It was earlier this week that ‘BO,’ or he who is known by all, at least those with any common sense, as being the former holder of the most prestigious title of ‘Worst President in U.S. History, called upon all Americans to unite behind their abysmal failure of a fraudulently elected *president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. And since it would have been impossible for him to have made such a request while maintaining a straight face, this call for ‘unity’ came by way of a statement released to reporters. And it was this method that also afforded ‘BO’ the opportunity to avoid being asked pesky questions by reporters about why Americans would want to do that.

After all, ‘Creepy Joe’ has done such a masterful job at so thoroughly fucking up just about everything in what has been a rather remarkably short period of time. And to think that just little over a year ago our store shelves were full, we we’re paying roughly $1.60 for a gallon of gas and the world was pretty much as peace. And it was in his ‘statement’ sent to reporters defending ‘Creepy Joe’s sanctions on Russia as an attempt to put “a real price on Russia’s autocratic elites,” that ‘BO’ said, “Every American, regardless of party, should support President Biden’s efforts, in coordination with our closest allies, to impose hard-hitting sanctions on Russia.”

‘BO’s statement of support for ‘Creepy Joe’ follows his own failure, as president, to stop Vlad from annexing Crimea back in 2014. ‘BO’ also urged Americans to embrace any economic pain that they would suffer as a result of sanctions on Russia. ‘BO’ wrote, “There may be some economic consequences to such sanctions, given Russia’s significant role in world energy markets.” And he urged, “But that’s a price we should be willing to pay to take a stand on the side of freedom.” You go first, bro! I would like to see YOU do some economic sacrifice. ‘BO’ urged Americans to think globally and act to defend freedom for not only Ukrainians but for people around the world.

‘BO’ said, “The consequences of Russia’s reckless actions extend beyond Ukraine’s borders.” ‘BO’ also warned of the “forces of division and authoritarianism” that were taking root around the world and said Putin’s “brazen attack” should be confronted. He wrote, “This illegal invasion in the heart of Europe also threatens the foundation of the international order and security.” ‘BO’ asserted that every individual faced a choice between allowing “autocrats” to rule or allowing “free people” to choose to govern themselves with democracy. Which was a rather odd thing to be hearing from a guy who sees himself as being a bit of an “autocrat” himself.

He said, “People of conscience around the world need to loudly and clearly condemn Russia’s actions and offer support for the Ukrainian people.” Now perhaps I would care a bit more about the Ukrainian people if those same people asking me to do so weren’t so busy trying to destroy the country that I love. Frankly, right now I don’t think I could care less about the Ukrainian people because I’m far too worried about how much is going to be left of my country to pass down to my children and grandchildren. And if ‘BO,’ or anyone else for that matter, thinks that I’m going to support those robbing my children of their future he’s out of his f*cking mind!

So again ‘BO’ slithers out into the light long enough to try and convince everyone to like the guy that he wouldn’t even endorse for President, and now says is somehow a great leader. And what an idiotic thing to hear coming from a guy who we’re constantly being told is so smart. ‘Creepy Joe’ is no more a legitimately elected president than is Vlad, so I suppose it is fair to say that we need to take care of the autocrats in this country before we start worrying about Ukraine, which is no more of a democracy than is Russia. We shouldn’t be feeling any pain at the pumps these days and wouldn’t be if not for the insane energy policies of ‘Creepy Joe.’

Instead, while we are “strangling” Russia with sanctions, we’re buying oil from them and financing their empire building, much as we are doing with Communist China. Look, ‘BO’ is the embodiment of economic pain. For eight long years we were forced to endure economic pain, and it’s now that we’re being made to suffer under the yoke of what is essentially his third term. And it would be one thing if these political elites had to suffer right along with the rest of us, but they don’t. And the same goes for all of the rich nattering nabobs on cable news, telling us that we all should suffer for the benefit of a country that we have no relationship with, in any form.

‘BO,’ ‘Creepy Joe,’ and the Democrats spent four years viciously attacking President Trump and his supporters. They impeached President Trump twice and leveled charges of treason against both him and his supporters. Now they call for those same people to support the most incompetent regime in American history. And the farther we get into ‘Creepy Joe’s presidency, the easier it is to see the truth. That Donald Trump’s presidency was an anomaly. They NEVER expected him to win. They expected to go from ‘BO’ to ‘Hitlery,’ a total of 16 straight years of oppression, by which time assimilation into Socialism would be complete. Trump interrupted all that.

