Much in the same manner as a musician attempts to stretch a ‘career’ out of what was their one hit, or actor who does his, or her, best to pose as a superstar after being the fluke recipient of some silly award, we have Carl Bernstein, that mediocre, at best, ‘journalist’ in the twilight of a life, that too has been pretty mediocre, doing his best to garner for himself some semblance of relevance. And just what does this clown view as being the best way for him to do that, and to get people to listen to him? Well, it’s by doing what it is that he does best. And it was Bernstein who again recently let loose with a string of baseless attacks directed at President Trump.

It was our one hit wonder, Bernstein, who stopped by to pay a visit to those hapless hags of ABC’s ‘The View’ this past Friday and wasted precious little time in getting to one of the more favorite topics of this cadre of pathetic, and borderline obese losers, which is of course, President Trump. You see, it was according to Bernstein, in yet another attempt to relive his glory days of old, that President Trump’s “big lie” that he won the 2020 presidential election is “far worse” than former President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal. What was heard was nothing more than mindless ramblings of a man who’s realized his fifteen minutes of fame long ago evaporated.

Anyway, it was during his visit with the Hags that Bernstein said, “This is far worse than Watergate. Let’s look at a couple of aspects of it. First of all, Richard Nixon was a criminal president of the United States who undermined the electoral system in this country just as Donald Trump has sought to undermine the electoral system in this country, but Trump has sought to do it in a much worse way. He tried to stage a coup so he would not leave office. He has told this big lie about what happened in the election.” He continued, “But more than that, we also have a situation in which we have in Trump the first seditious president of the United States.”

He said, “He has sought, you know, to bring about an insurrection to keep him in office. Whatever you say about Richard Nixon and his criminality, he left office peaceably. He allowed the peaceful transfer of power, which Trump hasn’t when he staged his coup.” Bernstein added, “But more than that, we have the fact that courageous Republicans forced Richard Nixon to resign. They voted for articles of impeachment. He was convicted in the Senate because Republicans were willing to convict him for his crimes. Compare that to Donald Trump, his crimes, his constitutional crimes, and what the Republicans in the Senate have done.”

He continued, “They have acquitted him twice. And we now have instead of a Republican Party committed to the rules of law and constitutional order. It has fallen to a kind of obeisance to Trumpism and its excesses.” All of which begs the question, when is this pathetic irrelevant little twerp finally going to quit riding the coattails of his past Watergate ‘glory’ days? What President Nixon did was clearly no worse than anything that FDR, JFK, or LBJ did, he simply had the misfortune of getting caught and then tried to cover it up. Everything we hear from the ‘fake news’ is Watergate on steroids, and yet we hear nothing of the corruption perpetrated by Democrats!

These boobs remain desperate in their attempt to prop up he who is the worse president in the history of our country and apparently think the best way for them to do that is to go after his predecessor? Seriously? President Trump has been out of office for over a year now, and we have ‘Creepy Joe & Co. busily running America into the ground and the only thing this loser can talk about is trashing President Trump and those of us who continue to support him. These are nothing but the mindless ramblings of a man who’s realized his fifteen minutes were up a long time ago and in his attempt to turn back the clock he has become increasingly unhinged!

Bernstein, the one hit wonder whose only song is ‘Watergate’ that no one’s listening to anymore. Nixon lied, but nobody died. And an industry was born within the media. LBJ lied, and more than 58,000 Americans died and the media fawned over him for ‘voting rights,’ sound familiar? And it’s only those like these hags on ‘The View’ who still bother to listen to this geriatric bobble headed shelf ornament. And his continuing to babble on about President Trump in all manner of wildly incoherent disaster scenarios really has grown rather tiresome. And he’s only succeeded in making himself less credible on an issue he is desperate for people to believe.  

Obviously, Bernstein is still living in the 1970’s and has convinced himself that he remains relevant in today’s political environment. But the ‘big lie,’ that ‘Creepy Joe’ was actually able to convince 81 million Americans to vote for him, and is far worse than Watergate. This one trick pony lunatic ought to be committed to the same asylum as ‘Creepy Joe’ as both relics of the 1970s! Bernstein is a has-been looking to be relevant, so his smears President Trump get more bizarre by the week. Bernstein needs help, professional help. He’s becoming a danger to both himself and all those around him. President Trump has broken him and so many others of his ilk.

Bernstein reminds me of that guy at the high school reunion whose best day was the winning touchdown he scored in the big game back in the good old days and that’s all he talks about because his life has been nothing since. Someone really should tell Bernstein that no one, again except perhaps those like the Hags of ‘The View,’ really cares about his only accomplishment that happened roughly 50 years ago. Bernstein is a disgrace to his supposed profession of ‘journalism.’ Constantly trying to reconstitute his glory days of Watergate. But the sad truth is that he has accomplished nothing more than to become a parody of himself. So predictable and irrelevant.

Finally, when it comes to President Trump it’s everything that must be described as being worse than Watergate, except, of course, for those things that truly are worse than Watergate. Such as a southern border that’s out of control, rapidly rising inflation, rapidly escalating energy costs, increasingly empty store shelves, the stealing of a presidential election and so much more! But we’re told that it’s none of those things that are anywhere near as important as making sure the Donald Trump is never again permitted to walk through the door of the White House. And it’s only after that has been accomplished can we spend time addressing any of those other issues.



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