So riddle me this…Why is it that policies, the only purpose of which are to safeguard the freedoms that we are still able to enjoy in this country, that result in putting more money into the pockets of Americans, not less, that make Americans more safe, not less, are always portrayed by Democrats as being extreme and, dare I say, even quite radical. Might it be because Democrats view average Americans as being too stupid to make the important decisions that effect their lives and view government as being far more capable of making those decisions? And is it, therefore, essentially the freedom of choice that Democrats have come to view as being so extreme.

And Democrats no longer make any bones about how they see themselves as being the ones who should be in complete control of every facet of our lives, able to dictate everything from what we eat to what sort of medical treatment we’re able to obtain. And yet they have the gall to accuse Republicans of being extremists. Take, for instance, Hitlery who, this past Sunday, during an appearance on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ claimed that Americans do not want to be governed by Republicans “who live in a totally different reality.” What she said sounded eerily similar to something that Loki said in his speech on freedom in the ‘The Avengers’ movie back in 2012.  

Hitlery said, “I always thought the best politics is doing the best job you can do, and there are a lot that Democrats can talk about in the upcoming midterms. I’m aware that midterms are always difficult for the party in power, but we’ve got to start there and do a better job of telling it. For those who say it hasn’t gone far enough, that’s always the chorus in Democratic party politics. But I would add that in Republican party politics, you have an even greater disconnect. Unfortunately, most of that party has now gone to the extreme and are saying and doing things that have no basis in reality. So we’ve got a good case to make if we get our focus in the right place.”

She added, “There is a lot of good accomplishments to be putting up on the board, and the Democrats in office and out need to be doing a better job of making the case. Frankly, standing up to the other side with their craziness and their calls for impunity and nuttiness that we hear coming from them. I don’t think the average American, frankly, wants to be governed by people who live in a totally different reality.” Has this bitch not been paying any amount of attention? Or, is she simply choosing to ignore the fact that it’s now over 70 percent of the American people who think that our country is headed in the wrong direction, with the Democrats being in charge?

And where is it that you start when trying to refute such a ridiculous claim like this? Conservatives and not the ones trying to teach gender ID and sexual orientation to kindergarteners. They’re not the ones branding parents as “extremists” and subjecting then to investigation by the FBI for speaking up at school board meetings. They’re not the ones who have trouble defining what a ‘woman is. They’re also not the ones who see every facet of life, activity, and organization through the prism of race. And they’re not the ones who believe in open borders, not the ones who believe in shutting down pipelines and then relying on our enemies for energy, and on and on.

When Hitlery speaks of those people who live “in a totally different reality” she is, of course, speaking of those on the Left and in her own Party. She needs to take a good long look in the mirror. Americans do not want to be governed, not by anyone or any group. This is supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people. ‘Government’ is NOT a separate entity from the people. Her lap dog government-assisted followers gladly sell their freedoms for rent vouchers, food stamps, ‘free’ health care and so much more. Hitlery, like all Democrats, thinks we need to be governed, need to be lorded over! And that we need them in order to make it through our drab little lives.

I don’t want to be governed by anybody. I want a responsible government that spends the taxes I pay in a responsible manner to repair our roads, to properly defend our country, to keep us safe from criminals and to ensure that those who do not belong in this country are not allowed to enter. And in return I promise to be law abiding, productive citizen. So as is usually the case, Hitlery again has it all wrong. We don’t want to be governed by the likes of her and the ‘woke’ left. And besides, Hitlery has more baggage than a commercial airliner can handle. Her opinions and allegiances change like the wind, and she should have been sent off to prison decades ago.

And by extreme, does Hitlery mean supporting things like actively supporting puberty blockers for children without parental consent, manufacturing an artificial energy crisis, forcing people into expensive ‘green’ energy against their will by using fake science designed to spread irrational fear, letting hardened criminals out of prison to offend repeatedly, and a completely open border? That kind of extreme? Have you ever noticed how Democrats never give any examples of this Republican extremism? Instead, they simply use emotions and name calling to try to trick the voters. The real problem for them is the senile old fu*k that cheated his way into the White House.

Look, in the short span of just 14 months, and with the Democrats being in complete control of our government, we have rapidly increasing inflation, skyrocketing food and gas prices, increasingly empty store shelves and talk of coming food shortages. Add to that, the fact that we have boys on girls’ sports teams, thousands of illegals flooding our border every single day, a military that’s far more concerned with being ‘woke’ than with winning wars and now total chaos abroad. But somehow, it’s the Republican Party “that is doing things that have no basis in reality.” Clearly either she needs to lay off the sauce or get back on her meds, or both, because she clearly has no clue.

So are we to assume that Hitlery thinks high inflation, destruction of our energy industry, a disastrous exit from Afghanistan, an invasion along our southern border, out of control crime and imbecilic statements that could provoke a nuclear war are accomplishments? I’ll gladly take mean tweets from someone who actually cares about the country and the citizens of these United States and who puts citizens before illegals. It’s always fun listening to politicians talk about what most people want. I want to know when the last time she cringed at the price of gas after filling up her car’s 25-gallon gas tank for the third time in the same week just to go to work.

Hitlery, the political prostitute who has gotten away with lying to Congress, destroying subpoenaed emails, mobile devices and an illegal nongovernment mail server. The delusional, self-absorbed, cheap, two-time sore loser of the presidential sweepstakes who feels no shame or guilt about the damage she has already done to our country. The despicable power-hungry, political profiteer and constant complainer, ill-tempered, discourteous, deluded, sour, sexless, shameless, uncharismatic, manhating shrew. The corrupt, condescending, disapproving, commie shrew who does not have a conscience, a code of ethics or any sense of morality.

Hitlery the antisocial, ruthless, vile, obnoxious grandstander badly in need of detox, a nasty, doddering old crone who lacks values and has contempt for anything traditionally American and lies about everything. The conniving, treacherous, demonic hag. The ruthless, greedy, sociopathic harpy who was, and is, eager to spend the next eight years wallowing in her dementia and telling us all how we are failing to measure up to her exacting standards. The mentally unstable individual, distinguished for her failures with an inability to accept reality and zero positive accomplishments. Hitlery wants to be President so bad she would say anything to make it come true.

Sure, Republicans are extreme, if extreme is believing in free and fair elections, believing that science tells us that there are only two sexes and that they are not interchangeable and that we, and we alone, should be able to decide what it is that is put into our bodies. Meanwhile, it’s Hitlery who thinks we should be governed by the party that frees violent criminals into our streets, turns our children into uneducated zombies, refuses to hold China accountable for their virus, loves $7 a gallon gas and unaffordable food, and invites millions of unvetted, illiterate, uneducated, unskilled and unvaccinated illegals into our country. So who is it that’s truly extreme?

And finally, if the four years that we had under President Trump is an example of what Hitlery defines as the extremism of the Republican Party, then who among us would not want a return to such extremism, and as rapidly as possible. And speaking for myself all I have to say is, bring it on! Bring on our southern border being secure, bring on a booming economy and the lowest unemployment in decades, bring on the lower taxes, and bring on gas that’s less than 2 dollars a gallon. That’s my kind of extremism. But it’s the type of extremism that causes those like Hitlery to become completely unhinged and allows their own radical extremism to come shining through.


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