If you happen to be someone who spends any amount of your time watching any of the many clowns who have as their job today the spewing of ‘fake news,’ you really have to marvel at just how they continue to take themselves so very seriously, and, for that matter, think that we should take them seriously too. And while it’s seldom that any of them provide us with anything that is even remotely useful, or relevant, there is, and quite by accident, a certain level of entertainment value provided to those who may, for whatever reason, have chosen to tune in to watch.    

And so, I think it’s fair to say that the current state of our so-called ‘news’ media, as well as the state of modern day ‘journalism’ as a whole is, is pretty pathetic. It’s not a single day that goes by that these people, and by their own hand, don’t make it clear to anyone with even half a brain that they are simply no longer worth watching and/or listening to, especially when it comes to Donald Trump. They are so scared of President Trump they will do or say anything in an effort to keep him out of the White House. And yet, they’re quite content with our current demented *president.

Case in point would be a guy described as being a MSDNC ‘contributor,’ Jason Johnson. Here’s another guy who should cause us all to question just what it is that qualifies one to be ‘teaching’ students in any of our institutions of higher learning. I can only guess that it must be because of his skin color because it certainly is not because of his intellect. And I only say that because it was just this past Wednesday during an episode of MSDNC’s “Deadline” that this genius claimed that President Trump was such a “direct danger to American democracy” he had to be “jailed.”

You see, it was this buffoon, Johnson, who said, “I’m teaching a media literacy class to my students at Morgan State University. The level of cynicism that young people have towards the media, and then you mix that with old folks or older folks who have decided that there’s only one place they want to listen to, it’s hard for anyone to be an arbiter of truth, justice and common sense at this particular point. That’s one of the reasons why I have concerns as to whether or not the January 6 committee can be effective in presenting their case to the American public.”

And he continued, saying, “We know there are 30% of the population that doesn’t care. They don’t care what the facts are. They just want Donald Trump in office. At this point, I don’t care if he’s found guilty of treason if he’s found guilty for violating records. I don’t care if they find he has a Blockbuster VHS tape from 1998 that he never returned and owes $100 million and has to go to jail. I don’t care. The fact of the matter is the guy has been so obvious about being a direct danger to American democracy that he has to be jailed. He has to be punished.” Punished? Seriously?

You really do have to wonder if he actually believes any of the gibberish that comes out of his mouth. What passes as ‘news’ today is nothing more that pure propaganda. And if he truly does believe what he’s saying, why is it that he’s on a supposed ‘news’ network and not in a padded room in his friendly neighborhood nuthouse? All of these people have now, and quite literally, gone off the deep end. Also, just how is it that someone advocating the throwing into prison an American citizen without a trial or, for that matter, even a crime gets to teach at Morgan State University?

This clown wouldn’t recognize the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the ass. It’s more than a little baffling to me that these people can look back at all that President Trump accomplished in just four years, despite the numerous obstacles that were placed in his way, and claim what we now have is so much better. Because what we now have as our *president is a man who rarely knows where he is or even what year it is. But that’s ok because he was, and still is their guy. And it was they who played a very big role in putting this demented old fool into office in the first place.

And jailed for what, exactly? These ‘fake news’ media pukes are ridiculous. They thought they had gotten rid of President Trump. Now they’re again being made to watch as he pulls in 50,000+ crowds and raises hundreds of millions in donations. They’re nervous about his coming media company and its potential to pull millions of people away from the fake media. Their worst nightmare is a much more politically experienced Donald Trump back in the White House. They’re so worried about Donald Trump that they’re now pushing this new ‘media cartel’ act to blockade him.

Donald Trump was the best President this country has had in a very long time. And the loons in the ‘fake news’ media know it and so they’re ramping up ever more desperate maniacal claims. President Trump’s success was the catalyst to prod the left into exposing their evil hold on America and it is a monumental miscalculation on their part to think that the left’s abusive hold the public will rally the people to aid their terrorist causes. It’s past time to cleanse our government of the moral corruption the Democrats embrace as a way of day-to-day life and at our expense.

The Democrats, with the help of more than a few RINOs, threw everything they had at President Trump and it was still that they had to cheat in order to ‘defeat’ him. And now we’ll have four years of ‘Creepy Joe’ and ‘The Ho’ hanging around their necks. And we all know how it was that we came to be in this mess. They cheered on ‘Creepy Joe’ for over a year as he’s thrown open our southern border, doubled the price of a gallon of gas and made possible a rate of inflation not seen since the days of Jimmy Carter. And yet they would have us believe he better than President Trump.

