No, I did not watch ‘Creepy Joe’s State of the Union address last night, Frankly I just didn’t see the point. For one thing, I already know the state of our union, I live it every day. And for another thing, I wasn’t about to waste my time listening to what I knew was going to be nothing more than a string of incoherent, unintelligible ramblings uttered by a man who has no more business being in his position than would anyone else suffering from the same seriously degraded mental state as ‘Creepy Joe.’ And apparently, for the most part I seem to have been correct.

But what I did do was to peruse comments made afterwards by those deemed to be experts in such things, many of whom, as bizarre as it may sound, who actually seemed to be genuinely impressed by the speech. And it was one of the more interesting comments that came from none other than CNN’s Van Jones. You see it was Jones who, after the speech, enthusiastically declared, “Uncle Joe is back!” I guess my only question to Mr. Jones would be to ask him just where it is, exactly, the “Uncle Joe’ is back from. Because he still seems pretty far gone to me.  

You see, it was on Tuesday during his network’s coverage of ‘Creepy Joe’s first State of the Union address that Jones said he was very impressed with the *president’s energy. Jones said, “I thought that of Joe Biden at his best, Uncle Joe is back. I thought he was being the leader. Nobody believes in these American ideals more than Joe Biden. It showed tonight. He has spent his entire career standing for American unity at home. He stood for that. And for American ideals abroad. I thought, listen. I have not seen unity in this country like I saw at the beginning of that speech.”

And it was from there that Jones then went on to say, “I don’t want to step on that. It is very, very important that we underscore to the world that every single person stood with Joe Biden tonight. Every Republican stood on their feet. And the Ukrainians are not by themselves. Listen, I was impressed with the energy. If you didn’t believe in democracy before, if you never heard of democracy and you just looked at the body language of this guy, this guy believed every word he said.” And he added, “I think I am proud tonight we have a leader like him. I’m proud tonight.”

But I think the real kicker came when Jones said, “I think Joe Biden made it possible for everybody to stand with him.” And with a straight face, no less. Now granted, I did not watch the speech, but I am also not oblivious to all that our senile *president has been doing over the course of that last 13 months. So to me, it matters very little what it was that he said last night, because there is nothing that he can say that would convince me to “stand with him!” And for Jones to even say such a thing makes clear just how completely delusional this former ‘Green Czar’ really is.

And for all of ‘Creepy Joe’s supposed “energy,” he has yet to cure the ‘Chinese virus,’ nor has he done anything to halt rising gas prices, rising food prices, overall rising energy prices, rising crime and or the spending and debt. All of his supposed “energy” has been spent on coming up with those policies that have resulted in just the opposite. ‘Creepy Joe,’ or those controlling him from behind the curtain have been one thing, destroying this country. Look, Jones would have praised this speech had ‘Creepy Joe’ done nothing more than to stand there and gurgle like an infant.

Jones is nothing more than a partisan hack, and needs to please his paymasters in order to keep those checks coming. Someone really should clue him into the fact that no one with any sense is believing his propaganda. Those who chose to watch saw the very same guy he did. And far from being a man full of energy, what they was a tired, bumbling, stumbling old man who couldn’t even properly pronounce his prepared remarks. Jones isn’t fooling anyone with such talk, and attempting to make the argument that ‘Creepy Joe’ is something other than what is ain’t working.                   

So what everyone witnessed last night was one of the clearest examples yet of just how far down the tubes our country has been made to fall by the Democrats, their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media,’ like Jones, as well as many of those in the Republican Party commonly referred to as RINOs. And I have absolutely no doubt that there were in capital cities, all across the globe, those sitting and watching this senile old fool, ‘Creepy Joe,’ and salivating over the prospects of what they too might be able to get away with under the nose of this poor excuse for an American president.


  1. The poster, and the words and every paragraph in this article, fits him perfectly. And his entire traitorous Administration.


  2. Van Jones? LOL, might as well have been a Nancy Pelosi analysis, on Creepy Joe. The House Chamber didn’t look much better than a Biden campaign rally. Pretty blank…..empty seats galore. Of course it was social distancing! LOL


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