So who is it that didn’t see this coming? In the span of less than a year and a half, or 18 months for Democrats, I’ve gone from paying $1.65 for a gallon of gas to now paying $3.99 for that very same gallon of gas. I drive a 1998 Wrangler, and I’ve gone from paying around $17 to fill it up, to roughly $40. And you have to ask yourself why that is? Oh, I know, President Trump gave away all of our oil to his supporters so ‘Creepy Joe’ had no alternative, right? Nope! Instead, ‘Creepy Joe’ simply decided to stop all domestic drilling. So here we are sitting atop more oil than any other country on the planet possesses all because of the Left’s bogus ‘climate change’ nonsense.

The national average price for a gallon of gas has now skyrocketed to $4, and that would the highest national average in nearly 14 years. The $4 national average is a 40 cent jump from last week and a 57 cent increase from just a month ago. On March 6 of last year, prices averaged $2.76 per gallon, nationally. The national average is the highest it has been since July of 2008. That month, gas price averages maxed out at 4.11 cents, which is the all-time record, but likely not for much longer. And Democrats are positively orgasmic over the prospects of 5, 6 or even 10 dollar a gallon gas. They fully support ‘Creepy Joe’s skyrocketing gas prices and crushing inflation.

States on the West Coast and in the Northeast are seeing the highest prices in the country. As of this past Sunday California’s average gas price at $5.28 per gallon, while neighboring states, including Washington, Oregon, and Nevada, all had average prices of over $4.40 a gallon. Additionally, all northeast states, from Maryland and Delaware up through Maine, had averages exceeding $4.00 a gallon. And we know this is all self-induced. We have more oil right here at home than there is anywhere else on the entire planet. And it was roughly a year ago that we were bringing so much out of the ground that the U.S was then the number one exporter of crude on the planet.

House Republican Mike Rogers, the ranking Republican on the House Armed Service Committee, recently told FM Talk 106.5 in Mobile, AL, that prices have jumped because of the Russian invasion into Ukraine. He said, “The fact is, and this is true of all your listeners, our gas prices are going to go up because of what’s happening in Ukraine because of the disruptive nature it has had to the energy sector, period.” He also called for the reopening of the Keystone XL so America can begin producing its own oil once again. While Rodgers and others on the right are calling on ‘Creepy Joe’ to open up domestic oil productions, ‘Creepy Joe’ remains unwilling to so.

Democrats will NOT complete the Keystone XL pipeline because that would force them in the situation of having to admit they were wrong. And their war on domestic oil will not cease either because they think they can blame Russia for rising oil prices. If that fails, they’ll blame the oil companies. It’s what they do. Democrats are trying to blame the Ukraine conflict for the price rise and yet the price of gas had gone up $1.40 before that conflict even got started. And the fact that we are continuing to be faced with these escalating gas prices in all manufactured. Democrats have become obsessed with doing all that they can to destroy our economy and our country.  

Look around you, everything that people said would happen if the Democrats were able to successfully rig our election, has happened. Gas prices are skyrocketing, food prices are skyrocketing, war has returned full scale and political persecutions have now arrived right here in America as has hyper Inflation. None of this would have happened if Democrats had not been able to perpetrate their million-dollar election fraud scam to remove President Trump. NONE of the global chaos we have right now would be going on if President Trump votes were made to disappear on election night before then reappearing as votes for ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. But they were, so it is.

Democrats are determined to destroy our economy, national sovereignty and out country all in the name of ‘climate change.’ What we’re experiencing now, after President Trump spent four years making our nation independent of foreign oil, is absolute proof. Funny, I thought Democrats were supposed to be the ones who cared about poor and working-class folks, isn’t that what we constantly hear from those in the ‘fake news’ media. The truth is, the Democrat Party is the party of the rich. They will NEVER admit they are wrong, NEVER change course in the face of obvious evidence, and will DOUBLE DOWN regardless of the consequences.

