I truly do think that the longer this insanity, referred to as the Biden *presidency, is allowed to continue, more Americans, despite what they hear from both the Democrats, and in the ‘fake news’ media, about the supposed spectacular job that ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing on every front, are coming to realize that that is simply not the case. But do the Democrats, at this point, really care what the American people think? I mean, after all, the Democrats are currently running the show, and there is little that we can do to stop them. And it’s far too many Republicans who have yet to demonstrate that they have the gonads to do what we all know needs to be done.    

So with all that said, it’s now 71 percent of Americans who believe that America, with *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden out in front leading the way, is now most definitely headed in the wrong direction. And that would be according to a recent NBC News poll released just this past Sunday. And according to that very same poll the other 29 percent either think the country is headed in the right direction or are simply too stupid to understand what it is that they’re being asked. And it’s that number too that is likely right around the same percentage of Americans who actually did vote for the senile old creep who is now leading us down the path to our own destruction.

So anyway, what this recent poll seems to point out is the fact that the proportion of Americans who now say the nation is headed down the wrong track under ‘Creepy Joe’ has continued to grow. You see it was back in April 2021 that just 56 percent of Americans said the nation was headed down the wrong track, a 15-percentage point gap. And 36 percent said the nation was headed in the right direction, a 14-point differential from Sunday’s polling. ‘Creepy Joe’s approval rating is also historically low. In fact, Sunday’s poll found his overall job performance approval rating has declined to 40 percent, the lowest of his presidency, also according to NBC News.

And to make matters worse, it was seven in ten Americans who expressed having zero confidence in ‘Creepy Joe’s ability to deal with the war in Ukraine, which is exacerbating gas prices and fueling inflation. The average price of gas has increased by about 70 cents since Russia invaded Ukraine. But gas prices had already risen by over $1.00 since ‘Creepy Joe’ assumed office and began his war on American energy independence. This polling came on the day that ‘Creepy Joe’ arrived back in the U.S. from his trip to inspect NATO’s borders instead of the U.S. southern border. A trip that was marred with multiple gaffes and subsequent White House retractions.

I would like to know the mental acuity of those who somehow think the country is somehow going in the right direction. I assume many are those who despise President Trump even though they know the country was in way better shape with him at the helm. They can handle inflation, open borders, horrible foreign policy mass and increased crime, anything is better than dealing with all those mean tweets. That they can’t handle. Ironic, given nearly 71 percent of Americans thought President Trump improved their lives. Which is why we all voted for President Trump into office in 2020. I’d love to talk to someone who thinks we’re heading in the right direction.

I’d like to meet some of those who approve of the way our country is headed. I’d like to know what their thinking is on this subject. I need to know if they’re actually plagued with ignorance and stupidity or if they just don’t give a damn one way or the other. And also, I’m one of those who thinks that to be able to vote one has to have a little ‘skin in the game.’ If you don’t pay taxes then just why is it that you should have any say in how America spends those taxes. And the fact that only 71 percent think we’re going in the wrong direction shows you the number of Americans now totally dependent on the government courtesy of generous social programs.

And just what are the other 29 percent thinking? Does it not bother them that gas and food are at higher prices? Or is it that they know America under ‘Creepy Joe’ is headed in the wrong direction but don’t want to admit it because that would be admitting that President Trump really did do a damn fine job as President. ‘Creepy Joe’s America is not the America of most Americans. It’s the party of climate crazed, racial crazed, wealth distribution crazed, open borders crazed, and increase tax crazed individuals. The taking from some people and giving to others is not found anywhere in the Constitution, but it is found in the intellectual elite mantra.

The Democrats are turning back the clock in their attempt to influence the coming midterm elections. Covid, over, for now. Inflation, not their fault. He is destroying the country and intentionally inflicting pain on us all and there is nothing the people can do about it that won’t be met with government force and arrest. Look at the damage he has done in only one year. At first glance he is ‘just Joe being Joe,’ but it’s obvious he has teleprompters and earpieces at every appearance and has probably been told by his handlers to stick to the script. The goal here is to make America appear to be leaderless and irrelevant. Nothing else seems to make sense.

Democrats are determined in their attempt to carry out that which was begun under ‘BO,’ to bring socialism to America. To bring about a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the upper class resulting in two classes, the very rich and the very poor. The goal is to eliminate the middle class and make 90 percent of the people dependent on the government and good graces of the 10 percent who hold all the wealth. America under Capitalism generated the greatest wealth any country in the world has ever seen yet, the liberal Democrats want to have total control and suppress the one class of people responsible for America’s wealth, the middle class.

And finally, you would think that after having spent nearly a half century in government there would be one thing that we could all point to that ‘Creepy Joe’ has done for the betterment of his country. But sadly, there is nothing. It’s been from the very beginning that ‘Creepy Joe’ has made it clear that his only motivation for being in public service is now, and has always been, personal enrichment for himself and various family members. He’s treated the American people as nothing more than patsies, a means to an end with the end being amassing great wealth. He sold his country out for a few coins. He has sold our children’s futures and laughs about it!


