It really does tell you all you need to know about ‘Shitbag’ Joe’s vision for America when we have a man who clearly mentally disturbed, a man who insists upon pretending to be a woman, invited to the White House for the specific purpose of lecturing parents about how it’s somehow unfair to prevent men pretending to be women from participating in women’s sports and how there is absolutely nothing wrong with pushing the same mental disorder from which he himself suffers onto our youngest children. And far from being permitted to speak from a podium at the White House this sicko should, instead, be safely tucked away in a rubber room.

And for such a man to willingly allow himself to be used in such a manner by a *president who has a reputation for and a history of, being somewhat of a pervert himself, is nothing less than reprehensible. His behavior is neither normal, nor should it be seen as acceptable, by anyone’s definition nor by the stretch of anyone’s imagination. And yet, it continues to be shoved down our throats, and if we choose to complain then it is we who are accused of being in serious need of psychiatric help. Democrats love to talk about science but where’s the science that says a man can be a woman, or a woman can be a man as easily as flipping a switch. That’s pure lunacy.     

And so it was, this past Thursday, that one of the geniuses there at the White House apparently thought that it would be a really good idea to bring in the guy who was the ‘woman’ to win the most money on the game show ‘Jeopardy’ to help celebrate something called the ‘Transgender Day of Visibility,’ And so it was that we saw ‘Amy’ Schneider being welcomed into the White House briefing room after paying a visit to the White House, with the husband of Kamala ‘Headboard’ Harris, Doug Emhoff, and escorted up to the briefing room podium. The White House did make sure to point out, however, that Schneider had not met with *president Joe Biden.

Schneider, as you will likely remember, is the guy who took the crown for being the highest earning female Jeopardy! contestant before losing his 40-game win streak in January 2022. Standing in the briefing room, he specifically condemned recent legislation passed in Republican state legislatures to protect female sports in schools and prevent teachers from pushing transgender agenda in the classroom. He argued that some of bills limiting transgender transition services for children were preventing transgender youth from receiving “lifesaving medical treatments.” He said, “These bills will cause the deaths of children and that’s really sad to me and frightening.”

When Schneider was asked if the Biden administration should take more action on transgender rights, he replied, “No comment on that, I don’t want to get involved with that.” He doesn’t want to “get involved in that?” He said it was good to get out in front of cameras to show the world that transgender people “that isn’t monstrous and isn’t threatening and is just a normal person like we all are.” And he said, “The more that people like me can be seen the harder it is to sustain the myths that are kind of driving this hate and fear,” He urged transgender children in Republican states to be patient, predicting that the bills would be a “thing of the past.”

Schneider wrapped things up by saying, “Hang in there … I think that this backlash is temporary, I think that the country overall is on our side and getting more so every day.” So which part of the country is actually on the side of these freaks? I would like to hope that the non-freaks still outnumber the freaks in this country. Like I said, there is nothing normal about this guy. He clearly has what are some very serious mental problems and yet it’s those who choose not to support his insanity that are chastised. If this guy wants to walk around in a dress, he’s free to do that. But when he tries to push he weirdness onto our kids that’s where the line must be drawn. 

So riddle me this, if we require individuals to be 21 to purchase alcoholic beverages, and 21 to purchase tobacco products, is it then not unreasonable to require individuals to reach a certain level of maturity before making life-altering decisions about their sexuality and identity, without any prompting from weirdos like Schneider. Granted, every person deserves the freedom to be happy, but that does not include the freedom to take away the happiness of others. These supposed ‘advocates’ are openly saying what they are for. They are for crushing the dreams of biologically female athletes who have trained and sacrificed for their entire lives.

And they are for ignoring the rights of parents to be parents to their own children, and instead believe those children belong to the government, or to whomever has been able to take a position of power and ‘authority’ at any given time. And they are eager to tell you to get out of the way of their own self-entitlement to do those things. And it’s powerful politicians and corporatists who are cheering them on. Who voted for this? If someone wanted to be a one-armed man and in so doing asked their doctor to remove an arm, the doctor would refuse and refer him for psychiatric care. Removing genitalia and administering hormones is not cosmetic, it’s causing injury.

So much dishonesty and now the encouragement of children to somehow believe that a man is a woman, or a woman is a man. These are crazy, evil people, even including those who claim to be medical professionals, who are willing to transform children without their parent’s knowledge. Children are very impressionable; they learn through example. So, when the example they are given is a freakshow man pretending to be a woman it does have an effect. The life outlook of someone who becomes transgender is pretty bleak. They are the group with the highest suicide rates and health problems. Teaching children transgenderism is as damaging as it is evil.

Heterosexuals could never get away with claiming that not allowing five year-olds to be sexualized by adults would result in the suicide of those children who wanted to be free to talk about sex and masturbation with them and needed to have a sexual relationship. They would immediately be seen as a sexual predator who viewed children as sexual peers. We have tolerated this far too much in the non-heterosexual communities, allowing non-straight child predators to feel comfortable sexualizing children behind the shield of their sexual orientation. It needs to end. A child molesting creep is a creep, regardless of whether they are straight or not.

Kids can’t even get tattoos until they are 18, or 16 with parent’s permission. But they want to let kids decide to change their gender at the age of 6 or 7 without consulting parents. The public school system is no longer about teaching the ‘Three Rs,’ and have become focused on ‘teaching’ kids this kind of crap. It’s now according to the left that a ‘teacher’ not being able to teach second graders how to be gay, or to nudge them that they might really be the opposite gender, and that it’s a good thing, or even the teacher not being applauded for “coming out” in front of their class and discussing their own sexuality with those second graders is somehow a bad thing.

Because, somehow, not being able to secretly talk to first graders about sex and sexuality without their parents knowing about it is extremely frightening to these freaks. And if innocent children aren’t able to be groomed in secret by leftist predator pedophiles, then that might somehow cause their deaths, even though they would have had no idea about any part of this sick leftist behavior and insanity if they weren’t having this evil crap continually shoved down their throats by their teachers. We’re to believe that preventing children from being introduced and indoctrinated and persuaded into the insane transgender cult somehow puts them in danger.



  1. On Thursday 3/31/2022 I was watching a Rumble Streaming of Elijah Streams at 11AM Pacific Daylight Time. The guest on Elijah Streams said that everything Biden does is wrong and done on purpose. He is Christian Prophet Mike Thompson. He said God told him He had warned Biden repeatedly and Biden deliberately disobeyed his orders and continues to do so. God said Biden stole the seat and will never succeed in anything he brings up. Another prophet said Biden will be going to Japan and will humiliate himself at a State Dinner in a similar manner to the time George H W Bush did when he became ill and threw up on the Prime Minister. It won’t be a copy of that, but will be some kind of similar situation at the dinner.

    My guess is that he will do something like what happened with the Duchess Camilla Parker Bowels and the Pope. I suspect Biden will rip a loud and long toot, and have a severe diarrhea attack at that moment, soaking his pants to the point everyone will see it on camera throughout the world.


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