So the Democrats are pulling out all the stops in their effort to circle their wagons around ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s blatantly unqualified pick for the Supreme Court. And it’s their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media who are offering them assistance in that endeavor and in so doing are sounding more unhinged than usual attacking Republicans for trying to do nothing more than to expose her record of coddling sexual predators and child pornographers to the light of day. And it was one of the many resident perverts at CNN who came particularly unhinged. It was none other than Don Lemon who referred to Ms. Ketanji Brown Jackson as an “intellectual giant.” 

But Lemon’s comments should certainly come as no surprise coming from one sexual deviant and directed at another who very obviously has a soft spot in her heart for perverts like Lemon. And it was on Wednesday that Ms. Jackson continued to dodge questions from Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley about why she had given lighter sentences than those prosecutors had recommended in child pornography cases. Democrats who had tried their best to dismiss Hawley’s claims as factually incorrect retreated to arguing that Jackson had legitimate policy disagreements with the established federal sentencing guidelines, and blamed congressional inaction.

But Republicans were not willing to let Ms. Jackson off the hook so easily. Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned Ms. Jackson about why she seemed not to agree that prison was a deterrent against child pornography. Sen. Cruz, who first questioned the nominee about her views on gender and racial discrimination, ran out of time as he attempted to elicit explanations, and he objected that Judge Jackson was filibustering in an attempt to avoid answering his questions. And it was Sen. Cruz and Senate Judiciary Committee chair ‘Little Dick’ Durbin who engaged in some rather tense exchanges, as ‘Little Dick’ accused Sen. Cruz of interrupting her answers.

Later, Sen. Hawley, with a full 20 minutes on the clock, picked up where Sen. Cruz had left off, and asked Judge Jackson about her decision to issue lenient sentences in specific cases. Jackson refused to answer, saying she had already answered Hawley’s question. She also repeatedly claimed that “no one case can stand for” her entire judicial record, and said that as a mother of daughters, and as someone with family members in law enforcement, she took child pornography cases seriously. But that would hardly seem be the case. The fact that she is mother of daughters has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Her actions speak louder than her words!

If one chooses to sympathize with pedophiles, drug traffickers, and human trafficking, one is not part of the solution and is, instead, nothing more than part of the continuing problem. And when one has been entrusted with the responsibility of enforcing our laws they are expected to do so in accordance with the laws as written. Personal feelings, or preferences should never become a part of the judicial process when deciding the proper sentence for the offender. I wonder if Ms. Brown knows the meaning of being a judge and what it takes to be a judge. You can’t sit on the bench and let an eight ball tell you what the sentence of someone should be.

And as far as I’m concerned, dodging a question is very same thing as lying. To put it bluntly, Ms. Jackson is a liar and therefore not only unfit to sit on the Supreme Court, but unfit to sit on any court. Dodging questions is nothing more than an admission of guilt, or worst-case scenario. And if she can’t judge the difference between a man and a woman or make a correct judgment on crimes relating to child pornography, then she can’t be a Justice on our Supreme Court. Democrats can’t get anyone appointed on their own merit, they have to engage is sleazy tactics and criminal activity. She is clearly a radical leftist who does not support our Constitution.

Look, the evidence seems pretty clear that if placed on the Court, Justice Ketanji Jackson would prove to be little more than advocate for the progressive Democrat agenda. And she strikes me as being someone who would base her decision on any issue that were to come before the Court not on its constitutionality, but instead on whether it would advance the leftist agenda. You’ve got to give it to the left, their picks are solid disciples of leftism and guaranteed votes. The right just can’t keep up. We put people up like Roberts and Kavanaugh who stab us in the back. Does anyone wonder how this woman will vote with on any issue? I’ve not a single doubt.

Devious and deceptive Democrats never admit to having said the Constitution is racist, instead they always insist that they have only said it’s “flawed.” And what, exactly, is the reason they say it’s a flawed/racist document? Well because it was written by white, Christian, slaveowners? And they insist these supposed ‘flaws’ are so deeply ingrained that they simply can no longer simply be fixed. Therefore the only acceptable solution is to start from scratch, to rewrite it to make it more reflective of the country as it is today. When they pledge to uphold the Constitution, they don’t mean it. They want to replace it! They pretend to uphold it while they tear it apart.

The vast majority of those who come to our country today come not to assimilate and become productive members of our society. They have no interest in that. Instead they come to take all that they can and to change our country into one that more closely resembles the one they ran away from. If you don’t like our country, go back to where it was that you came from if it’s so much better. But no, they won’t do that, but they will do the wrong thing by rioting and telling us how sorry our country is. You see by this we don’t take in the best of the best. Countries are sending us their troublemakers and their parasites, letting us take care of their problems.

This woman is clearly a card-carrying member of the ‘woke’ crowd. ‘Creepy Joe’ chose her because she’s a black woman, and because she very clearly is a believer in what the radical left has planned for America. She’s so compromised by her wokeness that she can’t even bring herself to say what a ‘woman’ is. I’m always amazed at leftist Democrats who want to destroy our Constitutional Republic. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights gives to Ketanji Brown Jackson, a female, freedoms she would never have in Russia, Communist China, Moslem countries, countries in Africa, many countries in South East Asia, even some countries in South America.

And finally, as I have said before I’m a very suspicious guy, and I also have an extremely low tolerance for those whom I perceive as being someone who both hates my country and who somehow sees it as their job to destroy it. And it’s everything about this woman, Ms. Jackson, that makes very clear her feelings toward her own country. She is clearly an enemy of this country and as such is far from deserving of a lifetime position on our nation’s highest court. And for anyone to actually think that she is, is nothing short of ludicrous. But sadly, the deal is likely done, because as is usually always the case enough RINOs will join with the Democrats to make it so.


  1. This shit bird is about as qualified to be on the Supreme Court as I am qualified to perform orthoscopic surgery on anyones knee. Left. Or right. Doesn’t matter.
    If she is allowed to sit on the court for a good 50 or 60 years because I guarantee you she will be blessed with good health.

    But if she is appointed to the court the left will use every single ruling of hers as some little left-wing-lab. To practice their insane beliefs out on the American public. It’ll be as dark a day for America, as her heart.

    What a shit for brains reply to Senator Marsha Blackburns question. when she said she couldn’t diagnose what a woman is because she’s not a Biologist. Hey shit for brains I’m not a vet but I know what a dog is.

    I’m not an ornithologist, but I know the difference between a seagull and a quail. I know what birds are in many different species, And no, I never took one hour of ornithology.

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  2. Have a good look at “Voodoo Girl” by looking at her eyes. Notice how dark they are. “Voodoo Girl” appears to be highly involved in the occult if you take a deep look at her eyes.


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