  1. I agree with all that you have to say besides 1 thing. End it is something that I have seen so many other people are doing all across the Internet pertaining to Joe Biden. And that is calling him creepy Joe.

    To me that phrase sounds like something little kids would use against another little kid as they kept sticking out their tongue and sticking their fingers in your ear, and every few seconds they stop long enough to yell it out to the person again.

    “CREEPY JOE!! CREEPY JOE!! I can’t tell anybody else what to do but I have never called him that because he is far far worse than something innocent little kids would make up. I much prefer to call him something that impacts, Impacts a statement.

    An adult, phrase. Something along the lines of, “PIECE-OF-SHIT,—JOE. Or, if you don’t care for that, how’s about this. “DINGLE-BERRY-JOE. I Know!!

    “PIECE-OF-SHIT-DINGLE-BERRY-JOE!! Sold his soul and his country out for 40 pieces of silver!!


  2. I have been following this blog for a little while now, and been enjoying it ever since reading it for the 1st time. Someone someone else that I have been following for a lot longer, for over 10 years actually ever since I read one of his books 30 years ago. I don’t always agree with what James Howard Kunstler has to say. And that is OK.

    I’m just happy as hell to see somebody that used to be what you used to hear more of back in the 60s and in the 70s, the phrase, “FAR-OUT”, Liberal. He voted for a Republican his first time in his entire life when Donald Trump ran for office the first time and he voted for him again. And he will again and again.

    He doesn’t always agree with what President Trump has to say and I’ve come to know him on a personal basis and what it really is, is not so much what President Trump says, but more so, in how he says it.

    But once again I am so happy just to see somebody that used to always vote against their best interest and this was because of their liberal up bringing their entire life and growing up in the state of New York literally being brainwashed from the first day in school. In the sea that person what I call, they simply grew the hell up!”

    I do all I can to bring somebody from the other side to be on our side. And I’ve done a lot to help him come to see that the Democrat Party is, truly a party owned by Satan himself. And, it is. PERIOD. And he believes it himself now. PERIOD.

    Let me show you what I mean. And along the way you’ll see the difference in the style of your blog in his. But what matters, is this. Substance, is far better than style. Substance greatly over-shadows style. The people need substance, not style. They need the truth! Far more than style. He releases his blog weekly. Monday and Friday. Here is just a taste of yesterday’s.

    “ The black hole of depravity known as Hunter Biden’s Laptop dilates ever wider as the rickety “Joe Biden” regime chugs towards its event horizon of disgrace and collapse, throwing off the jetsam of our nation’s remnant honor in its toxic vapor trail. The memos and emails on the device could not be clearer: “Joe Biden” and his grifting family sold out their country.

    The mentally incompetent husk of a crooked old pol is owned by every foreign interest in his decaying orbit, and owned as well by the foul and perfidious “intel” mafia lodged like a cancerous mass eating away at what used to be known as the American government. Face it: this false “president,” installed by malignant forces allied with his Party of Chaos, is a menace to our nation.”

    (And he nails it. Joe Biden, and the entire party of chaos, = the” Democrat Party”
    Is, Is a menace to all of us. There is not one damn thing that they stand for that is good for all of us. PERIOD. Like Howard Kunstler, I myself grew up in a house that both parents had been lifelong card-carrying registered Democrats and so was everybody throughout both sides of the family. Mom and dad‘s family. Kunstler’s too. And I’ve got news for anybody because I’ve come to see this by coming to know several middle-age baby boomer liberals. When they leave that side and come over to our side they are wounded to hurting people because they feel like they are betraying their family their parents. A heritage. A legacy. I do all I can to get them to see that the America that used to be the party of JFK is long gone. And I get them to see this that you never hear anybody say, why is is that not one Democrat today will quote JFK? But they will so many other past Democrats that was never worth a shit. You never hear Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer any of them pull up John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And you never will. And to middle age Boomer liberals, JFK was the heart and soul of that party. He just didn’t get to live long enough. Now the Republican Party needs to become the party of President Donald J Trump. PERIOD. DONALD JOHN TRUMP. And every single RINO has to go. Somehow we have to get the people that live in the states of Kentucky South Carolina etc. to get them to stop voting these bastards back in. In closing, Kunstler’s website is,


    It will open up to yesterday’s blog posting titled, “WHAT IS TO BE DONE.”

    Pertaining to Joe Biden and what is to be done with him and, his drug addicted, sex pornography, prostitutes, addicted son. Everybody needs to see just how depraved this man really is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has spent on drugs and hookers.

    This man has blown A quarter of a $ million dollars at a time, like its water time and time again. I kid you not. I have done my fair share of deep dive research into things written about him and books that are soon to be coming out about his real depraved living. Satan has, a very firm grip on him. His soul belongs to evil. So does his father.


  3. Please forgive that one section that is far too large and need to be broken up into at least 3 paragraphs. My big mistake. If we had a way to go back and correct our mistakes that would be fantastic!!


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