I suspect that one tends to think of oneself as being rather special when one is given the ‘freedom’ to lie about absolutely anything and to never have those lies challenged by those who’s job is to do just that. And such is the relationship between those in today’s ‘fake news’ media and the lying, rabidly leftwing, America-hating Democrats. Democrats, or so it would appear, are routinely given a platform from which to spew their lies confident in knowing that they will never be asked, by any of our esteemed ‘journalists’ to justify their lies in any meaningful way. Hence there’s no real need for them to ever worry about trying to keep straight all of the many lies that they tell.

Take for example the recent appearance of Donna Brazile with Martha Raddatz, someone described as being a ‘journalist,’ on this past Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week.” You see, it was then that supposed Democrat ‘strategist,’ Donna Brazile added to what has become her very impressive list of whoppers when she said, and with a straight face, that *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden had “a lot to brag about” after his first year in office. It was Ms. Brazile, you’ll remember, back when she was a ‘commentator’ on CNN, who shared topics for a CNN town hall with Hiterly’s campaign. It’s hilarious how these people just rotate from one network to the next.

Keep in mind that this is the ABC network, not known for reporting the truth, so this is about all we should expect. Then there’s guest Donna Brazile, a paid contributor and a Democrat hack never lauded for her honesty, integrity or for being truthful. As your typical Democrat, Brazile lies, lies and then lies some more. She never actually answers a question, she simply repeats standard Democrat talking points that are just more lies. And so, what we had taking place in this little exchange was really nothing more than one propaganda hack being interviewed by another propaganda hack. And it’s a partial transcript of this idiotic conversation that follows below:

Raddatz: Donna, I want to — I want to start with you: unity, unity, unity. That is what Joe Biden talked about in his inaugural address just over a year ago. That is not what he has gotten. And this week it’s clear he’s changing course.

Brazile: There’s no question that what the president called for last year is something that we should all aspire to. We want to be a united country, especially now, given the threats that we see abroad. He also said that he wanted to reach out. He has tried and, of course, we got — the result is the bipartisan infrastructure bill. But this is an opportunity for all Americans to really rally behind the president as we try to get this virus under control, keep this economy growing, keep our schools re-opened.

Look, I think the president has a lot to brag about. And, yes, I say ‘brag,’ because for the first time in my lifetime, we have a president who is going to eliminate lead pipes, a president that is going to ensure that every child gets a head start and a healthy start. But while we’re not celebrating all of his successes, we are basically focused on the next election. And we know that that’s 289 days away. So I give him high marks for the first year. He hasn’t accomplished everything he wanted to, but by the way he’s only in the first year of a four-year term. So this is going to be a key year for President Biden.

I am curious though, what exactly is it that ‘Creepy Joe’ has to brag about? I mean, we have the highest rate of inflation in 40 years and our country is no longer energy independent. And then there’s the fact that he continues to allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood into our country in the middle of a self-inflicted ‘plandemic’ and forcing millions of American to get a ‘vaccine’ that not only doesn’t work but has some nasty side effects that are far worse than the virus that it is meant to protect us from. It’s none of these things that are anything to brag about and yet here we have this hack who is desperate to convince us all otherwise.

And for a guy who’s supposed to have so much to brag about, after a year of being in office, you’d think old ‘Creepy Joe’ would have an approval rating in the 90 percent range, and yet that doesn’t seem to be the case. And those of us outside the beltway know why. When was the last time Brazile put gas in her own car or actually made a trip to her local supermarket? Far from having much to brag about, ‘Creepy Joe’ has been a complete and utter disaster! Simply saying that ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing a bang-up job as *president doesn’t make it so. Not when real people are made to face the consequences of policies that ‘Creepy Joe’ and the Democrats have put into place.

But then, Ms. Brazile is simply doing what all political hacks do. What exactly has ‘Creepy Joe’ accomplished that has had a positive impact on this country? In just his first year in office he has: shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, killing thousands of good paying pipeline jobs, made it so America is no longer energy independent and caused gas prices to escalate. He’s allowed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens into the country before then distributing them all across the country. He surrendered to terrorist in Afghanistan, leaving Americans and $85 billion in military hardware behind. And he’s left Fauci in charge of dealing with the ‘Chinese virus’ plandemic.

Anyone who actually gives ‘Creepy Joe’ high marks for his first year of occupation is either brain-dead, patently dishonest, or both. She gets paid to lie and distract from the truth. A prostitute has more dignity and self-respect. The scary thing is that a lot of Democrat voters buy into this garbage. How is it that anyone could not know that ‘Creepy Joe’ has gone completely round the bend and is not fit to be *president. She’s not new to Washington politics where it has long been known that ‘Creepy Joe was the biggest moron in all the Senate, as well as being one of the Senate’s most corrupt members. They all just turn their heads and act as if they didn’t know.

These folks must really think the Republican and Independent voters are as stupid as are their loyal leftist voters. Why do they continue to shore up ‘Creepy Joe?’ Simple, because he does exactly what he’s told without question. He’s always been an empty suit. No matter how much destruction ‘Creepy Joe’ causes, he is accomplishing their long-term goal of taking apart our free and fair Republic from within. To Democrats, the truth is what they say it is. Fetuses are not babies, men can be women, masks can prevent covid, and on and on it goes. And if you dare to oppose their rather cockeyed way of looking at the world, then it’s you who are to be considered as the enemy!

And finally, it’s at the end of the day that all I’m really trying to say here is that we have now come to a point in our history where we have a political party in this country who’s focused is the amassing of political power and total control of the citizenry. When it comes to Democrats, they simply can no longer be trusted. Democrats hate this country, and it’s these days that they no longer even try to hide that fact. Everywhere you look it’s now become very clear that they see their mission as being one that has as it’s end goal, the bringing about of the complete collapse of this country, fiscally, socially, economically, morally and, yes, even militarily.


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