‘Creepy Joe’ is incompetent, corrupt, and the most serious threat to the existence of this country that we have ever faced. He is a man who far from being the choice of most Americans, he was simply installed. Stolen elections have consequences and it’s ‘Creepy Joe’ who is the face of those consequences! This is exactly what the environmentalist-wackos wanted and is a big part of ‘Creepy Joe’s leftist agenda. Make fuel prices high so people will stop using it. It’s nothing more than a tax on the American people. Ween the populous by high prices, meanwhile the elites fly around in their private jets, live in their big mansions and drive their big gas guzzling cars.

If you were purposely trying to destroy America, what would you be doing differently from what ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing right now and continues to do? Look, he, and every other Democrat, don’t care about average working Americans. They couldn’t care less, of that there can no longer be any doubt. Elections have consequences. And stolen elections have devastating consequences. I think we can all agree that the Democrat Party has declared war on their own country. They want power so badly they’re willing to try and break us to the point where we give in and allow them rule in perpetuity. We’ll probably make it to the midterms but after that, who knows?

And you have to admit that the Democrats were smart enough to select old ‘Headboard’ Harris as his vice president. She is one hell of an insurance policy. She’s about the only thing that I can think of that would be worse than the fully demented ‘Creepy Joe.’ Unless we can impeach and remove BOTH of them at the same time, we better pray that in 2022 we can get Republican majorities in Congress that can legislate, is filibuster-proof, and large enough to override a veto. In that way we can open the Keystone XL, we can close the borders, we can toss CRT in the education dumpster, and can work on salvaging whatever it is that’s left of America.

Anybody knows that 2+2=4. That’s simple arithmetic. As to why ‘Creepy Joe’ remains unwilling to do what’s necessary to provide for the American people, is something else entirely. I think it’s a fair guess that ‘Creepy Joe’ has been provided quite the incentive by America’s enemies, both at home and abroad, to hobble the American economy, to refuse to open our pipelines and allow access to federal lands for exploration. We have been sold out, and continue to be sold out, by our very own *president and members of his party. We can now either just sit back and allow it to continue or we can do something about it. We must make our voices heard!

And finally, have we had enough yet people? We are on the verge of World War III according to the ‘fake news’ media that none of us any longer trust. Does the make it a truth, lie, or an unknown. We stopped producing energy and depend on the criminals to deal us in. We print money with impunity to fund our cartel and tell the middle to suffer and pay for it. WTF is going on with this country? I’ve had it. We won’t be here a year from now at this rate. This game is nearing the end and our inaction speaks volumes. We have become what we despise in other nations. Putin would not be an issue if we wanted it that way. This is intentional. Mark my words.


  1. I know our prices here in Wyoming are cheaper than many places, even though, like every other place in our nation, the cost has gone up tremendously ever since the presidential office was stolen from President Trump.

    This, Idiot in Chief knows what would work to bring down prices but! I don’t think any of us are ever going to see him and his party do any of it. All they would have to do is just re-institute President Trump’s domestic fuel policies that his executive order is done away with.

    One of the first things he did in anybody can look this up is he throws drilling on all federal lands in a large majority of the Gulf of Mexico. In Wyoming North Dakota eastern Montana hundreds of thousands of acres, immediately was taken off the board.

    Thousands of acres that companies was fixing to drill on out-here, was immediately off-limits. But for him and his party to do the right thing and it would work. Most definitely it would work and it would work very quickly on bringing down prices.

    But if they did the right thing, Dino as well as we do the minute they do it it will be saying to America that President Trump‘s policies are correct and their policies are wrong and they are never ever going to do that.


  2. I forgot to put what prices are here. It’s running anywhere from $3.39 up to $3.59
    The highest price gas is out in places that are considered by most people outside of Wyoming, to be very remote.

    To keep up with the cost of oil per barrel here in our Country, and also around the world, like the cost of BRENT WTI =WEST TEXAS INTERMEDIATE And other places that are so extremely important to us.

    Especially since the, “ SHIT-FOR-BRAINS-USURPER-IN-CHIEF”, Has us back with our necks, our wallets under the boot heels mostly of and from, the Saudis, I recommend this website and I get email updates daily. Right now, today, Arabian Light is $124 per barrel. Arabian heavy is selling for $122. A barrel.


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