You’re just going to have to excuse me if I sound a bit confused. You see, it was just this past Sunday that that well-known political hack, Donna Brazile, was out trying to convince anyone within earshot that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had much to brag about after completing his first year in office, and then it’s today that I read about a recent poll that would seem to indicate, if accurate, how it’s now only 19 percent of the American people who strongly approve of the job that he’s doing. So, what’s wrong with this picture? Because clearly something certainly does not compute.

Because either old Donna is once again talking out her ass or it’s a growing number of Americans who simply don’t recognize the greatness of their *president. But what they do recognize is the fact that he’s working to destroy their country! Earlier this week a new Rasmussen poll showed the percentage of likely voters who strongly approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s performance was down three points in just two weeks to only 19 percent. And it was during ‘Creepy Joe’s press conference last week that he was asked why 49 percent of voters believe he is mentally unfit to be president.

Apparently, it’s 49 percent who also now strongly disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s *presidential performance, a 30 point differential. Overall, it was 40 percent of respondents who told Rasmussen they approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance. Fifty-nine percent said they disapprove, a 19 point differential. Personally, I view anyone who approves of the job that he’s doing as living proof of that old adage that says, “You can’t fix stupid!” It was before his rather badly botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, that 49 percent approved of ‘Creepy Joe’ and 49 percent disapproved.

‘Creepy Joe’s sinking poll numbers come as 40-year high inflation has taken hold, the supply chain continues to be badly broken, and the ‘Chinese virus’ has continued to do damage to the labor market. Last week, ‘Creepy Joe’ attempted to pivot away from domestic struggles and towards international matters. But his polling on foreign policy is not much better than his overall approval rating. Just 37 percent approve of ‘Creepy Joe’s management, or dare I say mismanagement of foreign affairs, while 54 percent disapprove. Everything this guy has touched has now turned to shit!

And keep in mind here that ‘Creepy Joe’s approval numbers remain in the toilet despite the ENTIRE ‘fake news’ media machine trying as hard as they can to prop him up. But Americans are simply not buying it. It would seem that they trust and believe those in the media even less than they trust and believe ‘Creepy Joe.’ And it’s rather so tragic that so many Democrat voters have to be physically separated from their money and their freedom before they begin to understand. They’re like children who have to touch a hot stove rather than simply be warned that the stove is hot.

And I very much doubt his strong disapproval is any less than 80 percent. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a senile old man and a pathological liar. And on top of all of that he’s a fraud who came nowhere near to winning the 2020 election. And yet, we continue to have those who are supposed to be on our side, like Willard Romney, who say ‘Creepy Joe’ is an honorable man and able to be taken at his word. And there remains to this day that we have far too many in the Republican Party who want us to think that ‘Creepy Joe’ got 81 million votes and that there is no evidence of any kind of election fraud.

We simply cannot continue like this for three more years. The so-called ‘thinking’ behind those who are willing to put up with this for three more years is ridiculous. To let it go on even one more day is sick. It’s DYSFUNCTIONAL. It is crazy. All because we must “respect the election,” respect “democracy,” and “work together.” It’s this sort of INSANITY that’s at the center of this lunacy. Our country is in the middle of a huge national EMERGENCY in that the current ‘administration’ is working to destroy it. And not enough see the urgency in stopping them. Dysfunction at its most dangerous.

While I’m not surprised by the poll numbers, that doesn’t put food on the table. There’s going to be so much more suffering before this guy is finally gone, one way or the other. ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats are systematically trying to destroy America from within while selling out Americans to our foreign enemies. ‘Creepy Joe’ is shaping to be the worst *president this country has ever had, backed up by the worst Congress ever. It’s been everything that they have passed or touched that has made America, and her people, worse off. The proof is as obvious as it is everywhere.

The man’s incompetence has reached a level that now makes him a danger to the country and the free world. The utter lack of foresight combined with the total lack of intellect is the cause. When feelings matter more than facts it means we are being led and controlled by an elitist group of ideologues who are the equivalent to a bunch of teenagers. ‘Creepy Joe’ is a bought and paid for traitor to this country. Everything he does weakens our people and our country as a whole. Truthfully, he is doing a great job destroying America, which is why the election was stolen to begin with.

Everyone knows the ‘Creepy Joe’ has the mental capacity of a head of lettuce. But it’s courtesy of this same poll that we now know that roughly one fifth of those who now populate our country seem to be operating with the very same handicap? Voting for ‘Creepy Joe’ is really just about as insanely psychotic as voting for Hitlery. But I’m not sure that even Hitlery could have done so much damage to the country quite as quickly as ‘Creepy Joe’ has managed to do. ‘Creepy Joe’ has done one Hell of a job in that department. And apparently it’s 40 percent of us who really don’t seem to care.




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