It’s with each new day that we, the American people, continue to be presented with yet another example, by our obviously demented *president, that causes us to wonder, or at least it should, if our country will actually survive the three years until our next presidential election. And while there are still many, especially those within our ‘fake news’ media, who continually heap all manner of praise on our current *president for the wonderful job he is doing, there does seem to be a growing number of Americans who do not seem to agree. What they see going on is very different.

But, as is always the case, there are those die hard few who, because they are either the recipient of an overly generous taxpayer funded giveaway or are simply stupid beyond belief, continue to offer their support to a man who is clearly incompetent. And to say that what we have been made to witness over the course of the last 14 months has been anything other than a complete clusterfu*k, would, of course, be an obvious understatement, to say the least. And yet there seems to be no indication that things will improve anytime soon, because Democrats don’t want them to!

Which brings me to how ‘Creepy Joe’ has now gone 110 days with an approval index, the number of those who strongly approve minus those who strongly disapprove of his job performance, at or under -24, far surpassing ex-president ‘BO’ and President Trump, that according to Rasmussen Reports. On Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 57 percent disapproved of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance, compared to 42 percent who approved, making his net approval -15. However, 45 percent “strongly” disapprove, compared to 21 percent who “strongly” approve, making his approval index -24.

And so according to Rasmussen Reports *president ‘Creepy Joe’ has now experienced 110 days of a *presidential Approval Index at or below -24. And to put that in context it was ‘BO’ who only saw 15 days with equally dismal figures, and President Trump who tallied only 6. But then, ‘Creepy Joe’s dismal ratings come as the country continues to deal with stunningly high gas prices that continue to escalate and show no sign of dropping anytime soon. ‘Creepy Joe,’ however, has refused to take any responsibility, instead choosing to blame Russian President Vlad Putin.

And it was just last week that ‘Creepy Joe’ bellowed, “I’m sick of this stuff… The American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money.” He added, “Simply. Not. True.” And he went on to claim, “Democrats didn’t cause this problem. Vladimir Putin did.” And it was on Wednesday that ‘Creepy Joe’ continued to deflect, placing blame on oil and gas companies. Yet his refusal to take responsibility for bad policy has yet to help him in the polls. A poll released Monday found just 37 percent approving of ‘Creepy Joe.’ And just who are those morons?

Common sense would say that all but the most deranged of Democrats would now be able to see the truth regarding ‘Creepy Joe’s supposed popularity where he allegedly garnered 81 million votes. Leftists have a rather long history of creating problems for no other purpose than it allows them to claim to be the only ones capable of solving them. They know their policies don’t work but they don’t care because their never forced to accept any level of responsibility when things go haywire. They simply blame the opposition and get plenty of help from their many minions in the media.

And the fact that ‘Creepy Joe’ is polling lower than President Trump despite Democrats, in and out of politics, openly hating on him and telling blatant lies about what President Trump did or did not say, or do, is really quite telling. Despite the herculean efforts by those in the business of ‘fake news’ to prop up ‘Creepy Joe,’ they don’t seem to be making much headway. And if those in the ‘fake news’ media were ever to actually tell the truth about ‘Creepy Joe,’ I have no doubt that his approval rating would be firmly in the basement. Hence the reason they don’t. 

They are doing everything it can to make this turd look presidential with their five second sound bites, paraphrasing his stupid gaffs, even pushing the same lies down the Democrat line, with all of them saying the same thing. And it’s all nothing more than propaganda, talking points and lies. The guy is half-way in his grave, and quite logically should be housed in an institution for the dementia he very clearly has. Plus, how much grifting can one political family do in their existence? I mean, there should be some sort of limit on how much a dolt like ‘Creepy Joe’ can get away with.

Finally, everyone should hate what this *president, and the Democrats, are doing to this country through policies that have but one purpose. And, of course, that would be to force more and more people into complete reliance on government. And where, exactly, is it in the Constitution that we shall be forced to suffer these fools, when it is obvious that these political elites are continuing with certain policies just to spite their political opponents no matter how much damage they do. And it’s in typical fashion that ‘Creepy Joe’ owns up to nothing, ever. Nothing is to be his fault, nothing!


  1. I said yesterday in another comment over on FASCIST-BOOK, Pertaining to another, article that the “WSJ-Editorial-Board” put out another article ranking Joe Biden over the coals. And once again, supporting President Trump’s, Outstanding, “Presidency.”

    Not a week goes by, that the Editorial Board in there, doesn’t take him to the woodshed for screwing up our Nation as bad as he has, and as quick as he did it!! In my comment I said, “Biden is a walking Cluster-Fuck.

    When you actually see him out walking. You always got to see, President Trump. Dear Lord how I miss that man!!! ‘M


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