Senate by another hater of President Trump, none other than fellow RINO, Mitch McConnell. If Willard does decide to run then he should at least be honest, for once, and run as the Democrat that he has always been. He owes it to the public to be who he really is. But then I hope he does run. Run to Mexico, run to Canada, run to Europe run to just about anywhere and not stop until he gets there. Because I have no doubt that even if he doesn’t run his vendetta against President Trump will continue.  

Willard epitomizes a continuing problem of the Republican Party. That being the infiltration of Democrats under the guise of being conservatives, aka the RINOs. And if nothing else, the election of Donald Trump created a bit of a dilemma for these folks, because now they would actually have do more than to simply provide lip service those policies supported by conservatives, and actually have to support them. Either that or reveal the fact that they never really supported those polices in the first place. Things like border security, taxes and better trade policies with China.   

Willard stands for nothing other more than his own self-advancement. He’s an empty suit. I’d like to think that, at end of his term, his time on politics will be over. But men like him never go away. He’s another like John Kerry Heinz, the only difference being that Kerry Heinz married his money. President Trump has struck a nerve in people like these, he’s turned out to be a sizable speedbump in their continuing mission to destroy this country. Which is all the more reason that President Trump must run in 2024 and every person who loves this country must vote for him!

Willard changes his political view based on who he likes and dislikes. Willard will always inject himself into whatever opportunity it is that comes along to further weaken our country. Willard is little more than a useful idiot for those on the left and he can’t get President Trump out of his mind, he is tormented, he is a miserable human being. He has never “represented” anyone but himself and his own interests. He truly seems callous and self-serving. But Democrats will likely vote for Willard in the primary, then vote for their Democrat candidate in the general election.

Of course, we can always hope that this creep would simply decide to fade off into the sunset but, knowing him as we all do, we all know that that is not likely to happen. And no matter how ludicrous it may sound, I genuinely think that he still thinks he has a shot at the big prize. And if all else fails he will likely make some attempt to thwart President Trump if he does decide to run in 2024. I see him running as an Independent with his only goal being to ensure that the Democrat candidate, whomever they may be, wins the election. How truly sick is that?

Willard will remain useful to the Democrats, until he isn’t. And it’s the moment that that usefulness ends that they too will cast him aside like an old shoe. This is the man that led the rallying cry “Never Trump!” throughout the 2016 Presidential Election. And when Donald Trump won it was Willard who went to the Whitehouse and BEGGED for the Secretary of State’s job. President Trump sent him packing, and rightly so. And Willard continues to hate him for it, so much so that he will do anything and everything to assist the Democrats in their ongoing effort to destroy America.



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