It’s without a doubt that MSDNC has a rather weird penchant for selecting from a pool of mentally disturbed people when going in search of what they call ‘contributors.’ And while I have never watched even a second of their programming, I do tend to keep an eye for what has become their frequent bouts of insanity. And a perfect example of that would be MSDNC ‘contributor’ political professor Jason Johnson who, during an appearance this past Monday on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” claimed that the MAGA movement is a “terrorist organization” that no longer believes in democracy.  

Johnson ‘earned’ his B.A. in government from the University of Virginia, followed by an M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and likely all of it was on the taxpayer’s dime because he’s got that whole black thing going for him. Today, Johnson is currently a tenured associate professor in the School of Global Journalism and Communication at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, where he teaches courses focused on political and international journalism. Obviously, it’s his skin color that got him his job, not his smarts.

Anyway, Johnson said, “I used to always say, Ari, with any sort of political conflict — I was saying this during Ferguson — the country can’t heal if we can’t agree on the diagnosis of what got us sick. At the end of the day, you have a certain segment of the population that has told the Republican Party we do not believe in a multicultural democracy. So anything that you have to do to make sure the country stays in the hands of straight white men is okay. That’s the danger. That’s what Vice President Harris talked about when she talked about the rise of the right and white supremacy.”

He added, “That is why I have said I don’t think we have two parties in this country anymore. One is a semi-governing party called the Democrats, and the other is a dime storefront for a terrorist organization called MAGA. That is the real problem here. It is no longer about lies and disinformation. It’s about our sitting government controlling dangerous people who do not believe in democracy anymore. This election— while it’s a cliche to say every election is the most important —if these secretaries of state get into office, there’s no way they’ll let any Democrat win the electoral vote in 2024.”

Blacks make up approximately 13 percent of the U.S. population, yet blacks being aborted make up approximately 36 percent of all abortions, this has led to a continuing decline of representation of blacks here in the US. Abortion has taken about 25 percent of the potential black population away since 1973. Democrats know this, hence they are for open borders to try and replace the black population their policies have destroyed. Abortion is genocide on the black population, just like Margaret Sanger wanted and that Johnson’s Democrats have since continued.

Outlets like CNN, NPR, MSDNC, and Fox as well, continue to be busy colluding with DNC to work tirelessly to advance lies in order to ensure the Left will control our nation. The destruction of the nuclear family, demonizing our police officers by scrutinizing every shooting, burying statistics about police shootings (most Democrats believe the police kill over 1000 unarmed black men every year), and creating false narratives by the leftwing media before the facts come out about any single shooting. By the time the truth gets its pants on, a city has been burned to the ground.

MAGA, as a ‘terrorist’ organization, that has not committed one act of violence, burned down no cities, vandalized no government buildings, ambushed no police and killed no cops. Quite the terrorist organization, right? Yeah, it’s so terrifying how we who comprise the “MAGA movement” want secure borders, freedom and security our citizens, good wages for ALL of our LEGAL citizens, cheap fuel, cheap groceries, a strong stance on the world stage without a looming war, a future for our biologically MALE and FEMALE children, life for unborn children, and election integrity.

Yep, according to this boob, Johnson, people who love and serve and work and own businesses in America are now terrorists. Just like many blacks are now white supremacists, many Jews are Nazis and many women are misogynists. It would seem that the only true ‘patriots’ are the radical communists like Johnson. What a racist this moron is. Oddly enough, the Democrat Party is the largest and most powerful hate group operating in America today. Sad but true! This guy is clearly another example of how education in no way translates to intelligence, because he has none.

Johnson fails to realize that he is just a token prop black puppet of the leftist white racist Democrats. Either that or he does and doesn’t care, which is worse. And it’s thanks to people like this dolt that the Democrats have the black community believing in victimhood and for more spending on social welfare programs, and encouraging them not to work or be productive. It’s interesting how rich white Leftists get blacks, like Johnson, to be their propaganda minstrels on these shows such as this. And yet it’s those who want only to make America better for ALL that are the terrorists.

And it is not those of us in the “MAGA movement” who want to pack the Supreme Court making it nothing more than a rubberstamp for America’s destruction. Nor is it the “MAGA movement” that’s producing propaganda or making false claims like “the country must stay in the hands of white men.” MAGA folk want leaders who love their country, a Supreme Court that adheres to the Constitution, and no terrorists destroying cities, controlling colleges, or grooming little kids. Bottom line, Johnson thinks white people should send black people checks every month, or they’re racist.

Apparently in the eyes of the Left, authoritarianism, indoctrination and one-party rule is the definition of democracy, and the American experiment not so much. These two visions of America cannot continue to co-exist. Either our constitutional republic here in America is made to die, or the Democrat Party goes the same way of slavery and Jim Crow. The Democrats always accuse others of doing exactly what they themselves are doing. It’s a simple as that. This guy is so far down the rabbit hole that he actually believes his corrupt party’s propaganda. It’s called Cognitive Dissonance.

Johnson seems nervous. Maybe he should be. The woke leftists are looking down the barrel of a gun! People are getting fed up with being called racist. Especially straight white men, to use Johnson’s own words. The terms racist and racism get so overused that they now carry almost no meaning anymore. The “MAGA movement” is not what’s the problem here in America. White people are not the problem. Men, in general, are not the problem. Conservatives are not the problem. Although the Democrats talk continuously about White extremists, nobody can find any.

These ideological buffoons are broken records. They have absolutely NOTHING to offer the American people so they stick to what they know, which racism, racism and more racism. Frankly, I’m tired of all the white malice. Blacks have done little to take care of their problems. Looting has not made them any richer or more responsible for their own neighborhoods. Their schools are awash in encouraging white malice instead of encouraging character growth. They keep listening to the beating of the same drums from the same black Democrats which only worsen their problems.

And finally, what have Democrats done for blacks now that they control government? Higher bills, plenty of illegal drugs for black youths, more money to help abort black babies, increase violence, lack of overall employment, and the call for segregation under the pretext of ‘safe spaces.’ Until blacks are willing to stop buying into the continuing rhetoric and reform their own neighborhoods and schools nothing will grow but more hatred. What you sow is what you reap. Sow hatred, reap hatred. Sow disillusionment, reap disillusionment. Sow blame, reap blame.


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