It was very recently, just this past Sunday in fact, that Democrat Senator ‘Little Dick Durbin essentially succeeded in removing any and all doubt that he just might be as senile as is our current Democrat *president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. And it was at the very same time that ‘Little Dick’ made very clear his determination to make sure that the pervert wing of the party remains loyal to his Democrat Party. Because, at least according to this loon, Republicans, or more specifically Sen. Josh Hawley, do not possess any credibility to call into question decisions made by ‘Creepy Joe’s recent nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

You gotta love these blacks who insist upon using three names, I’m guessing she must think that it makes her sound more intelligent than she really is. But I digress. Anyway, it’s those decisions made by Ms. Jackson that are now being called into question, decisions that involve the releasing back into our neighborhoods those who are known sexual predators and child pornographers, just not HER neighborhood. Now granted, since Sen. Hawley is himself neither a sexual predator nor is he a child pornographer. So I suppose there may be a hint of truth in what ‘Little Dick’ said. But I one thing is for sure, Sen. Josh Hawley is a decent human being, ‘Little Dick’ is not!

And so, it was on Sunday, during an appearance with George ‘Stephy’ Stephanopoulos on ABC’s ‘This Week,’ that ‘Little Dick’ said Sen. Hawley does not have credibility when addressing his criticism of Judge Jackson before her confirmation hearings. Stephy began by saying, “You are the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hearings are set to begin. In the face of those hearing, we are seeing attacks. Josh Hawley set out a series of tweets suggesting Judge Jackson is soft on child porn. It has been debunked by several independent fact-checkers. What does that tell you about the confirmation fight ahead?”

‘Little Dick said,’ “I’m not sure what it signals. As far as Senator Hawley is concerned, here is the bottom line he’s wrong. He’s inaccurate and unfair in his analysis. Judge Jackson has been scrutinized more than any person I can think of. This is her fourth time in front of the Senate Judiciary Committees. Three previous times she came through with flying colors and bipartisan support. Senator Hawley is making charges that came out of nowhere. Independent fact-checkers like The Washington Post and CNN discredited his claims already. They should have. There’s no truth to what he says. He’s part of the fringe within the Republican Party.”

And ‘Little Dick’ went on to add, “He was fist-pumping the murderous mob that descended on the Capitol on January 6th of last year. He doesn’t have the credibility he thinks he does.” I am curious about something, are these “independent fact checkers” that ‘Little Dick’ makes reference to that “have debunked it,” the same “independent fact checkers” who debunked the Hunter Biden laptop story? These people are delusional. And let’s face it, Sen. Hawley is far more credible than is ‘Little Dick.’ This is the same ‘Little Dick’ who, you may remember, had to apologize for calling our military a Gestapo before ‘BO’ became dictator.

But it’s those who possess any amount of actual intelligence who, these days, pay little attention to anything that ‘Little Dick’ has to say. For one thing he’s a liar and for another it’s instead of disputing stated facts, that she gave minimum sentencing with greatly reduced sentences from what was recommended, that he simply shot the messenger claiming Hawley had been debunked by “independent fact checkers.” Most such “fact checkers” work for the Democrat Party and are not independent and rarely tell the truth. If what Hawley had said was a lie then ‘Little Dick’ would have said so, and Stephy would have backed him up. It was not, and so ‘Little Dick’ didn’t.

‘Little Dick’ claims Sen. Hawley lacks credibility when in the same paragraph he portrays the Washington Post and CNN as being ‘independent’ and ‘fact checkers.’ The saddest part is that there are morons who will believe him. Typical that Stephy didn’t choose to follow up by asking about the 5-6 SPECIFIC cases Sen. Hawley cited. Of course, no one would accuse ABC of ever being “independent fact checkers.” ‘Little Dick’s comments are spurious at best and outright lies at worst. Quoting what another has said is not lying about them. It’s simply making those who may be unaware of how that person truly feels about whatever issue is being discussed.

