I’m thinking that the good senator from West Virginia just might be suffering from a pretty wicked case of political whiplash after having completed a pretty significant 180-degree turnabout over the course of about 48 hours regarding whether or not whomever it is that ‘Creepy Joe’ nominates to the Supreme Court might be worthy of being rubberstamped. Because while on Wednesday Manchin declared that there should be no rummer stamp for any nominee put forward by ‘Creepy Joe,’ it was the very next day that he seemed to be saying something very much different. While begs the question, was he simply lying on Wednesday, or did someone perhaps get to him?

Either way, Manchin again makes it very clear that he most certainly is not the ‘moderate’ that so many in our ‘fake news’ media like to paint him as being. He’s simply confirmed what many of us have always known, that he is nothing more than your average garden variety liar. And he’s again made it clear just whose side it is that he’s on, and it ain’t the side of the good folks of West Virginia who overwhelmingly supported President Trump. He’s clearly on the side of Chuckie Schumer and the Democrat Party. Because, as I said, it was on Thursday that he sounded very much like a guy about to take part in the act of being a ‘rubberstamp.’

It was during an interview with West Virginia MetroNews’ “Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval” on Thursday, that Manchin said he wouldn’t be bothered if *president ‘Creepy Joe’s nominee to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was more liberal, or much more liberal than he is as long as they are “sound in their thought process, has been sound in their disbursement of justice and the rule of law,” and have the right disposition to be on the Supreme Court. But it’s to my way of thinking that one cannot be a liberal and at the same time be “sound in their thought process”. Democrats are, by definition, psychologically impaired.

Liberals, regardless of the color of their skin, or their gender, are definitely NOT sound in their thought process, sound in their disbursement of justice and the rule of law. Look no further than Sonya Sotomayor when she recently made the blatantly idiotic and patently untrue claim that, “There are 100,000 children in the hospital right now with COVID and most on respirators!” What a complete MORON!! And where in the HELL did she come up with that number? There’s actually roughly 4,000 children in the hospital with COVID (not 100,000) and the number on respirators is UNKNOWN because that statistic is one that no one bothers to keep.

Anyway, it was Manchin who said, “Well, first of all, it’s not going to change the makeup of the court. The court right now is pretty much a 6-3 court. So, no matter what the philosophical beliefs of this person may be, that’s not going to change the decisions or the makeup of it. What you want is someone, forget the philosophical beliefs they may have, it’s basically how they have dispersed justice, their record, have they been outspoken, have they been fair, things of that sort, and do they have the disposition? The main thing about a Supreme Court justice being the highest court in the land, are they able to get along with the other eight justices?”

And he said, “Sit down, even though you might disagree, do you do it in a professional, civil way, coming to a conclusion? This is what we look for in all of our justices, but especially the Supreme Court, do they have the disposition to be able to work with their fellow justices to make good judgment and be able to disperse and use the rule of law as your guide. And that’s what I’m looking for.” And it was host Hoppy Kercheval that then asked, “So, Senator, it would not bother you, it would not be a — it would not bother you if the nominee was more liberal or far more liberal than you?” Manchin responded, “Well, it’s not too hard to get more liberal than me.”

Before then going on to say, “So, it would not bother me having a person who was sound in their thought process, has been sound in their disbursement of justice and the rule of law, just because of their personal beliefs.” Manchin’s constituents are 90 percent white! I wonder, does it bother him that no white person is being considered and that these stone-cold racists in the White House are using skin color and genitalia as the sole criteria for who gets interviewed?? Manchin will vote for whomever ‘Creepy Joe’ nominee who will likely be confirmed in record time. There’s really nothing much that the Republicans can, or will, do to bog down the process.

As I mentioned, it certainly didn’t take very long for Manchin to turn back into your typical liberal. I can’t help but wonder if the folks back home are paying attention. Likely not, as he seems to do just enough to keep those same folks convinced that he’s worthy of getting re-elected. That’s what career politicians always do. And there are usually just enough RINOs voting with the Democrats to allow certain players in the Democrat Party to, at least, appear tough on the important issues. RINOs are far more disgusting than the Democrats because they are backstabbing traitors to their party. Manchin is one happy to take advantage of the cover provided by the RINOs.

Anyone to the left of him has never really bothered Manchin. And while he pretends to be a ‘moderate,’ playing up to his base back in West Virginia, he always ends up voting exactly how Chuckie Schumer tells him to, with very few exceptions. He’s another of those who expose the myth that there remains in American politics today that ever elusive creature, the ‘moderate’ Democrat. How many times must it be said that this guy is not now, nor has he ever been, a ‘moderate.’ Manchin is a Democrat and votes like a Democrat 99 percent of the time because that’s what Democrats do. So can we finally stop with the I wish he’d switch to being a Republican crap?

It’s when selecting any individual to sit on the bench that the only thing that should matter is that person’s ability to interpret the Constitution as it is written, not how they might wish that it had been written. Our justices regardless of the court they are selected to sit upon are not supposed to be biased. It’s all about the Constitution. If the person nominated has a clear bias in their past decisions, then they are not fit to sit on the bench and shouldn’t even be considered, let alone confirmed. But such is not the criteria looked for by the Democrats. They search out those individuals who possess a willingness to read things into the Constitution that simply are not there.

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