Man I gotta tell you, I’m getting more than just a bit dizzy here from all this talk of “dog whistles.” Because that seems to have now become the favorite term of so many on the left. You see, they claim that Republicans are using “dog whistles” simply by asking ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s blatantly unqualified Supreme Court pick questions regarding the very obvious, and quite sizable, soft spot that she holds in her heart when it comes to both sexual predators and child pornographers. This time around it was professional race baiter, and well-known faux preacher, Al Sharpton who was the one most recently heard throwing around what has become the favorite term of Democrats, ‘fake news’ pukes and leftist scumbags everywhere.    

It was during an appearance this past Friday on MSDNC’s “Deadline” that Sharpton was heard accusing Republicans of using, you guessed it, “straight-out racially charged whistles” during the midterm elections. It was guest-host, resident MSDNC bimbo, Alicia Menendez who said, “Let’s just talk about what the Jackson hearings tells us about the upcoming midterm battles, issues, and stereotypes they repeatedly tried to tap into here. Portraying Democrats, portraying Judge Jackson as being soft on crime, bringing up abortion and racist baby books, trying to victimize themselves by invoking previous Supreme Court hearings. Any question what the midterm fight is going to look like after what we watched this week?”   

Sharpton said, “It is very clear they are going to use all kinds of dog whistles and probably just straight-out racially charged whistles. When you try to ask a Supreme Court nominee about Critical Race Theory, when you try to criminalize her by saying she is soft on crime which is always a stereotype they put on blacks, that we are either criminal or we are somehow company to criminals or a co-conspirator. You think this woman was one that was in some kind of way an accomplice to criminals getting out of the jail. This is how they are going to play the midterm elections, that they’re criminals, that we have to deal with Critical Race Theory. They’re doing it all over the country.” Such racist garbage and people still take him seriously?

One can’t help but wonder why it is that Sharpton appears so desperate in his defense of this nominee, might it be that he is sexual predator and/or an enjoyer of child pornography? Or would that be a “dog whistle” on my part used against him? I mean we all recognize Sharpton as being one of the biggest, and most profitable, race hustlers in the entire Democrat Party. Sharpton, Jesse ‘The Extortionist’ Jackson, ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters, Jimmy ‘The Racist’ Clyburn, Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker, and ‘BO’, to name only a few, have all profited from inciting racial hatred. They’re all experts at hoodwinking the black community and at using supposed “dog whistles.” Sharpton is one of those who should’ve been locked up years ago.

And as we all know, if anyone knows anything about racially charged “dog whistles,” it’s Sharpton. It is funny that Sharpton, of ALL people, who has succeeded in enriching himself quite handsomely, from the use of the “dog whistle” of “racism” over the past 40 years would even bother making such an accusation. He, and Jesse Jackson, have done more to tear down the legacy of MLK than anyone regarding the judging people on the “content of their character.” Everything now is to be based on the color of their skin. They have worked, and continue to work, very hard in there effort to divide us, and turn people against one another for fun and profit. And it is my fervent hope that these so called ‘Reverends’ come to rot in Hell.

Americans have generously, although to be honest without much say in the matter, have assisted blacks since the 1960s. Trillions of dollars have been taken from working class white Americans, courtesy of ever-increasing taxes, and then redistributed to blacks, and ultimately wasted. The net result has been nothing more than a failed culture that now, with assistance from scum like Sharpton, blames their hate, violence and theft, lack of family values and parents, and so much more on the very people who have been made to fund all of the ‘social’ programs the purpose of which was to ‘help’ them. Enough already. Yes, unfortunately, racism does still exist in America, but it’s source is not whites in America. Not by a long a shot!

And I do question the effectiveness regarding the further use of this tactic. Sharpton, and those like him both past and present, have continued to cry wolf and it’s simply not working as well as it once did. Most intelligent people, both black and white, if they’re being honest, are able to recognize how it was that it up until ‘BO’ first entered office race relations in this country were clearly on an upward trajectory. But that was simply something Democrats could not tolerate. Soon after we were witness to all manner of racial charges and accusations being conjured up, but that gig is over. BLM and ANTIFA, along with a racist *president and his party, have done so much damage, that such accusations have become pretty much meaningless.

So all I’ve really got to say is, bring on the dog whistles. But Sharpton should know that we don’t really need dog whistles. Because it’s day after day that we see with our own two eyes just who it is that are the true racists in this country. We’ve had two billion dollars in property damages and countless lives lost because of groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) with nary a word from the left. Every day we see videos of blacks beating people up on the streets, shootings, shoving people in front of trains, brazen shoplifting and so much more. The black community is engaging in a major crime spree, all free of bail and jail time. And if we were to resurrect the Twanna Brawley story would that too be considered a dog whistle? Just askin’.


  1. This vile piece of garbage has owed over $2 1/2 million dollars in back federal taxes and yet, not 1 Republican will attack him. To me that is more disgusting than him being behind on taxes.


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