Go figure! We now have the head of one of the most useless, most corrupt and most dysfunctional organizations that you will find anywhere on the entire planet, aka the United Nations (UN), now telling those of us forced to deal with rapidly rising gas prices to essentially shut up and deal with it. He claims that we must be willing to endure the higher gas prices for, now get this, the good of the planet. And, of course, he made his idiotic statement after exiting a private jet because, well because, he’s just so darn important. So once again what we clearly have here is yet another hypocrite who thinks we’re all too stupid to figure out what’s really going on here.  

And what’s going on here certainly ain’t any concern over what’s good for the planet. What it’s all about is what’s good for scumbags like this guy. Never let yourself be fooled into believing that it’s about anything other than what it has always been about. That being, of course, the few working very hard to do all that they can to acquire absolute power, and control, over the many. And yes, it really is just that simple. And it will continue to be us against them until enough of us come to the realization that the numbers are on our side. They there are millions more of us than there are of them. And by banding together, in spite of our differences, we can win.

And so it was that just this past Monday that that pompous ass of an overpaid bureaucrat, Antonio Guterres, U.N. Secretary-General, declared that the pain of soaring gas prices must be endured because any wider embrace of fossil fuels as an alternative is “madness” and threatens global climate targets. And it was in pre-recorded address to something called the Economist Sustainability Summit that he said, if countries “become so consumed by the immediate fossil fuel supply gap that they neglect or knee-cap policies to cut fossil fuel use” a climate disaster is the guaranteed outcome. And on what, exactly, does he base such an idiotic claim?

Guterres, a veteran Portuguese Socialist, also called on countries to fully phase out “stupid” coal by 2040 and to endure the financial costs without complaint. And it was in his first major speech on climate and energy since COP26 that Guterres lamented the limited progress achieved in Glasgow is insufficient to ward off “dangerous climate change.” He said carbon output needs to be cut in half by the end of this decade even as evidence shows emissions are set to rise by 14 percent. It was in the speech that Guterres said, “The problem was not solved in Glasgow.” Before then going on to make the claim, “In fact, the problem is getting worse.”

Guterres said long term planning is essential to ensure the planet can be saved. He said, “Countries could become so consumed by the immediate fossil fuel supply gap that they neglect or knee-cap policies to cut fossil fuel use.” And he claimed, countries must “accelerate the phase out of coal and all fossil fuels,” and implement a rapid and sustainable energy transition without delay. He also urged the world’s biggest developed and emerging economies to make meaningful emissions cuts, including by swiftly ending their dependence on coal — the most polluting fossil fuel — and holding private companies that continue to support its use to account.

And then this guy, who is no more qualified for his job that Tony Fauci is for his, concluded by saying it is “the only true pathway to energy security.” Look, can we all agree that the UN exists for no other reason than to soak up cash and employ freeloading bureaucrats? At best it’s completely useless, at worst it’s downright dangerous, and it should have been disbanded decades ago. He has no sense of irony! Much like when John Kerry-Heinz flew in a private jet to Reykjavik to collect an ‘Environmental Award,’ you simply cannot make this stuff up. It’s all nothing more political theatre. And the alarms that continue to be sounded, never change.

The UN has been preaching doom and gloom politics for the better part of the last 50 years. “We have ten years to stop the catastrophe” they warned back in 1972. They just dust it off every 10 years, or so, and repeat it. And it was again in 1989 that they claimed we had until 1999 to prevent disaster, and again in 2004, and 2007, and 2012. It’s nothing more than a scripted playbook, you can see the same things parroted by notable nincompoops like AOC, John Kerry-Heinz, Bernie ‘The Bum’ Sanders, and any number of other notable Democrats all looking to score the most outrageous soundbite. Over and over again, the same story, the same script, the same ‘drama.’

And I have a hard time believing that any of these eco-elites who fly everywhere on private jets, sail their luxury yachts, ride is limos and live in multiple 20,000+ sq/ft homes on 1000 acre estates are all going to give up their life styles of the rich and famous just to save the planet. That, my friends, just ain’t gonna happen. Instead, they try to convince the common folk to travel by train or ox cart and give up their homes to live in tiny 200 sq/ft tiny houses in order to save the environment. When environmentalists buy multi-million-dollar estates by the ocean this makes people question their claims of rising sea levels might not be exactly accurate either.

‘Climate change’ is, as it has always been, nothing more than a scam to extract trillions of dollars from U.S. taxpayers. These people are evil in the truest sense of the word.  Markedly higher petroleum prices are directly proportional to increased deaths in the developing world. The people most affected by higher petroleum prices are the poor. And that is exactly what the elites want. They want us to suffer so that they can continue their lavish lifestyle while never having to give up anything. Look at Hollyweird for a prime example. That is the whole reason for this bogus ‘climate change’ nonsense. It’s all about CONTROL. They want to control our lives.

The U.S. is far ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to achieving clean air and water goals. We’ve cut emissions and consumption over the years while other countries like Communist China and India are building coal-fired electric generators at break-neck speed. So, can someone please explain to me, other than because boobs like Guterres, why the U.S. needs to suffer along with the rest of the world, or why we need to contribute billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to some bogus ‘global climate initiative?’ Why is it that our middle class must handover and increasing chunk of their paychecks to third world countries so their dictators can live high on the hog?

And can we just be honest here, we all know that it’s none of these elites continuing spewing all this ‘climate change’ drivel have absolutely no intention of giving up anything. And as I said, everything that has been happening in the last several years, and in much of the past decades, is about control. If they can bring the evil independent nations under their power, they can literally rule the world in any way they like. And this goes hand in hand with the fact that so many people have become convinced they the need someone to tell them what to do. When they’re told it is for the good of the planet it makes them feel justified in destroying the lives of others.

Those on the Left love to spout how it is that the science is now decided on the subject of ‘climate change,’ but nothing could be further from the truth. As with most everything else supported by those on the left, opposing voices are always silenced. There are many bon fide climate scientists who have plenty of evidence that these climate radicals are exactly what we know them to be, lying con artists. We need to bring their information forward loudly and often. We need to counter their idiotic arguments with real scientific facts. And e need to make people understand that their real motivations are nothing more than greed, control and power.

Gas prices have now doubled in most places. And while that may not be much of a problem for those like Guterres but it’s not sustainable for the vast majority of working-class people. Add to that to the fact the price of groceries has also skyrocketed. And yet this toad, Guterres, says that we must endure it all if we are to have any hope of saving our planet. It’s all easy for him to say as he sits there on high, little more than a front man for those who see themselves as being much more qualified and therefore far better able to decide for us how it is that we must live out our lives. They think we’re too stupid to see what it is that they’re up to.


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