And so it’s once again that we have someone in our ‘fake news’ media making the point better than any of us ever could, that they take themselves far more seriously than we ever could or ever will! Because we’re now expected to take military advice from those who would never even consider fighting for their country. We recently had another of these armchair generals calling for would be a massive escalation of the ongoing conflict in Europe. A conflict that many are desperate to use as a distraction from the worsening situation right here at home courtesy of our corrupt *president.

It was this past Sunday that Ali Velshi, host of MSDNC’s “Velshi,” called on NATO to get involved in stopping Vlad Putin from engaging in what he called, “crimes against humanity” in Ukraine. Velshi declared it was time to do more than sanction and issue “strongly-worded condemnations” against Russia. He wondered, “what is the point” of alliances like the UN and NATO “if not to stop this.” It’s in this moron that we have another liberal media elite only too happy to send the sons and daughters of “deplorables” into combat while they would never allow their own children to enlist.

Velshi said, “We are past the point of sanctions and strongly-worded condemnations and the seizing of oligarchs’ mega-yachts.” And he added, “It is no longer sufficient as the evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity continue to grow. Vladimir Putin has no regard for life or humanity or even the rules of war.” So many politicians and ‘fake news’ media types seem desperate for a much larger war. A war that does not benefit the U.S. in any way. Velshi is an idiot and therefore, eminently qualified to keep his idiotic opinions to himself. Plenty of morons already running the show.

And still this moron went on to say, “He’s proven that time and time again, and he has also pursued the indiscriminate killing of civilians time and time again — twice before in Ukraine and in Chechnya. The global world order and potentially democracy’s survival hang in the balance. If this is not the kind of moment that the United Nations and NATO and the U.N. and the G-20 and the Council of Europe and the G-7 were made for, what is the point of these alliances if not to stop this? The world cannot sit by as Vladimir Putin continues this reign of terror.”

Over the weekend, it was the esteemed Mr. Velshi who suggested, via Twitter, that “direct military involvement” was necessary in order to stop Russia. As a Canadian, perhaps this toad should be encouraging Canada to get involved in this mess instead of the US. And look, I have no doubt that his love for Ukraine is nothing if not totally fake. It’s none of these ‘fake news’ boobs who can even find it on a map, and yet they want Americans to die there. Lace ‘em up and suit up, bullethead. No one is stopping you and we really have nothing to lose if you do get blown away.

Another talking head from another source of ‘fake new’ giving geopolitical advice to the Biden clown posse. That is rich. Someone should tell Velshi that he’s free to volunteer. But I caution him, soldering can be a tough business, he could be exposed to inclement weather, he could even get mud on his boots. How many family members, friends, of Velshi are in the armed forces? Does he even know anyone who wears a uniform other than, of course, the many woke generals we seem to have today. More profound talk from the MSDNC Daffy Duck School of Military Tactics!

Personally, I believe the military should be involved fully in repelling the invaders on the southern border along with getting rid of all of those here illegally already. Idiot Leftists are worried to death about the Ukraine but obviously don’t give a damn about the United States. Apparently, they don’t know any more about the border than does ‘Shitbag Joe.’ So many politicians and media desperate for a ‘big’ war. A war that does not benefit us in any way, especially since Ukraine isn’t in NATO. NATO an alliance the purpose of which is to protect the members that belong to the alliance.

Many of these idiots won’t be satisfied until the ICBM’s are flying all over. Nothing more fun in the reporting world than announcing that everyone, all over the world, are about to be vaporized. Thank you MSDNC, your unbiased account of “news reporting” is refreshing. Velshi is an ignorant moron even by MSDNC standards. He’s obviously a disciple of the Baghdad Bob school of fake journalism, recall his laughable assurances to his tens of viewers that the BLM riots in summer 2020 were mostly peaceful protests even as pillaged buildings furiously burned behind him.

These leftist ‘fake news’ chumps need to work on removing their heads from their backsides! I too feel Putin/Russia needs to be punished, removed and made to suffer for what he has done, but NATO taking action will only serve to make things infinitely worse! Granted, Putin should not have started this conflict, but he sensed weakness in the American *president and he was right. There is no way that we would be where we find ourselves, on any number of fronts, if Donald Trump was still in the White House. And that’s what those like Velshi are trying to make us forget.


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