When it comes to fraudulent man of God, Al Sharpton, you just can’t make this shit up. Look, I’ve said it before that those in the black community would be doing themselves a huge favor if they simply chose to ignore this racist old fraud and the fact that so many choose to still listen to the ravings of this racist madman tells you all you really need to know about the majority of blacks in America. Frankly, I’m tired of being blamed for whatever difficulties blacks may be made to face in their lives that are brought on by their own bad decisions. We are all the product of the decisions that we, ourselves, make throughout our life. No one else can be blamed!

Sharpton, and those like him of which there are many, continue to convince blacks to vote for those responsible for their plight and if they’re not smart enough to figure that out, then I’m done with them. I no longer care that blacks continue to kill blacks at an extraordinary rate, just as I no longer care that they insist upon living in poverty and no longer care that hundreds of thousands of babies are butchered every single year. The fewer I will be forced to support in the future. I don’t care because none of it is my fault. It’s all the fault of those who have continued to tell blacks that it’s the Democrats who have their back, when it’s just the opposite that’s so true.

Recently it was Sharpton who was at it yet again as he did his best to defend the indefensible while at the same time doing his best to once again paint the Republicans as being the racists here. But this is the kind of shit that this guy does for both fun and profit. And so, it was during an appearance this past Friday, on MSDNC’s “Deadline” that he remarked how it was that Republican senators did not have the “humanity” to say judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate confirmation vote was “historic.” But as we have come to understand, or should have by now, Sharpton has a rather strange definition when it comes to what qualifies as being historic.

And Sharpton then went on to say, “As great as it is today, for black women, for women, and for black people, we all couldn’t celebrate that together. They didn’t even have enough humanity to say this is historic. I think that that is very telling. and she comes on the bench in a divided time, giving hope to people that’s going to have to fight those divisions.” You really do have to wonder what planet it that this guy comes from. Just how is it that a judge who repeatedly demonstrated the fact that she has a sizable soft spot in her heart for sexual predators and child pornographers going to give “hope to people that’s going to have to fight those divisions.”

He went on to say, “We should not give people a false sense of what she’s going to have to deal with and what we all are going to have to deal with. We’re in the middle of a midterm election starting, and we’re going to hear some ugly things. If they could be that ugly against her, we need to be clear with the odds that we are dealing with here. These people need to be defeated. These people do not need to be in any way coddled or say they’ll get better. They’ve shown over and over again, I mean, Ketanji Brown Jackson is as good as you’re going to get in any race. And they couldn’t come together on that, even some of them that had voted for her in the past.”

There’s nothing historic about how Affinitive Action has now come to the Supreme Court. Her being place on the Court is historic only in the sense that she is the first person ever to be chosen solely on the basis her sex and race, which is clearly discrimination. And as I have pointed out before, she was neither nominated, nor was she confirmed, because of she is a master at interpreting our Constitution. And personally, I would question whether she possesses even the most basic understanding of our founding documents. Her actions tell me that she most certainly does not and therefore the very last place she belongs is on the highest court in the land.

For a woman who is clearly intelligent and attended many prominent schools, it still amazes me that she didn’t speak out about the circumstances of her appointment. But then perhaps that was something that was much better not brought up? After all, her being confirmed to the Supreme Court is also historic in that she is clearly the least qualified, most radical leftwing justice ever to be placed on the Court. Her rulings will likely be gibberish without any basis in the Constitution. But why should we expect anything else from this woman? And yet Sharpton continues to insist upon bringing racism in as being the sole reason for opposition to her nomination.

Justice is supposed to be color blind, correct? Cases brought before the Supreme Court are supposed to be decided based upon the Constitution, no other factors are to be considered. Yet she unable to define what a ‘woman’ is? And that’s not supposed to matter? And truthfully, there have been Blacks on the Court and there have been women on the Court so I’m not understanding why having a Black woman on the Court is supposed to be a such a big deal in the first place. If you think about it, after the first black president, the first black anything is now rather generic and insignificant. Clearly, Sharpton is merely trying to sustain the race hustle industry.

And if a company were to advertise for a white to fill a position that was gender neutral, in other words any person of any color could fill it, they would be sued. The whole country knows this yet it’s somehow okay because she’s a black woman. Therefore, her actual qualifications, and even her intelligence, simply don’t matter despite the importance of the position in which she has now been placed. The first time in history, so in a sense historic, that a criminal/pedophile loving, affirmative action, judicial fraud was sent to the Court. She had MAJOR decisions overturned by higher courts, but this is who the Democrats wanted. What a sad day for America.

Sharpton makes the mistaken assumption that history belongs only to Democrats, and those who think like them, and he couldn’t be more wrong. That man is no reverend. He is not a man of God. He is a fraud and a racist full of hate. And he continues to be provided a platform, by those in the ‘fake news’ media, from which to spew that hate. And that too should be viewed as unforgiveable. And on the day that Sharpton finally departs into that black abyss, there will be celebrating. Because a source of the worst kind of hate will have finally been sent off to where he belongs. And calling himself ‘reverend’ won’t save him. He has doomed himself to an eternity in Hell.

And finally, an event being historic doesn’t necessarily equate to it being a historically positive event. For example, the Kennedy assassination was truly an historic event, but was a very tragic event. I would categorize appointing and sitting a Judge to the Supreme Court who doesn’t believe in our Constitution and who shows leniency towards some of the most heinous predators in our society, and who can’t even define what a woman is, as being a historically negative event. And there is nothing historic about someone gaining a position they do not deserve simply because a quota needs to be filled. I would call it a travesty rather than historic.


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