What the Hell is it with Democrat that makes them think that they are all just so darn special? And they seem to be under some misguided impression that it’s only they who should be permitted to interrogate anyone nominated for any position by any Republican president and to do so in any manner they may see fit. And yet, it’s whenever the shoe is on the other foot, when it’s those nominated by Democrat presidents, that those individuals are to be considered as being off limits when it comes to such interrogations and Democrats do nothing but bitch and moan when they are not and then whine about how they’re somehow being mistreated.  

And you have to wonder, do Democrats really think that most Americans are really too stupid, or have memories far too short, to remember back just two and a half years ago? I’m sure many of us remember very well how it was back then when some of these very same Democrats treated, so very poorly, a man nominated by President Trump. And for them to now whine about the treatment received by a nominee of *president Biden’s, a nominee who is clearly not qualified for the position she has been nominated to fill and who is clearly more than a little radical in her judicial philosophy seems, to me, to be a bit more than just a bit disingenuous.

And so it was, just this past Tuesday, during an appearance with the hags of “The View” that Cory Booker made the rather idiotic claim that Republican senators somehow lacked decency and respect during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson. And it was co-host, and resident bimbo, Sunny Hostin who said, “You later said to CNN’s Dana Bash you didn’t think racism was involved in the questioning she received. She was repeatedly interrupted. Her credibility was questioned.”  And Hostin went on to say, “She was asked about hidden agendas. Senator Cruz asked her about Critical Race Theory.”

She continued saying, “I believe it was Senator Kennedy who said she was articulate. Is it still your view that race had nothing to do with the way she was treated?” And Booker answered saying, “No, that’s not the conclusion I was drawing with Dana Bash at all. My point was I can’t get into the heads of my colleagues, nor do I want to go down that odyssey. What we saw on display, whatever language you want to put on it, was a complete lack of decency from some, not all of my Republican colleagues, not even the majority of them, but some of them was a complete lack of decency, a complete lack of respect, and, let’s call it like it is.”

He added, “We know in a clarity for all America to see that a Supreme Court justice of her import — excuse me, a supreme court nominee of her import was treated in a way that is not just disrespectful and ugly, but also in a way that for me violates —I don’t care if you’re a Republican or Democrat all of our national sense of decency.” Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Booker, the racist scumbag now wants to lecture us about “decency?” Seriously? Isn’t this the very same POS who slanderously accused Justice Kavanaugh of multiple gang rapes without a shred of evidence? In front of his wife and kids! Or, do I have him confused with some other Democrat POS?

And now he talks of “decency” because a blatantly unqualified, radical leftwing nominee has to answer for her actions? Give me a break!! It takes a special kind of stupid to be a Democrat. Booker is a joke with all his faux outrage. Democrat incivility began with the Robert Bork confirmation hearings back in 1987 and has never let up. That was when Teddy Kennedy showed up half in the bad and proceeded to launch into the rather bizarre tirade that Democrats, to this very day, continue to use as their model whenever confronting Republican nominees. And who can forget how Biden treated Justice Thomas during his confirmation hearing?

Booker is such a fraud, with his blind hypocrisy and revisionist history concerning Kavanaugh’s hearing. It’s in Judge Jackson that we have yet another black who appears to think that the rules are simply not meant to apply to her. She is clearly unqualified and feels that she should not have to justify her past decisions. This hearing bears little resemblance to the circus/sideshow that was put on by the Democrats during the Kavanaugh hearings. If someone can’t even define what a woman is, the likelihood of them making a good Supreme Court Justice is really pretty low. And that Republicans were very correct in their attempt to point that out!

And look, Booker can spin it however he wants but this particular judge’s record speaks for itself. She is clearly a racist and very clearly soft on sexual predators and child pornographers. And since he is unable to defend her record, he’s forced to go after those Republicans who dare to expose it. Which is pretty typical for his kind of politician. This is a judge who does not respect our Rule of Law and thinks using her opinion in place of established law is her job. She has no place on the Supreme Court where the jurist is tasked with determining if Congress has passed laws are Constitutional. She’s an activist and proud of it and as such has no place on the Court.

I love how Democrats persist in twisting and turning everything they don’t like. These questions asked during the confirmation hearings are important questions that highlight a person’s character and ability to do the work of a Supreme Court Justice without bias or personal opinions. That is what the role of Supreme Court Justice demands, and it is both necessary and appropriate to ask those questions that help uncover if a nominee can effectively, and without bias, handle the duties of his or her position. For Booker to suggest the questions asked “lacked decency” is pathetic. Like ALL democrats, they condemn others for doing exactly what they do themselves!




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