Just what is it with a growing number of RINOs suffering from what can only be described as delusions of grandeur? It’s an increasing number of these so-called Republicans who all seem to see themselves as being a viable option to President Trump in 2024. Now keep in mind that President Trump has yet to declare that he even intends to run. And I must confess it was upon hearing that Larry Hogan, RINO governor of Maryland, recently mentioned that he too is contemplating a presidential run of his own, that I nearly shot the coffee I was drinking at the time, out my nose.

You see, it was during an appearance this past Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by ‘Mr. Fake News’ himself, Jake Tapper, that Hogan declared that he was “certainly” taking a look at running for president in 2024. Tapper said, “Your non-profit group, America United, released this video.” And it was in the video that Hogan said, “For those who say that is America is too divided, I would argue that we have already shown a better path forward. Let’s continue to set an example for the rest of the nation so that America can once again be a shining example to the world.”

Tapper said, “That’s a nice video. It just lacked the Hogan 2024 banner at the bottom. Are you considering a run?” Hogan said, “We put out great videos like that almost every week. That was taken from my State of the State Address last week. It is pretty well done. Like I said, I’m going to run through the tape as governor until January of next year. I’m going to continue to be a voice. I’m not going to sit back and not be involved in the issues of the day. I’ll be making a decision about 2024 after I finish this job.” Tapper said, “You’re certainly considering it?”

Hogan said, “We’ll certainly take a look at it after January of 2023.” I think we can all agree that Hogan wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell of being able to make it half way through the primary process before being chucked overboard by Republican voters. For sure, just what America needs, another east coast liberal elitist who despises working class Americans and all the values they stand for. He’d be nothing more than 2024’s version of Jeb. But you must admit that it would be pure comedy gold to watch President Trump tear him to shreds in a debate setting.

But, frankly, I don’t know who it is that he links would vote for him. He’s too far to the left for most true conservatives, too conservative for most of those on the left. And judging by the latest economic news, it’s a safe bet that the people in the middle who are now suffering from ‘Creepy Joe’s fiscal disaster will probably swing right and happily, if the opportunity presents itself. They will gladly endure a few mean tweets if it means getting back to a booming economy, paying a reasonable amount for a gallon of gas and adequately filled sore shelves. After all, what’s a few mean tweets?

Look, it’s common knowledge, in and out of Maryland, that Hogan is a RINO who clearly dislikes President Trump. President Trump’s list of accomplishments as president clearly had a positive impact on the country, and yet it’s Hogan who clearly hates President Trump. And dare I say it is for that very reason that his election chances nationally as President are essentially nil. In short, Hogan is a schmuck. My advice to him would be to just walk away, he’s clearly irrelevant to most of those in the Republican Party. Those who support President Trump and even those who don’t.

RINOs like this boob Hogan do not, and never will, understand what is really going on among those who are truly conservatives in an effort to protect our culture and our freedom from continuing to slide down the slope continually being greased by the Democrats and Leftists in our society. We certainly do not need another weak-kneed, pretend-Republican to join the ranks of the others in running for the White House. He should buy a timeshare somewhere secluded with Cheney and Kinzinger so they can then discuss all of the things ‘Republicans’ should be focusing on together.

As we get closer to the 2024 presidential election you can bet that we’re going to start seeing more and more of this, some pathetic RINO who declares himself, or herself, as being a better candidate to represent those still willing to identify as Republicans. And then after they get stomped into the dirt by President Trump if, in fact, he does decide to run, we’ll then start hearing from these very losers about how they next intend to run as a third party candidate, knowing they can’t win, and doing so only to “protect the country” by preventing President Trump’s re-election.


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