So riddle me this, could Willard be any more obvious and/or transparent when it comes to just how little he, unlike President Trump, cares about our country? I think not! I mean, it’s now gotten to the point where we really do need to seriously consider calling into question the sanity of this guy because he has now either gone completely round the bend or has gone completely over to the other side, but then I’m repeating myself. And if he has now truly gone over to the other side then it’s time for the folks back home to call on him to drop the charade of claiming to be a Republican and, even more so, a conservative. Because he is very clearly neither.  

And it was over this past weekend, during an appearance on Sunday’s CNN’s “State of the Union,” co-hosted by two of CNN’s resident losers, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, that Willard made the claim that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had worked with the United States allies to put up a united front against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “extraordinarily well.” Willard said, “This is one of the greatest demonstrations of good versus evil that we’ve seen during our lifetimes and the demonstration of courage. Look at Vladimir Putin. Here he is behind this huge table in this big white room. It looks like a mausoleum where honesty and honor or have gone to die.”

Willard said, “Contrast that with Zelenskyy, with his courage, his passion, his true leadership. This is remarkable, and it’s having an impact.” Bash said, “Do you think it was a mistake for President Biden to rule out U.S. troops on the ground instead of trying to use what’s known as strategic ambiguity to deter Vladimir Putin from invading in the first place?” Willard said, “Well, there really wouldn’t have been an ambiguity. We don’t have the kind of troop strength and material of war in the region to be a serious threat at that point.” Willard added, “Look, the Biden administration has done some things very well and some things not so well.

And it was from there that Willard went on to, “The not-so-well side is they continued the policy of prior administrations not to provide the defensive weapons Ukraine needed.” And he went on to say, “The positive thing was sharing our intelligence with our allies and combining our efforts with our allies. Look, we used to be 40% of the world economy, today we’re about half of that. For us to have the economic clout yes used to have in the 50s, 60s and 70s, we do need to combine with our allies. That is something President Biden has done extraordinarily well.” So just what is it that Willard is seeing that roughly 70 percent of the American people are not? Just sayin’!

This is perfect, absolutely perfect. If anyone doubted that Willard has now been pushed complete over the edge, and literally consumed, by his hatred of President Trump, I think these latest imbecilic statements have now pretty much put that issue to rest. And it’s no one but these ‘fake news’ bimbos like Ms. Bash who are still willing to listen to anything this turncoat has to say, and then only because he’s someone who, while referred to as being a ‘Republican,’ allows himself to be used in exchange for what I’m not exactly sure. But it’s most rank and file Republican voters who are now pretty clearly disgusted with him and hold him in complete contempt.

And let’s be real, no one but a political clown would claim that ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing well with our allies. His surrender in Afghanistan is the low point in our military history. His failure in Ukraine is the low point of our diplomacy and foreign policy. Neither our allies, nor our enemies, trust or respect him. And more importantly, it’s our enemies who do not fear him. Would you? Our supposed Commander-in-Chief is an incompetent, corrupt and obviously senile old fraud! Millions of Americans still do not accept ‘Creepy Joe’ as our *president. Willard, and the RINO crowd, went along with the fraud perpetrated by the Democrats, and we got the worst *president ever.

Anyone who witnessed the completely botched retreat from Afghanistan saw just how unprepared we are. Leaving behind $85 Billion of military hardware as well as an untold number of American citizens behind enemy lines, was an exercise in complete stupidity and an act of blatant incompetence. ‘Creepy Joe’ didn’t listen to military advisors and did the job totally ass backwards, losing a strategic air base in the process. And let’s not forget our impotent military leaders who thought Afghan forces could hold Kabul for weeks. Our enemies, as well as our friends, must have watched it all in absolute disbelief. Just how stupid is ‘Creepy Joe,’ they must have thought.

This sleighride to Hell started five minutes after ‘Creepy Joe’s inauguration, with the signing of then EO to strangle our domestic energy without any plan for replacing it, and it has only snowballed from there. And even though the error of his ways is now obvious, he and his equally useless secretary of state, have no intention of letting us resume using our own energy, so we are financially supporting the war for our enemy.  Khrushchev remarked over half a century ago that they would hang us with the rope we sold them, and he appears, at least at this point, to have been right. We’ve got a clown *president and a clown Congress and now the entire world knows it.

‘Creepy Joe’s failures are epic, and to not be able to recognize that speaks volumes about Willard. It has enabled and inspired Russia to unleash the largest war in modern history and yet, this moron, Willard, is still somehow able to see it as appropriate to praise him? It’s way past time for the people of Utah to get a recall petition started to boot this traitor out. Fully 70 percent of ALL voters and 91 percent of Republicans disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’, yet Willard still praises him. The man is totally out of touch with reality. Willard is a Democrat through and through. Meaning everything he says is a lie. He as merely been posing as a Republican and as a conservative.

Willard continues to prove to the American people that he’s willing to say anything in his attempt to be considered relevant. He congratulates ‘Creepy Joe’ on a job well done when nothing could be further from the truth. “Creepy Joe’ has been on the wrong side of history throughout his entire 47 years of public service. He is feeble, weak and can’t speak coherently without someone talking to him in his ear. This guy is a piece of work. Not sure what Willard’s motives are except trying to hurt Trump and the conservative Republicans. Does he have any pride or principles? It appears he has neither and seems willing to work with ‘Creepy Joe’ in destroying our country.

But that said, ‘Creepy Joe’ has done some things “extraordinarily well,” just nothing that has benefited the country he was ‘selected’ to lead. After all, it only took him 14 months to ruin the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar; to allow for a rather dramatic increase crime; to give up even the pretense of wanting to control of our Southern border; to completely botch the Afghanistan withdrawal and now has the world at the edge of a World War III scenario and, at least potentially, the end of civilization. Who expected him to accomplish so much in so little time? Meanwhile, with ‘Creepy Joe’s help son Hunter has become one of more successful artists in America.

‘Creepy Joe’ would rather have Americans paying seven dollars a gallon for gas and to get into a nuclear exchange with Putin than to drill for oil and natural gas here in America. ‘Creepy Joe’ also dropped all investigations into Chinese spying and intellectual property theft. ‘Creepy Joe’ is totally corrupt, making irrational, disastrous decisions for the U.S. and the world. He must be removed from office. The sooner the better. This nation is in real danger when politicians ignore a corrupt *president’s failure, and then spin his failures to make them sound like brilliant successes. How stupid do you have to be? Willard is as useless as is ‘Creepy Joe.’

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