There is now absolutely no doubt that the Democrat Party of 2022 has become completely devoid of those who possess any amount of love for their country and have focused themselves like a laser on doing all that they can to bring about its end. And maybe it was always that way, with many in the party who were better adept than those today at keeping their true feelings about America hidden. But what’s scarier still are those demented politicians whose hatred of America goes unnoticed or, worse, simply ignored. Today’s Democrats are clearly on a seek and destroy mission and yet there are those willing to provide them with opportunities to do so.

All one has to do is to look back at where this country was just a mere 18 months ago and compare that to where it is now. For example, it was then that we were the world’s number one exporter of crude while today we actually import over 40 percent of our crude. And who is it but a Democrat that thinks that’s a good idea? Certainly not me! Add to that the fact that we had a booming economy, before the ‘Chinese virus’ was unleashed with assistance from Democrats allies, and a strong military. And if you can’t see what the Democrats are up to, or you refuse to accept it, then you too, I’m afraid, are to be considered as being an enemy of this country as well.   

And it was during this past Monday’s broadcast of MSDNC’s “All In,” hosted by leftist loon Chris Hayes, that Democrat Sen. Jeff Merkley argued that in order to undermine Russia’s power, we have to “end our dependence on oil and have the world transition to renewable energy.” Because Russia will be able to sell oil as long as there’s demand for oil, and called for a “climate emergency.” Merkley said, “As long as there is a world market for oil, Russia will be able to sell its oil. And so, unfortunately, not all my colleagues yet understand that the way to undercut the power of Russia is to end our dependence on oil and have the world transition to renewable energy.”

He continued by making the idiotic claim that decades ago, we didn’t know about two things: “One was [the] tremendous climate impacts of burning fossil fuels. And the second is, renewable energy was very expensive at that time, as compared to fossil fuels. Now, it’s cheaper. So, we have every reason to pivot quickly. We should be having a national American solar program. We should have a climate emergency. We should be transitioning to offshore wind, and we should be doing it in partnership and leading the world in this effort to end this addiction to oil, this damage to the climate, and the enrichment of people like Putin.” This guy is disgusting!!!

These people have now become so wedded to their dogma that they are going to destroy what is left of America. And yet they don’t care as long as it’s they who end up running things. It’s because of this kind of thinking that we will surrender our sovereignty and go begging for foreign oil and imports just to keep us afloat. And I’ll believe there’s a climate emergency when the people who keep telling me there’s a climate emergency start acting like there’s a climate emergency. If these lunatic Democrats seriously believe that $4 gasoline will cause millions of average Americans to suddenly park their cars and ride their bikes to work, stand by for November.

And it’s just when you think the Democrats’ hatred of this country had finally reached its peak, they prove you wrong. And as is always the case, those on the crazy homicidal left should never be allowed to be in charge. The resources needed for the transition don’t exist and will not for some unknown time frame, if ever. The alternative, according to the left is to depopulate the earth, in order to make human resource demand more closely match their claimed projection of sustainable numbers. Sadly, the liberal wackos have backed the idea of mass human extinction as a solution for decades. How many viruses would that take? Asking for a friend.

‘Creepy Joe’ made a conscious decision to surrender our country’s sovereignty courtesy of his open borders policy. We’re being invaded by more and more illegals, and he doesn’t care. There is no longer any respect for our country, our citizens, and our laws. And ‘Creepy Joe’ doesn’t like fossil fuels and wants us to abandon them and go totally green. He will take down this country the way he is doing it. There will be millions of Americans who cannot afford to upgrade their homes for total electric and to charge up an electric car that they cannot afford. ‘Creepy Joe’ will destroy America and the American people if we don’t get these buffoons out of office.

The sad fact is that there are far too many Americans who are simply too gullible. They fail to understand that none of this has ever had anything to do with climate change, or Covid, or even wars between Russia and Ukraine. These are simply the manufactured tools used by those who are determined in their continuing quest to control the entire world. And the biggest roadblock now in their way is a vibrant and prosperous America. And that’s why their ultimate goal is to destroy America by crashing its economy and bringing the population under control. So far, they’re doing a great job. Once America is defeated, the rest will fall like dominoes.

This fool is a senator and is someone in a position of supposed leadership. He thinks oil’s only use to be refined into gasoline. What this guy, and those like him, refuse to accept is that we live in a world that is an oil-based economy, period! Everything we have is tied to petroleum in one way or another. To ‘pivot quickly’ to ‘renewable’ energy is simply impossible, not to mention hyper-expensive! It’s a pipedream with absolutely no connection to reality. And it only serves as yet another way expose what a fallacy this entire ‘climate change’ scheme really is. It’s all political bullshit, nothing more, nothing less! You know it, they know it, everybody knows it.

Incidentally, the modern world uses oil for a lot more than fuel to burn for energy.  It’s the major component of fertilizer and pesticides used to grow the food you eat. It’s used in plastics, it’s used in asphalt for roads and the shingles on your roof. It’s a critical chemical in the production of many basic items in our daily lives, including fertilizer for food; never mind running all the farm equipment. But yeah, just stop driving and eating and heating your home while we ‘transition’ to fantasy land. Oh, better get rid of all those planes and jets too, take a ‘hot air’ balloon. I’m sure Russia and Red China and such will just melt down their tanks and jets into windmills.

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