Think about this and then consider who it is that’s clearly lying to you. Roughly a year ago, give or take a month of two, the price of gas was under two dollars a gallon. Today it’s well over four dollars a gallon. So what’s different? Well, for one thing ‘Creepy Joe’ has essentially turned off the oil spigot here at home. Now you would think that with Americans already struggling because of his economic, immigration and fiscal policies ‘Creepy Joe’ would not want to add to suffering by purposely taking actions that have resulted in the more than doubling of the price of gas. But he has, and for no other reason than to advance the radical Left’s ‘green’ agenda.

And since the price of gas has the most direct impact on the daily lives of working Americans that has been where Democrats have chosen to focus most of their energy, no pun intended, in their effort to coerce Americans into abandoning their “love affair” with oil. The goal here, of course, is that by purposely leaving the oil in the ground Democrats can succeed in making gas, as well as one’s utilities, so expensive that they will then be more easily able to force more Americans into electric cars, and into using more ‘renewable’ forms of energy all in the name of what we all know to be that which is their cockamamie religion of bogus ‘climate change.’    

But ‘Creepy Joe’ is far from being the only leftwing loon who enthusiastically endorses what is nothing more than a blatant attack on working, and middle class, Americans. Take, for instance, another Democrat, Chris Murphy. It was Murphy who, during an appearance this past Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” hosted by Jake Tapper, made that rather idiot, and patently untrue, claim that it’s only renewable energy can make America energy independent. It was Tapper who said, “President Biden today announced a full ban on Russian natural gas, coal import to the United States. He said he hopes this will deal another powerful blow to Putin’s war machine.”

Murphy said, “I think there’s a moral imperative for the United States to not send money to fund Putin’s war. But we are a very small share of Russia’s exports.” Murphy said, “The reality is if we’re not getting this from Russia, we’re likely going to be importing more from another brutal dictator, in Saudi Arabia, for instance, or we may have to go to Venezuela. We should learn our lesson here and become energy independent and choose to invest in clean domestic energy, so we never have to choose between one dictator versus another.” Does he just not remember that just a year ago we were energy independent, or is he hoping that we’ve all forgotten?

And Murphy then went on to add, “When you talk about domestic oil production, there is no guarantee that stays in the United States. When we produce oil in the United States, that goes to the highest bidder. Sometimes that’s here in the U.S., but oftentimes, that oil gets sent to China.” Murphy concluded, “Renewable energy stays in the United States. When we are producing energy from solar panels or wind turbines — that stays on the American grid, if you really care about keeping American energy in the United States, you should be investing in renewables.” I can’t help but wonder if this dolt actually believes the shit that comes out of his mouth.

And it’s all such a crock. You could put a wind turbine and solar panel on every street and every home and still not have enough energy to run our economy. Trucks, tankers, heavy equipment, jets, military, the list goes on and on. Let’s say that fantasy comes to pass, where do we buy the materials to manufacture the batteries and solar panels? You guessed it, Red China! So how would we be energy independent if we have to rely on foreign governments for the materials that we need to power all these electric vehicles? Do they really think that we’re all stupid enough to buy any of this crap, and that all they have to do is to keep repeating it and we’ll all agree?

Does this guy have amnesia? It wasn’t all that long ago that we were energy independent, and it was the policies of ‘Creepy Joe,’ supported by morons like this guy Murphy, that brought it all to an end. And ‘Creepy Joe’ could very easily reverse those policies and restore it. But he’s far too busy playing to his wacko base who want fossil fuels to go away. ‘Creepy Joe’ is causing a whole lot of pain to the American people and couldn’t care less. If those in Congress, of both political parties, cared about this country they would right now be considering the removal of our *president, but sadly far too many of them are the payroll of the Chinese Communist Party.

And you have to ask yourself, just how stupid are the people who vote for Democrats? Why would anyone vote for politicians that hate you because you’re white and hate your country just because it’s beneficial for white people? What an idiot, we have a lot of oil that we can drill for right here in the US. Our economy is nowhere near ready to go totally green without major contractions, and may not be ready for decades, assuming that it all works. We can’t power our economy on solar panels and wind turbines. Besides, where do we get all the materials? Our dependency on faraway places with brutal dictators doesn’t go away, so the entire thing is bogus!

As I said, we were energy Independent in 2019 under President Trump. ‘Creepy Joe’ on his first day in office cancelled Keystone XL pipeline and began his war on domestic production and refining. Renewables are capable of delivering only about 15 percent of our energy requirements. In order to meet those requirements, we will have to rely mainly on fossil fuels for at least the next three decades. I have nothing against renewables, but they are not the answer, not yet. The long-term answer will be nuclear energy, but the environmentalist wackos are against nuclear too. This is about collapsing U.S. manufacturing, so people have to buy everything from China.

This guy, Murphy, is nothing but another lying piece of Democrat shit! And worse, he is absolutely clueless. Even if it were possible to abandon fossil fuels it’s nearly all of these “renewable energy sources” that require the use of fossil fuel products in their manufacturing process, and thanks to Democrats like Murphy both the fossil fuels and the manufacturing will likely supplied by foreign countries and not manufactured or mined here in the United States! We have enough fossil fuel to last us 100 years. That’s renewable enough for me. But like all of these Democrat politicians, Murphy doesn’t pay for his own gas and energy costs, we the American taxpayers do.

And as American citizens why is it that any of us would want to bolster the economies of foreign countries before that of our own, particularly when considering that none of them have done anything to bolster the economic future of American citizens without receiving at least twice the benefit from America and our people since the end of World War II? And you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t hold my breath waiting for renewable energy to make us free from foreign dictators. I’m far more worried about foreign dictators taking over my country after we’ve fatally weakened ourselves trying to run a modern economy on windmills and solar panels.

Finally, these lefties hawking this green and renewable energy stuff reminds me of those snake oil peddlers from the old western movies. Drill baby drill! Then we will be energy independent, again. They hate that President Trump showed the nation we could be energy independent without all of their nutty ‘renewable’ energy crap. This crank says obviously absurd things because he knows that Democrat voters are stupid enough to believe him. He’s another of those who have no basic understanding of the science, but even if solar were the answer, guess who makes the vast majority of the world’s solar panels. If you guessed Communist China, you’d be right!


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