Apparently, it’s not only ugly that goes all the way to the bone, but it’s also stupidity. And it’s the best example of that is none other than Chelsea Clinton, who’s not only ugly as sin, but also dumb as a brick. Neither of which, I suppose, considering who her parents are, can be said to be her fault. And because of that handicap there’s not much she can do to address her looks, but there is certainly something she can do to address her level of stupidity. I mean, she has to know that ‘Creepy Joe’ has been a crook his entire political life and an unmitigated disaster as *president.

And it was recently that she proceeded in taking things a step further by making an appearance with the hags of ‘The View,’ the most useless 42 minutes on all of daytime television. If you can’t find a better way to spend your time than by watching this garbage, then you truly are in need of getting a life. But anyway, it was during her appearance on this past Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” Clinton said that her reaction to *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s first State of the Union Address was to thank God for his pride in America. His pride in America? Is she serious?

And it was one of the resident hags, Sunny Hostin, who said, “You were talking about the State of the Union recently. What did you think about the speech? I think something that most people don’t talk about because I mentioned it to my producers, you studied at Oxford, international relations. What did you think about the speech?” And Clinton responded by saying, “For the president, my main feeling and this is really what I felt watching, you know, in my living room here in New York City, is he’s so proud to be an American.” This bitch gives delusional a whole meaning!

She went on to say, “And he wants what’s best for our country. And after the last administration, just that feeling of, like, oh, God, like, thank you. Thank you for that pride. I felt included in that pride, and it was so palpable.” She continued, “Also, my husband’s father’s family is Ukrainian. They were Ukrainian-Jewish refugees. My husband grew up with the stories of his father fleeing, and we like so many families with young children, are trying to figure out how to talk about what’s happening in our country right now and in our world right now.”

And she wrapped things up by saying, “So listening to that speech, that sense of pride, and that sense of, you know, I can tell my children, as worried as we are, we are in safe hands. We are in safe hands.” Look, Clinton is one more of those on what has now become a very long list of privileged Democrats who don’t give a damn about working class Americans or how it is that policies put in place by Democrats do nothing more than to make their lives increasingly more difficult. If she did, she wouldn’t be thanking anyone, and certainly not God for giving us ‘Creepy Joe.’

And so I can only assume that she also thanks ‘God’ for the 2 million, or more, foreign invaders who have flooded across our southern border, the 80,000 Fentanyl deaths, children who lost two years of education they’ll never get back because of a bogus pandemic, record inflation, an anemic economy, escalating gasoline prices, American dependence on Russian oil (which led to the Ukraine invasion), an underfunded military, Red Chinese domination and so very much more. Sounds like something she’d like. Obviously, this apple didn’t fall very far from the tree.

But then should we really be surprised?  First off, she’s a Democrat, and Democrats don’t believe in ‘God.’ They publicly rejected God at the 2012 convention, so any ‘thanks’ she is giving are as phony as her mother’s love-life. Second, she would only be ‘thankful’ because she and her family were going broke during the Trump Presidency. All of their illegal and illegitimate money laundering to foreign spies was shut down and cut off. Their cushy little gravy train came to a screeching halt when Donald Trump defeated Hitlery in 2016 in rather spectacular and humiliating fashion.

Yes, by all means, we should all thank ‘God’ for ‘Creepy Joe!’ Because who doesn’t want to be out of work because you chose not to get a medical procedure that was proven not to work anyway? And who doesn’t want to be paying 60 percent more for fuel than you did when the U.S. was energy independent? Oh, and who doesn’t like their food bill to be more than 20 percent higher than it was just 12 months ago, with no upper end in sight? And who doesn’t like having their wages cut simply because the rate of inflation (greater than 8 percent) exceeds your wage increase of 3 percent?

But wait there’s so much more than we need to be thanking ‘God’ for like, who doesn’t want a rebuilt, renewed, fully armed (with our weapons) Taliban terrorist group to contend with? And, much more recently, who doesn’t want World War III? And finally, who is it that doesn’t want women’s sports to be dominated by men who are simply pretending to be women? Yup, by golly, old horseface is right we’ve got so much to be thanking ‘God’ for have the wisdom to give us ‘Creepy Joe,’ Just think where we would be without him. Which isn’t difficult, just look back 16 months.

But you know, we really can’t hold her accountable for too much. I mean you try growing up with ‘Slick Willy’ and Hitlery as your parents and being an only child, it couldn’t have been easy! The kind of continual brainwashing she endured her entire life, the kinds of discussions that took place at the dinner table, she certainly wouldn’t have had the benefit of hearing from another side. There would not have been two sides to a subject, only that of mom and dad. I would try to feel sorry for Chelsea if I could, but I can’t. I just can’t do it, it would be against my religion!

She thanks ‘God’ for ‘Creepy Joe’ because next to him ‘Slick Willy’ doesn’t look like the worst presidential disaster ever (although he is still one of the very worst). And it’s the legal problems the Biden family could, at least potentially, come to face that could distract attention away from the Clinton Crime Family, and ‘Creepy Joe’s insanity takes attention away from how criminal and insane Hitlery is. Truly, ‘Creepy Joe’ is a gift from ‘God’ to the Clintons. But he’s still a curse on the rest of us. We can only hope the Clintons and Bidens someday occupy adjoining cells in prison.

They’re cheerleading now to try to hype up the crowd towards Democrats after all the pain the Democrats have caused this country. Now comes the part where the media starts depicting Democrats as more popular than Republicans even though in the real world we all know better. The Democrats are the party of defunding the police, allowing the ghetto to just steal anything and everything, causing all of this inflation and illegal immigration, and even being responsible for the Ukraine conflict, and that’s the truth of it, no matter how much the left tries to say otherwise.

We have war instead of peace, and a failing economy instead of a booming one, but ‘Creepy Joe’ is what makes her feel pride? Translation: she takes pride in America’s failure, not success. When people tell you who they are, listen to them. After cheap gas, record low unemployment, secure borders and a world that was by and large at peace, I’m so glad we now have gas near four dollars a gallon, mandated mask firings, open border crossing of criminals and terrorists, China ready to pounce on Taiwan and Russia reforming the Soviet Union. Ya, I totally see where Chelsea is coming from.

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