Common sense tells us all, at least those of us blessed with any amount of common sense, that once something, or someone, has outlived it’s, or their, usefulness the time as come to simply get rid of it, or of them. Which, of course, brings me to Mitch McConnell, a guy who long ago outlived his usefulness, if in fact he was ever actually useful to begin with. But that hasn’t prevented McConnell from making it clear that he intends to again run to keep his current leadership position in the Senate. Sadly, I cannot remember a time when I was actually glad that Mitch was our guy in the Senate. But I have no doubt that the Democrats were certainly glad that he was.  

McConnell has braced himself against those ‘America First’ Republicans who oppose renewing his Senate leadership position after the 2022 midterms. While at least two Republican Senate candidates have publicly stated they will oppose McConnell’s leadership bid in the new Congress, McConnell told CNN, on Tuesday, that he will wait to “see what happens” after the midterms before crowning himself leader. If he is selected to lead the Senate Republicans in 2023, he would go down in history as the longest-serving Senate party leader. But opposition has now mounted against McConnell from ‘America First’ Senate candidates in both Missouri and Alaska.

Missouri candidate Eric Greitens and Trump-backed Alaskan candidate Kelly Tshibaka have now both declared that they would not support McConnell for Republican leader if they win in November. Though McConnell has not yet actively fought Greitens with his PAC money, he was vocal about his support for Tshibaka’s opponent, RINO Lisa Murkowski. She, you’ll remember, voted to impeach President Trump and enabled ‘Creepy Joe’s radical agenda multiple times with McConnell in 2021. And he bragged to CNN about supporting Murkowski saying, “We’re going to be all in Alaska helping Lisa, and that’s one place where the former President and I have a disagreement.”

McConnell added, “All I’ll say about Missouri at this point is we’re keeping our eye on it. Missouri is potentially challenging depending on the outcome in the primary.” Not many ‘America First’ Senate candidates have said outright that they’d vote against McConnell, perhaps hoping to avoid McConnell’s PAC opposition in a Republican primary. But other Republicans have voiced frustration that during McConnell’s tenure, the nation has not fared all that well. Throughout McConnell’s ‘leadership,’ the national debt has ballooned by $20 billion, illegal immigration has continued, real wages for American workers remained stagnant and Obamacare was enacted in 2010.

And it was also during the tenure of our limp-wristed RINO, McConnell, that big banks were bailed out in 2008, social media companies have worked to silence individuals without fear of repercussions and Tony Fauci has yet to be held accountable for lying twice to Congress. It was a December poll that revealed McConnell’s approval rating among Republicans was 41 percent, while President Trump’s, the leader of the ‘America First’ movement, was more than double that at 83 percent. Overall, McConnell’s interview with CNN conveyed he does not oppose ‘America First’ candidates in Nevada and Georgia. But you can’t believe him, he lies like a Democrat.

McConnell’s jelly spine and desire for Communist Chinese cash are the reason we are where we are in this country; and why it is that we never get the pro-America change we demand whenever we hand Republicans control of Congress. There’s simply too many RINOs! IF the Republicans are able to recapture control of the Senate, they’re going to need an entirely new leadership team in the Senate comprised of genuine conservatives. We need conservative fighters, those who will call this criminal cabal in our White House in front of Congress for continuous criminal investigations for the remainder of this the single most fraudulent *presidency in our nation’s history.

McConnell is way too cozy with the Democrats, always willing to lend them a hand whenever needed allowing them the ability to move their anti-America agenda forward while hanging conservatives out to dry. Say what you will about ‘Dingy Harry’ Reid but he was a guy who acted in the best interests of his party, even though it meant acting against the best interests of the American people. Mitch is a feckless traitor who would not have won re-election without President Trump’s endorsement, yet he once again betrays him by supporting the RINO Murkowski. Mitch needs to go, it’s just that simple. He is no longer connected to the base of the Republican Party.

McConnell has long been out of touch with conservatives in this country and with the Constitution. And yet he continually gets returned to his leadership position by those who know better, but who are out for themselves. He continually undercut President Trump because President Trump showed the nation what a miserable bunch of lazy good for nothings our congressional Republicans truly are. President Trump did more for the country, in his first three years in office, than our cadre of RINOs, led by McConnell, had done in decades. He showed them up, as the good for nothings that they truly were, are and will always be if we don’t get rid of them.

And now it’s not until McConnell is removed from his leadership role in the Senate and McCarthy is removed from his in the House with both being replaced by REAL conservatives, will we have a chance to rebuild our once great nation. President Trump made some mistakes but, in my opinion, not demanding a change in leadership in Congress when first elected was his biggest and most damaging. Both McConnell and Ryan should have been sent to the bleachers. Both were corrupt, immoral career politicians who did everything in their power to thwart President Trump and his policies. McConnell may have an ‘R’ after his name but he’s no better than Pelosi.

With all of the positive things that the Republicans we can run on, McConnell chooses not to articulate any of them. McConnell has never embraced the ‘America First’ agenda, and during President Trump term did nothing but to assist the Democrats in setting up roadblocks to it. He never supported the plan to America being energy independent. He stands only for the status quo! He’s simply another of those ‘Republicans’ who claim to be a conservative while working on the inside for the Democrats. Mitch is a RINO, which makes him worse than a Democrat! We know Democrats lie, but we expect the truth from those claiming to be on our side.

True Americans/Conservatives have had enough of McConnell and his backstabbing. We deserve a much better ‘leader.’ If he is able to remain majority/minority leader of the Senate, it will tell us much about those who chose to keep him there and will be nothing more than one more nail in the coffin of the party. We’ve had quite enough of those Republicans in the Senate who are nothing more than worthless globalist/big government RINOs only pretending to be Conservatives in order to keep their jobs and increase their own wealth. Trump or no Trump, this party is dead with McConnell in ANY leadership capacity. The purge must start with the RINOs first.


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