And so, it’s once more that I’m left asking myself just whose side is it that these supposed Republicans, these RINOs, are really on. And it’s once again that the answer is the same as it was the last time. And, of course, the only answer, as it always is, that they’re on the side of those who remain so determined to destroy this country. They are traitors, pure and simple, and are far from deserving of their high office. Instead, they are far more deserving of nothing more than swinging from the end of a rope. These people are evil personified.

And as I have said before it’s these RINOs who continue to pose a far greater threat to our Republic than do the Democrats. They are clearly in it for themselves and prove it by their willingness to continually sellout their country as well as their fellow Americans. All of which brings to there most recent act of outright treachery. And don’t be fool by the fact that this time around it was only a few who, this time, joined with the Democrats because they likely offered only the number necessary to provide the façade of ‘bipartisanship.’ 

These people are disgusting and seem to be not the least bit concerned with how the folks back home may feel about how their elected ‘leaders’ are representing them. So why is it that Republican voters continue to elect, and to re-elect, these same RINO traitors? What do they think is to be gained? And by doing do they are the accomplices of their own demise. And nothing is going to change until ‘We the People’ take it upon ourselves and force change upon those who seem so confident that we never rise up against them. But rise up we must!  

And so it was that this time around it was a ‘Gang of Four’ Senate RINOs who chose to bail out Chuckie Schumer, on Monday, by choosing to vote to advance the nomination of Dr. Robert Califf as the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Senate voted to invoke cloture, or limit debate, to advance the confirmation of the head of the FDA for a second time. The chamber invoked cloture 49-45 after these turncoat RINOs handed to Chuckie and the Democrats enough votes to advance the ‘Creepy Joe’ nominee’s confirmation.

And it was this four that was comprised of those that we’ve come to view as the ‘usual suspects.’ It was Roy Blunt, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and of course Willard Romney who voted in favor of advancing Califf’s nomination. Califf’s nomination was controversial enough for many Democrats that Senate Democrats across the political spectrum voted against Califf. The Democrats voting against this guy included Joe Manchin, Maggie Hassan and Ed Markey. And it was Manchin who said, in speaking of ‘Dr.’ Califf, “That man is horrible.”

Mike Braun, a Republican and Manchin wrote an op-ed Monday, actually urging ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden to withdraw Califf’s nomination to lead the FDA. They said Califf has failed to address the opioid crisis and has strong ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Braun and Manchin argued that it makes “absolutely no sense to install a candidate who has already led the FDA in its most senior position but failed to address this crisis in any meaningful way.” But such sound advice is most certainly not going to be followed by neither ‘Creepy Joe’ or these RINOs.

Braun and Manchin wrote, “We need new, dedicated leadership that understands the gravity of the drug epidemic and will fight back against the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.” And then went on to write, “We need an FDA commissioner who is suited to handle the public health challenges our entire country is facing. That is not Dr. Califf.” And yet these four RINOs are of a differing opinion, for whatever reason, and took steps to insure that this man who should have never even been considered for the job he is now much closer to having,

Blunt is retiring this year. Murkowski’s seat is up. Collins is safe from Maine and Romney comes up in ’24. They’re all likely getting rich, or is it richer, off the opioids and the open border. Never a shortage of RINOs willing to lend Chucky a hand for a win. And they continue to do it because they are allowed under the guise of political independence. I would argue that if one is going to run calling oneself a ‘conservative’ then that is how they should then be expected to vote or be made to face immediate retribution by the party leadership.

Each of these scumbags should be stripped of all responsibility before then being removed from the caucus. And in the case Romney, it’s this piece of human excrement that never misses an opportunity to poke the American people in the eye. These useless RINOs are despised by both sides. Time to make the list and check it twice. Republican voters must have clear information as to who the RINO traitors are within our ranks. We will only be able to right this ship if we are united in our resolve to purge our party of this insidious rot.

I fear that America may have finally been done in by the very ones who we ourselves have elected. So many have become nothing but mind-numbed little robots, content to have the government make life’s tough decisions for them. They’re content to be mere subjects of an out-of-control government. We currently have an administration made up of criminals and corruption in our government is now rampant. We have NO real leadership in Congress, and we have traitors who have infiltrated the Republican Party. We have been sold out.

So, where is it that we go from here? Do we admit defeat even though it may already be too late to set things right? No, if nothing else we should make those who are responsible pay for their treachery, if it’s the last thing we do. We must not rollover, we must make them pay a price that is the equivalent of that which they are desperate to steal from us. They may in the end win the war, but they must be made to fight for every inch of ground gained. Because if others see us willing to fight they too may feel sufficiently inspired to join us, and victory may yet be ours.

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