Reports are now beginning to surface that two-time loser of the presidential sweepstakes, Hitlery, will be “re-entering the political sphere,” whatever the Hell that means. I guess my only question would be, when was it, exactly, that the old cow actually left “the political sphere?” She’s never left politics and has likely been one of those involved behind the scenes pulling the strings of puppet ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden. She’s a leading member of the deep state cabal that’s still trying to destroy Donald Trump and to marginalize his supporters. So no, she never left politics. This psycho bitch has been claiming she was robbed of what was rightfully hers since 2016.

She’s been circling around, belly aching, and looking for her opportunity to run to be the first woman President of the United States of America and she’ll keep at it (because in that cold heart of hers she believes that she deserves it and was robbed in 2016) until she can’t physically or mentally continue. I can very well imagine her being guided around in a wheelchair still trying to get her deserved coronation. This just proves certain politicians don’t have any other way to earn a living. For years the Clinton’s have lied and screwed over people and countries using their ‘Foundation’ to cheat and steal money. Now she’s attempting to return to steal even more.

And apparently, her grand return will courtesy of an appearance at the New York state Democrat Convention in February. According to CNBC Hitlery will attend the convention at the Sheraton hotel in Times Square, sparking “new speculation that she could run for the nation’s highest office again.” It was some ‘source’ that told the geniuses at CNBC that Hitlery’s popularity is greater than ‘Creepy Joe’s, which really isn’t saying much in the big scheme of things, and went on to suggest that speaking at the event will be useful to her, as it puts her back in the spotlight. But spotlights tend to show one’s imperfections. Like her being a bloated, drunk, and corrupt to her core.   

And, it was this very same ‘source’ who also said, “She’s beloved by the mainstream members of the Democratic Party and her popularity is likely higher than that of President Biden. It’s good for her because it keeps her relevant and her appearance is likely meant to galvanize the party and the audience.” And just what does it say about those who continue hold this pathetic old hag in high regard? And I’m sure it goes without saying that those in the ‘fake news’ media are now doing their best to draw Hitlery into the 2024 presidential race. It was the title of a January CNN opinion piece that read, “What’s behind the Hillary Clinton ’24 talk.”

Schoen Cooperman, some former pollster for hubby ‘Slick Willy’ wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Hitlery is the Democrats’ “best option” to defeat the Republican nominee for president in 2024. And what does that say about the sad state of the Democrat party’s presidential bench when it a sorry-ass two-time loser that is described as being your party’s best chance for beating and Republican? The article claimed that Hitlery is an “experienced national figure who is younger than Mr. Biden and can offer a different approach from the disorganized and unpopular one the party is currently taking.” The Journal’s op-ed is backed up by polling.

A recent poll revealed Hitlery leads ‘Creepy Joe’ in a hypothetical 2024 presidential primary matchup (46-43 percent). But let’s face it, who is it, right now, that wouldn’t be leading ‘Creepy Joe?’ But what’s more important here is even though the old girl is more popular than the senile old goof on the White House, when she was polled against President Trump in a potential general election showdown, she had her rather sizable ass handed to her because President Trump easily crushed her by ten points. So what’s the end goal here for the Democrats, to find someone who can defeat ‘Creepy Joe,’ which ain’t all that difficult, or President Trump, if he does run.

And it House Democrat Tim Ryan who chose to hold a campaign event with Hitlery, leaving ‘Creepy Joe’ watching from the sidelines. ‘Creepy Joe’ not being asked to campaign with Democrats appears to be a growing trend. Far from “re-entering the political sphere” Hitlery should be entering her prison cell. Actually, she should have entered prison a long time ago. Yet, it has been several Democrat ‘strategists’ who have said Hitlery is literally the only viable candidate that they have left. The collapse of their party currently underway is impressive. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a political party fall apart as rapidly or badly as has the Democrat Party.

Democrats seem to be getting crazier and crazier with each passing day. All rationality and normalcy seems now to have completely disappeared from the party. There’s nothing left but the crazies. And it’s those who once upon a time at least seemed kind of normal that have now, in an effort to appease the truly crazy members of the party, become more than just a little a little crazy as well. And that so many in the party are now touting Hitlery as their last best hope for 2024 tells you much about what the Democrats think of their current crop of potential candidates, that they’re so desperate as to invite this festering bag of crap back with open arms.

But then might the mere appearance of her “reentering the political sphere” be nothing more than a ploy on her part to avoid going to prison? I’m sure all will remember the reluctance to pursue criminal charges against a presidential candidate the last time such a scenario presented itself to us. Because instead of making a third run for president she should be doing thirty years in Leavenworth. Hitlery is a repulsive, amoral, corrupt, divisive, pathologically lying lowlife. She makes my skin crawl. And I do believe her returning to the limelight can only help Republicans even with their feckless cowards and RINO snakes who deserve to be scorned.

But it’s also in the back of my mind that that nagging little voice is saying, “If they can steal the 2020 election for a demented ‘Creepy Joe’ you would think they could steal another election in 2024 for Hitlery. Corruption and those who count elections are all in the Democrats favor. And it’s little, if anything, that’s been done in the Battleground States to stop them. In PA you have a Democrat Supreme Court that will certify any corrupted election for the Democrats, and in WI they’re still dealing with harvesting and total corrupted voter rolls just as they still in AZ. Patriotic Republicans are few and far between in the states that matter, many are RINOs like McConnell.

Election Day 2016 was one of my fondest memories. The news media covered Hitlery voting that morning, and she was all bouncy and beaming and euphoric after casting her ballot. Twelve hours later she was so emotionally shattered that she even refused to appear to speak to her own, equally emotionally shattered, supporters. And if she does plan to run again in 2024, then she, being one of the most hated politicians in U.S. history, clearly fails to realize just how much of a boost her candidacy will be for the Republicans. Republicans will come out in droves. While I’d rather see her in prison, watching her fail to clinch the Presidency for a third time would be hilarious.

Hitlery only ever had one stint in elected office as a U.S. Senator from New York and that was gifted to her. Otherwise, she is a failed politician with no practical experience.  She’s been a hack and a manipulator for decades. She is profane, foul-mouthed, ill-tempered and abrasive. And those are her good points. But that said, with ‘Creepy Joe’s poll numbers on a trajectory into single digits and hurdling toward a wag-the-dog war with a military obsessed with not destroying the enemy but instead with gender operations, gender pronouns, and virus shots, Hitlery’s return to politics may be more about installing her in office, than her being elected to it.

And finally, I am not holding my breath that Hiltery is ever going to be held accountable for any of her many crimes. From her willful mishandling of classified information to her backing of a false narrative against a presidential candidate by spreading lies of Russian collusion to her purposeful deleting 30,000 emails and bleach-biting her hard drives. Or will she even be held accountable for smashing her blackberries with hammers, failing to respond to an attack on an American ambassador or operating a pay to play scheme while pretending to be our secretary of state and fronting for the Clinton Foundation. She still has her stay out of jail free card.


  1. If she does run again for the Oval Office my gut tells me they will pull out all the stops, leave no cheating stone, un-turned. And she will beat President Trump,
    & Co.

    Or, who ever else just so happens to be running on the Republican ticket. And I don’t mean just win. If it is President Trump that she’s up against my gut tells me that they will not only want to beat President Trump but beat him so bad, that the number will be astronomical.

    Beat him slap into, The literal political—ground. So I’m talking a win by 15 to 20 MILLION. Regardless of how many votes our side gets. And, I am being dead 💀 ass- seriously-serious.


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