President Trump represents a serious threat to the DC power structure and the status quo, and he’s willing to fight despite the odds. So therefore, he must be destroyed. Their strategy is to destroy President Trump and to send a very clear message to other political outsiders who may be foolish enough to try the same thing. The Left’s definition of democracy is having Democrats in control of the government, the media and our educational system. Hence the reason why they keep saying “Trump puts our democracy in danger!” They never accept that their policies are failures.

I’ve watched Donald Trump for seven years now and he’s been called every name in the book. The worst thing President Trump is, is a little full of himself, but how many billionaires do you know who aren’t. But the last I time checked that ain’t a crime! For four years the media, the Democrats and the RINOs brought all their power to bare to bring the man down, and not once did they have a shred of evidence he was remotely guilty of anything!! They all hate him because he shines a light on their lies, hypocrisy and corruption! Donald Trump has been a breath of fresh air for Democracy!



  1. And here is another article that is so full, so totally full of out-right TRUTH’S!!! ‘ I couldn’t agree more with this entire article & every single word in it. And what you had to say about Donald Trump being so, “full of himself”.

    and you backed it up with, “How many Billionaires are not?” I will go even a little bit farther in say this about that statement.

    “ how many men that have made something of themselves, reached positions of GM = GENERAL MANAGER, DIVISION MANAGER, REGIONAL MANAGER,

    (Like me for example.) how many of us are not full of ourselves a little bit that have reached these positions that I just listed? How many? Not many I say.

    Not many. Sure we have an ego to a certain degree. And yes sometimes with some of these men the ego is too big. But, even then we mean well. We want the best for folks and we want them to raise there standards.

    Here is something that I RAIL-ABOUT!! MY OWN RACE!! THE WHITE RACE!!!
    My race has fallen down so much. Far to many look like shit. LOOK FLAT-OUT
    FRIGGING HORRIBLE!!! tattoos up one side down the other! Flames tattooed on their necks, and the words “mother-fucker” on there arm or both-arms.

    Yes I’ve seen this. And, SO-OVER-WEIGHT!! So many look flat out disgusting compared to the way we looked just a generation ago. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO US!!

    The average white guy could not win a fight with the average black guy!!!! They would beat our “collective-asses!!”. The gym I go to, and you can take my word for this because I’ve counted many times when I went inside. For every white guy that is inside working out, bettering themselves, for every white guy there is 3 black men.

    And nearly all,of them, are already in good shape. And, so many white guys wonder why our white women go for so many black men. They wonder why. Yes I find it disgusting myself but we brought it on ourselves!!!!!! The white male race brought it on ourselves!!!

    So many have gave up!! Gave up in life!! so many white men look like white-trash, sound like white-trash. It disgust me to-no-end, to see what has happened to my own race!!!!! my father started noticing it himself before he died and it pissed him off to no-end. Yes, a-lot of it is left over from the piece of shit 60s.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, my generation baby boomers, we have nothing to be proud of. John F Kennedy had no idea what would happen to our nation when he said the torch is passed from one generation to another. We inherited this Nation my parents generation worked for, many died for, and what did we do with that AMERICA?

    We bankrupted it! We completely screwed it up!!! Morally, ethically, financially. We bankrupted it, in all areas!!! We have nothing, nothing to be proud of. And that is when we need to find our grit. Our grit about ourselves. “ i’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself and realize that I’ve been part of the problem and I’m going to do something about it starting today.

    I’m going to change myself 1st!!! I am going to make myself better and then make my country better and I’m going to build up, hold up my race. I AM GOING TO BE A PROUD WHITE MAN!! AND NOT GIVE A SHIT, IF SOMEONE CALLS ME RACIST! Because the truth, is the truth. THE WHITE RACE IS THE BEST RACE.

    Our race has invented more and accomplished more than any other race in history. We, Our race, does know how to live civilized and not prey on one another, like so many other races do. We, Get preyed on. We, do not prey on other races.

    Have we made some mistakes? Yes. We have. But that is in the past and we can’t do anything about that and we are not going to spend years apologizing. and we don’t believe in reparations.

    Our race has put trillions in tax money into the black race. And if it wasn’t for the party that they have voted for, for years!!! They would be far far better off. We no longer have to do anything for them and we’re not gonna take a damn knee, FOR THEM!!! We have done more than enough, For the black race!!


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