Now while I did quit watching ‘Fox News’ cold turkey, after they chose to be willing accomplices in all of the chaos surrounding the 2020 presidential election, I do still kinda keep my ear to the ground when it comes to how they continue to prove how it is that they’ve become far more like their competitors in the world of cable ‘fake news’ and much less of the “fair and balanced” network that, while they may still profess themselves to be, most definitely no longer are. And while they may have recently lost ‘Commie Chris’ Wallace to CNN, there was certainly no shortage of those waiting in the wings ready to step in as his Trump-hating replacement.    

And case in point would be none other than John Roberts who, has for some time now, made his dislike for President Trump part of his continuing shtick there at the network. Roberts, a Canadian by birth, left CNN to join Fox back in 2011 and remained little more than a second stringer until working his way up to White House Correspondent in 2017. And it was on day one of his being in that position that he wasted no time in letting it be known that he was no fan of our new president. And it’s from there that he was apparently able to finagle his dislike of President Trump into a gig as co-host of something called ‘America Reports’ there on Fox.

And it was very recently that Roberts, in that capacity, again demonstrated, during and exchange with Republican Senator Tom Cotton, that he continues to have very little tolerance for conservatives. It was on Wednesday of this week, during an episode of ‘America Reports,’ that Roberts asked Sen. Tom Cotton if his comment that Supreme Court nominee, now confirmed justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson would have defended Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials was a “bridge too far.” Never mind the fact that it’s the Democrats who cross that bridge pretty routinely, a fact that Roberts is no doubt oblivious to. That simply never even enters his mind.

Anyway, it was Tuesday from the floor of the Senate that Cotton said, “The last Judge Jackson left the Supreme Court to go to Nuremberg and prosecute the case against the Nazis. This Judge Jackson might have gone there to defend them.” Roberts said, “Again, she was in the federal public defenders’ office. At that point, she did not get to pick and choose her clients. This really is a matter of due process, and I’m wondering, why make that link between Judge Jackson and the Nazis and the Nuremberg trial?” Cotton said, “So, John, when she was in the Federal Public Defenders’ office, she was assigned four cases involving terrorists.”

Cotton said, “But one of those she was in private practice, and two more matters signed Friends of the Court Briefs, she was advocating on behalf of Guantanamo terrorists. Three cases in which she voluntarily advocated for the terrorists at Guantanamo Bay in which, she accused American soldiers of committing war crimes. I have no patience for it.” Roberts argued, “Right, so you don’t think it was a bridge too far to make the link with Nuremberg and Nazis?” Cotton said, “No, in three separate cases, she was representing, not American citizens charged with a crime entitled to due process under the Constitution, foreign terrorists who had committed acts of violence against Americans.”

For Roberts, his weaponized question is all that counts. The answer doesn’t matter. Look, I get it that people deserve to have a defense. But Ketanji Brown Jackson is far from an equal opportunity defender. And does anybody actually believe that she would seek out and defend a January 6 defendant the same way she passionately defended a Moslem terrorist? Or a pedophile? I think we all know the answer to that. She doesn’t believe in an equal “defense for everybody. It’s for some reason that she likes pedophiles. And she clearly hates America. And therefore, she loves our enemies. That is why she is not a good candidate to be a Supreme Court justice.

While Roberts was certainly trying to question and indict Cotton’s discretion, Cotton more than justified his Nazi comparison comments with actual empirical evidence of what she did and is. I share his sentiments about Ms. Jackson, who has no right to be on the Supreme Court based on her prior actions, judgements and radical positions on CRT, pedophilia and her anti-America views to name a few reasons. No, a bridge too far is the fact that the Senate ended up putting this unqualified woman on the Court, not because she is anywhere near qualified, but because she is black female. And that bridge was most definitely crossed when she was confirmed 53 to 47.

So, the question remains, why do conservatives even bother with Fox News? Fox is dead to me, I NEVER watch them, even Tucker Carlson doesn’t make up for the rest of them anymore. I would have thought Roberts would have had better sense than to allow his obvious love for the left to become public. Both Roberts and Cavuto seem to be seeking employment at CNN, MSDNC, or any of the many other ultra-liberal media outlets. Today’s journalists could all disappear tomorrow and they would hardly be missed. Journalism, the profession that was ‘destroyed’ by those who sold out and began peddling nothing but propaganda and in so doing no longer have a purpose.

Bottom line. This first black female justice has shown us just how radical and how lacking in talent the left has become. It’s really not much of a stretch to assume that anyone who would defend a sexual predator, a child pornographer or terrorist would also, very likely, defend a Nazi. But at the end of the day Sen. Cotton’s point, no matter how accurate, mattered not to three RINOs and even less to the Democrats since, as I mentioned previously, this nominee, despite the fact that she is nowhere near qualified, was confirmed to the Supreme Court earlier today. At least Cotton had the gonads to tell it like it really is which is a rare thing for Republicans.



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