And just why is it that, according to ‘Little Dick,’ Sen. Hawley does not have credibility? He, as well as quite a few other conservatives, don’t want Jackson on the Supreme Court. All he is merely trying to do is to provide information which those like ‘Little Dick’ would prefer to keep hidden from the general public. That she is in agreement with the notion among some liberal legal professionals that there is a distinction between a pedophile and a someone who consumes child pornography and that there is a lot of room to argue that the latter activity is some type of legitimate exploration of sexuality. And, apparently, ‘Little Dick’ agrees with this bizarre idea.

This is but the latest trick coming from those in the ‘fake news’ media as well as on social media. If you’re a conservative, and you simply quote what someone on the left has said, you will be forcibly silenced. It’s not what is said, it’s who said it that is now the only thing that matters. Leftists can peddle any lie, but when that lie is called out by using verbatim quotes from that leftist to point out the lie, the “fact checkers” immediately clamp down on it. ‘Little Dick’ is a SCUMBAG! Hawley is a Yale Law graduate and clerked for Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts. Hawley also served as Missouri attorney general. He gets to comment all he wants.

And it’s those people who live in glass houses who really shouldn’t throw stones. ‘Little Dick’ has all the credibility of a used car salesman, which is to say, zero. Jackson is unfit to sit on the Supreme Court. She’s publicly shredded the Constitution, the very document by which her authority is derived. ‘Little Dick’ has never deviated from the Democrat line. As for the fact checkers, neither the Post nor CNN gets on the scoreboard for accurate news reporting. As for this affirmative action supreme court judge, well, her only qualifications seem to her skin color, her sex and her radical left-wing approach when it comes to ‘interpretating’ our Constitution.

This woman was nominated specifically because of her race and her genitalia and not because she is in any way some great legal scholar. So, her nomination was purely sexist and racist. Scores of more highly qualified individuals were simply passed over so that this lesser token candidate could be placed in a position that she is far from deserving. And it will be the American people who will end up paying for it in lost rights and freedoms. And oddly enough Ms. Jackson hasn’t exactly been all that forthcoming since her extremely small case history continues to be hidden. And why might that be so? So kudos to Sen. Hawley for finding at least some of it.

And on the contrary, it’s the Democrats who lack credibility, regardless of the topic, and who have been proven to be liars more times than we care to count. For example, it was Eric Swalwell who accused President Trump of being a Russian Agent. ‘Mad Maxine’ Waters claimed Paul Manafort was planted by the Russians in Trump’s campaign. Numerous Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi claimed that President Trump was being blackmailed by the Russians. Kamala Harris claimed President Trump supported the White Supremacists in Charlottesville, VA in 2017. Every single one of these claims were proven to be lies. Some after investigations.

‘Little Dick’ is another of those who has enjoyed his stay in power for so long that he believes his crimes are exempt from both detection or punishment. What has ‘Little Dick’ ever done that has actually benefited our country? Nothing. What he has been is one of the star players in the effort to destroy it. This is why the Republicans should never give an inch or any amount of assistance to Democrats. The Republicans indeed voted for this incompetent judge previously and so are now reaping what they themselves have sown. Now they have the opportunity to rectify their past error in judgment and deny this blatant leftist her lifetime appointment to the high court.


  1. What pisses me off about this piece of shit, pure trash named, “ Ketanji Brown Jackson”, is it so much about what she does. I expect her to continue to be what she is. But what really pisses me off about her situation in the Supreme Court is my own party is not going to vigorously stand up and oppose this piece of shit right down the line.

    When I think back on what the party did to every person that President Trump nominated for the Supreme Court it pisses me off to no end. And now, everything I’m reading shows me that the Republicans are not going to stand up to the Democrats the way they stood up to the Republicans.

    Dear God we need party members that will call out that evil party for what they really are and go to work every day with the intentions of doing everything they can to hold that party accountable for every damn thing.

    AND BE DAMN LOUD ABOUT IT!!!! If I was a Republican in the House or the Senate from my first day I would let it be known to everybody in that party of evil don’t talk to me don’t call my office because I think all of you are a piece of solid shit and I want nothing to do with any of you. I will not ever work with you. I will, expose each of you.


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