As I have said before, I’ve never been a guy to put all my eggs in one basket or to count my chickens before they’re hatched. And that’s even more the case when it comes to Republicans who have long had the uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. So when I recently read that the Republicans had managed to outraise the Democrats in 2021 it was for me, at least, kind of a ho-hum moment. And while, I suppose, it’s all well and good that, at least at this point, that does seem to be the case, we all know that by election time the Democrats will have access to what will undoubtedly be millions of dollars in ‘dark money.’

As I said, the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised slightly more money than its Democrat counterpart in 2021, according to data recently released. In December, the RNC raised $11.3 million, bringing its annual total up to $158.6, that according to Fox News. Now on the other hand, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) brought in $10.7 million in fundraising in December, bringing its 2021 total to over $157 million. Despite the RNC outpacing the DNC’s 2021 fundraising numbers, the Democrats went into 2022 with more cash on hand. The DNC reported $65 million cash on hand at the end of the year, compared to the RNC’s $56.3 million.

And, obviously, the Republicans are hoping that the fundraising momentum will continue into the new year, with the increasingly important midterm elections taking place this November. We’re told that the Democrats have their back to the wall defending their razor-thin majorities in the House and Senate and that Republicans only need five seats to flip control of the House and just one seat to regain the Senate majority. History is on the Republican’s side, as the party in control of the presidency tends to perform poorly during midterm elections. And ‘Creepy Joe’ is really not much help as his approval rating continues to plummet to new lows.

And it was RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who I trust no further than I could throw her, who told Fox News the fundraising numbers prove “Biden and Democrats are failing, and Americans are turning towards the Republican Party’s proven agenda.” She argued that holding Biden and the Democrats accountable “is building the infrastructure to take back the House and Senate in 2022.” Personally, I don’t think the fundraising numbers tells us anything of the sort. And to be perfect blunt, I’ve come to believe very little of anything that this woman says. And as far as I’m concerned, she is clearly unfit for the job she currently holds. 

First of all, the Democrats have what can be safely considered as being nothing less than a massive cash generating machine in the form of dark money, PACs, free media, crony corporate support and more. And until the Republican Party purges from within its ranks its many country club idiots and chooses to fully embrace President Trump’s strategy and tactics, they will continue to be the underdogs. And, sadly, maybe that’s what many in the party may actually want, to continually play second-fiddle and to the freedom to claim you want to do want conservative elected you to do, but gosh darn it, you just can’t because you’re not actually running things. 

Second of all, it likely won’t be a ‘Red Wave’ if those on our side don’t have the guts to stop the Democrat from continuing to cheat. And it likely won’t be a ‘Red Wave’ if Red States continue to give more districts to the Democrats during this latest round of redistricting. And it likely won’t be a ‘Red Wave’ if we’re not smart enough to do simple things like, you know, not reporting the vote totals of Republican precincts until the Democrat cities have reported their final totals. Even now, I have no doubt that the Democrats are planning how to steal the midterms and claim they have a mandate. The only question is, what our side is going to do about it!

The RINOs & Co., headed up by McDaniel, McConnell, and McCarthy, run the Republican Party because they raise the most money from the big money donors, not because they, in any way, best represent the interests of Republican voters. IF the Republicans are able to regain power, it will still likely continue to be those SAGA (Surrender and Go Along) politicians who will continue to block everything they can regarding what President Trump’s ‘America First’ concept stands for. They will only work to make it look accidental whenever they fumble the ball, throw an interception, or call time out just as they are about to ‘score.’

‘America First’ is what America needs. We need a government that actually serves the people and not the politicians and their donors! President Trump is turning the Republican Party into the America First Party, with freedom and prosperity for all regardless of race, gender or sexual persuasion. All that really remains in doubt, is will he have enough time to get it done.  He’s endorsing ‘America First’ candidates for both the House and Senate, but people will need to vote for them. Hopefully when he’s elected in 2024, he will have a core of supporters in Congress that the RNC doesn’t control. Either that or our country continues to get worse.

And let’s be honest, it’s any Republican that continues to give money directly to the RNC is doing so only because they are intellectually lazy and as a result they don’t understand how corrupt the RNC has come to be. I cannot remember the last time I sent them any money, these days I give only to specific candidates. NO MORE money for the RNC. If you like President Trump, Ron DeSantis or whomever, donate directly to their campaign and eliminate the middleman (RNC) who supports only RINOs. Republican leadership betrayed President Trump and his supporters in the last election and they continue to exhibit SPINELESS behavior on so many issues.

Make no mistake, are now very hard at work setting the stage for a huge financial and economic debacle. Stoking demand with mega-spending and Fed over-laxness while strangling energy production. Debt up. Inflation up. Demand up. Energy supply down. What could possibly go wrong? I fear we now have something similar looming just over the horizon. Look for Democrats to blame their mess on the Republicans as is usually the case and then demand electoral REWARD for doing nothing more than making promises to fix the mess they created. I hope the public is wiser than that this time around. Fool them once…fool them twice…well, you know how it ends.

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