It’s today that we have very few members of what was once referred to as our ‘mainstream media,’ but has since morphed into something that is now nowhere near being ‘mainstream,’ that are actual bona fide ‘journalists’ as defined by most intelligent people. It’s these days that they are, for the most part, little more than propagandists under the employ of those desperate to destroy our country. And too, it’s most of them who long ago abandoned what principles they may have at one time possessed in exchange for a little coin. The end result has been that it has become increasingly difficult for Americans in search of the truth, to find it.

And oddly enough it’s anyone who does dare to tell the truth that most often ends up getting pilloried for having done so by the very frauds who now seem to be hiding in plain sight throughout the so-called ‘profession’ of journalism. And it’s these same people who have become devoted enemies of freedom and must be treated as such. And it was just this past Thursday, during an appearance on MSDNC’s ‘Deadline,’ hosted by resident bimbo Nicolle Wallace, that one of those journalistic frauds, ABC News’ Jon Karl, made the idiotic claim that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was somehow “echoing” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “classic propaganda.”

Wallace said, “During Tucker Carlson’s show, Tucker Carlson led with and amplified, he chose to start his very, very highly rated program by amplifying Russia’s false claims that Jennifer Griffin, Fox News national security correspondent, knocks down.” Karl said, “It was an extraordinary segment because he was giving credence to what the Russians are now saying and really classic propaganda game that the United States is manufacturing or has been manufacturing chemical, biological weapons in Ukraine. Tucker Carlson used this segment to make — to echo that claim, saying that he was at first skeptical about it, but now he’s convinced that there’s credence to it.”

Karl went on to say, “He laid it out. What I thought was particularly noteworthy about this is it wasn’t just this latest claim that he was giving credence to, but he was echoing exactly what Vladimir Putin has been saying, actually, for years about Ukraine.” Wallace asked, “Why he’s so devoted to Russian propaganda as the Russian war turns to war crimes and atrocities?  Karl said, “What is being said is almost a plagiarism of Vladimir Putin.” This guy I such a lying jerk. And he calls himself a ‘journalist?’ What he is, is a joke. He’s yet another example, as is Ms. Wallace herself another example, of what today’s ‘mainstream media’ has now become.

Leftist pubes like Karl spent three years turning over every rock on the planet trying to pin anything they could on President Trump, and yet, try as they might, they came up with exactly nothing. But did that stop them? Nope! And this douche bag is still trying. Karl is just another media Beta boy who will never amount to anything at ‘ABC News’ yet is desperately trying to gain some level of attention by making yet another attempt to besmirch a man who remains very popular and who was, despite the best efforts of Democrats, RINOs and those like himself, a very successful president. And it’s each day that ‘Creepy Joe’ remains in office that that becomes all the more obvious.

And it’s today that we have gas prices are going through the roof, rapidly rising inflation, another potential war looming on the horizon, the country being burned to the ground before our eyes but, hey, at least it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who’s *president and not Donald Trump. These people are absolutely deranged, there seems to be no cure for their disease. It’s this kind of stuff that’s all those like Karl have left. Carlson has done nothing more than point out the obvious. War with Russia over Ukraine is a losing proposition. No one’s happy that Putin is invading, and this could have been so very easily avoided by keeping Ukraine neutral and not a part of NATO.

Imagine Russia deciding to arm Mexico or Cuba and see what our response would likely be, I just don’t see how anything that Tucker has said can even come close to coddling Putin. Once again, liberals consumed by their hatred of Donald Trump are missing both the boat and the point. And making themselves look nothing but foolish in the process. And it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. And they’re so burned out on President Trump that now they’re going after Tucker. Giving context to what Putin is doing doesn’t make him a Putin apologist. Tucker is doing the job of an actual journalist, which is holding the government accountable and speaking truth to power!

Far too many ‘journalists’ are now little more than paid government propagandists and when one dares to do some actual journalism or, worse, tells the truth, they are to be demonized to the greatest extent possible. Those on the Left, which Karl very clearly is, hate those people they can’t control and who aren’t afraid of them. And like ‘Creepy Joe’s disastrous year, the American people can see them for what they are! One bad move after another and all the while their propaganda wing in the ‘fake news’ media backs them up! Nervous Democrat and media types see the slaughter coming in the midterms! They’re scared, so the lies are now coming hot and heavy.

Suggesting that certain things are true based upon evidence is not the same or even remotely related to propaganda. I have a feeling that Karl is simply jealous. Few others in the world of ‘fake news’ would ever have the courage to tell the truth, because 95 percent of our supposed ‘journalists’ are pathetic, weak, light-in-the-loafers losers. Karl is another asinine liberal spewing more fictious crap on one of the most liberal of propaganda outlets. In a sense the ‘fake news’ media is even more responsible for what we’re made to endure than even is the Democrat Party. Imagine how different this country would look if we had a truthful ‘news’ media.

Propagandists posing as journalists paid big bucks to lie will hopefully come to the same end as the fraud who now occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that of traitors and seditionists. We are in this situation because Putin sees what we and the rest of the world sees, that ‘Creepy Joe’ is the weakest individual to ever hold the office of *president. If Karl, and Wallace, were actual journalists, they would understand the logic of Tucker’s argument. No issues are completely one sided. The flaw in liberal ideology is the intolerance of those in the Democrat Party and by the ‘fake news’ media types for those who dare to disagree with them. That’s what we’re seeing from Karl.

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