‘BO,’ a man who hates this country. Why am I going to listen to him? Support and sacrifice for an idiot who currently occupies the White House? Also, a man who hates this country. The greatest threat facing this country is not Russia or China, it is people like this. I don’t unite with Leftists after all that they have done. They lied, deceived, engaged in political violence, silenced dissenting voices, engaged in corrupt election practices, pushed for Covid lockdowns, and slandered opposition throughout 2016-2020 to regain power because they lost an election. They couldn’t control themselves to be civil and wait for 2020. The Left and their supporters are on their own.

And can you imagine the degree of self-deception necessary to believe that if you just steal an election, install an inept figurehead as *president and then force your unwanted policies onto a reluctant public that the people will actually be convinced to rally behind you. The American public, at least those who still do love this country and are able to see the good in it, will not be swayed by such nonsensical rhetoric as that spewed by ‘BO.’ America has no president at the present time. It has an installed, groomed for years, demented mafia criminal communist dictator. ‘Creepy Joe’ is the Devil, he’s pure evil. God help us all, because we’re gonna need him.  

All of this chaos was planned. If we really were against this, we’d be drilling oil. We’d be protecting our borders. We’d be arresting criminals and teaching patriotism. And the news media would be reporting honestly about covid, climate and everything else. Putin getting Ukraine back has already been negotiated as part of the Great Reset. Probably China getting Taiwan too. We are going to pretend to oppose them, but ineffective. The next election is our last chance, if it already isn’t predetermined. Don’t trust Republican leadership, they have proven to be not trustworthy. The steal could not have happened without their help. Ditto the Russia hoax.

‘Creepy Joe’s election was illegitimate. It is now a well-established fact. The longer Democrats persist in their denials of the obvious the greater the damage will be for them. If the Democrat Party is to survive it is incumbent upon them to join with Republicans and remove the compromised figurehead currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘Creepy Joe’ is compromised, corrupt and weak. Our enemies know this and they will walk over the U.S. as long as he is *president. This will not be the last foreign policy debacle we’re going to suffer because of this buffoon. Taiwan is just around the corner. Stolen elections have disastrous consequences!


  1. Victor Davis Hanson. Last Thursday on Tucker Carlson.)

    “ when we look back on Barack Obama during his eight years in office I’m sure you thought just like I did Tucker, that this man is without a doubt the worst president our country has ever had. But now when you compare Joe Biden up against, yes yea I agree, but getting back to what I was saying, when we compare Joe Biden to, up against Barack Obama.”

    (Tucker talking now.)

    (Now Victor. His YouTube interview He talks about briefly is titled, “Biden is the most dangerous radical president in US history.” I recommend strongly and I mean strongly every conservative go watch it because it is outstanding. And everything in it every Republican should be saying every day when they go to work and yet this entire party is not worth a shit including the ones that we think are conservative they are not worth a shit.

    And I will say that Ted Cruz is what I call, what Victor Hanson even calls him, conservative lite. He even says even the Republicans that conservatives think are conservative, there not. None of them are. He says every Republican needs to be removed from office he has said this off and on lately on different interviews on YouTube and I watch every one he comes out with.

    He’s right. Every single Republican Rand Paul all of them are not worth a shit. I despise them all. Because they are still not calling out the Democrat party for what they are.

    The Democrat party needs to be labeled the most dangerous thing to our nations security and they need to go to work every day with the idea of eradicating this party!!!!! Russia is not our number one danger, China is on the “foreign front.” But, the direct most dangerous thing right now we face? is the democrat party.)

    (Victor talking. )

    “Obama comes off looking like center left. Conservative lite. He does. Barack Obama didn’t do anything compared to Joe Biden. That’s why I said last week in my interview that you texted me after watching it on YouTube, where I said Joe Biden is the most dangerous president our country has ever had and he’s getting worse by the month. He’s done 4, 4 major constitutional blunders.

    Constitutional things that if he was Donald Trump the Democrats would have been calling for another impeachment just on his first major blunder and on it, they would have been correct to call for his impeachment.

    And that was his first, in his first 2 months in office by opening the border. He swears an oath to protect the country and that is not protecting the country. They’re letting in people without even vetting them just to fill up the country with as many people as they can that they think will vote for them.

    And yet we don’t see the leader of the senate saying one word about it. Mitch McConnell. And we don’t have the time for me to go there why he should be impeached and he should’ve been a long time ago. Why the people of Kentucky haven’t rose up and recalled him? Is beyond me.

    But anyway after we talked the other day about his mental health alone would have gotten any, any Republican impeached. The democrats will impeach a Republican over anything.

    And now we have come to see that there is no reasoning with this Democrat party anymore they are straight up socialist communist, jacobins. And the Republicans need to be calling for legally impeaching the entire party because they have more than enough constitutional legalities to do away with this party.”

    Transcript end.


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