Just what is it about those who spend so much of their adult lives within the locale that encompasses the very unique bit of real estate commonly referred to as “inside the beltway?” It’s almost as if it’s a totally different planet. So much so that those who come to spend too much time there come to develop what is a rather peculiar, even bizarre, way of viewing those folks who live out their lives beyond “the beltway.’ You see, it’s those on the inside who come to view those on the outside as being nothing more than deaf, dumb and blind. It really is quite amazing.  

And it’s so very odd, really, that in this age of the 24/7 news cycle, all manner of videos captured by what has become an over-abundance of cameras that miss little, that those within would continue to assume that those outside “the beltway” remain utterly clueless as to what those inside “the beltway” are actually doing, and/or saying. Now there is certainly no shortage of offenders on both sides of the political aisle, but it’s the more blatant and the more purposeful of these offenders who reside firmly on the left and most certainly within the Democrat Party.  

Take, for instance, Democrat Senator Cory Booker and his description of the recently completed confirmation hearings for now Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. You see, according to Booker, that Republicans are somehow guilty of treating Ms. Jackson unfairly, yet he seems to have no issue with the attempts at character assassination unleashed by the Democrats against those placed into nomination by President Trump, also for a seat on the Supreme Court, apparently viewing them as being well within the bounds of propriety and civility.

But Booker isn’t the only guilty party here, not by a longshot. Democrats have always held that they, and theirs, are deserving of special treatment if for no other reason than because of who they are and because of their good intentions. But they are deserving of nothing more than disdain. Look, Democrats very clearly hate America as it was founded, and it’s evidence of that that’s everywhere. And their ongoing effort to destroy this country requires the placing of those like Ms. Jackson on the Court to act as nothing more than a rubber stamp, making leftist perversion ‘legal.’  

And so, it was Booker who, during an appearance Thursday on CNN’s “Situation Room” hosted by the brain-dead dolt Wolf Blitzer, made the blatantly idiotic claim that some Republican senator’s questions to judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during her confirmation hearing for U.S. Supreme Court were “insulting and demeaning and degrading, or just plain filthy.” Blitzer, nodding in agreement, said, “How much more difficult was this process for Ketanji Brown Jackson as a black woman, especially during those totally and incredibly partisan times.”

Booker said, “There is a lot of hurt in America and a lot of private of people who were qualified who are competent and who were disrespected, disregarded or just plain dissed frankly. I think people feel an aching sadness for having those experiences so often. And this, for I think a lot of Americans, black and white, people of all backgrounds, this was a healing. This is a time to rejoice, to see someone overcome all of the obstacles we know she faced and many more we don’t know.” A pedophile sympathizer being place on the Court is cause to rejoice? How sick is that?

And Booker went on to add, “So I think this is more than just a normal hearing. I think that when people saw not all of my Republican colleagues, not even most of them, but when some of them went to lines of questioning that were seeming insulting and demeaning and degrading, or just plain filthy, frankly, I think there were a lot of people that felt like their wounds were being poked as well and they were hurting and to see her rise above all of that to this moment to this day, that gives so many people a sense of joy.” Yes, I’m sure, pedophiles are celebrating everywhere!

‘Cory the Clueless’ is using the only strategy the Democrats have left, projecting. Rarely is there a question asked by any Democrat of any Republican nominee that is not insulting, demeaning, degrading or filthy. All Republicans did was to bring up her professional and academic history and her own decisions. It sounded disgusting and filthy because her decisions were disgusting and filthy. Had the nominee not failed absolutely on sex crimes, none of the questions asked would needed to have been asked. These liberal judges aren’t stupid they’re just morally bankrupt.

The hypocrisy and double standards of the left are painfully obvious to everyone but them! They are so sad and pathetic it’s actually laughable. Kavanaugh was smeared with all manner of false accusations and lies. The woman who came out of nowhere to accuse him has retreated back into the shadows. It was total nonsense. So questioning this nominee on her past legal decisions is “insulting, demeaning or filthy,” but bringing in a fake victim to accuse Kavanaugh of being a rapist, is totally fine.  Of course, the Democrats, and three RINOs, were all too happy to confirm her.

Of course, the racist Booker would call anybody who disagrees with a black as racist, insulting, demeaning and filthy. It’s a conservative’s job to challenge a liberal progressive whenever they appear in Congress. Who cares if he didn’t like it? Where was the whining when he and his racist cronies were “insulting, demeaning and filthy” against the conservative Supreme Court appointees during the Trump administration? This woman supports CRT, defunding police, open borders, child grooming, pedophiles and more, and yet no one is supposed to mention that?

Booker is a perfect example of just how radical and, yes, extreme, the Democrat Party has become. He is, as is every other Democrat, elated that we will have another political hack on the Supreme Court, one who is pro child rape, pro pedophilia, does not believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and so stupid she doesn’t know if she is a woman or not. Our newest Supreme Court Justice clearly seems to be for more concerned that that those who are pedophiles and/or child pornographers not be ‘stigmatized’ and known to society for who, and what, they are.

The Supreme Court has been diminished and discredited and it’s the Democrat Party that is to be blamed for that, and it’s that that has been their goal. It no longer is a Court comprised of those who can be entrusted with ensuring that our Constitution is faithfully followed as written, but that is something the Democrats cannot tolerate if they are to succeed in the mission to destroy America. And all that one needs to be nominated, and apparently confirmed, is to be of the right skin color, the right gender and, of course, the correct hardcore leftist judicial philosophy.


  1. They have no idea what they have done for voting this absolutely vile piece of shit onto the Supreme Court. Not one Republican should have voted for her especially after the way the party of evil treated each one that President Trump appointed. Every day that the Republican party gets up and goes to work they should be going to work as if they are in a real life battle for the soul of America because that is exactly what it is. The Republican party is spineless gutless!!!!!! A piece of worthless shit!!!! I am ashamed of this party and so sick of it!!!!! I despise it with a full heart!!!!!! Save for only a very few that are members of it. Marjorie Taylor Greene is so correct about this party.

    “ this Republican Party is no friend to the people that votes for them except for just a very few and we can’t get much done because of the party that we have to be a part of. And the majority of them hate us because we really are close to our constituents.”

    Marjorie Taylor Greene


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