Being a TV weather ‘person’ is about the only job, other than working for the government, where you can be wrong ALL THE TIME and still not only continue to be taken seriously but also still manage to keep your job. And it’s along those very same lines that I bring up that multi-millionaire weather guy, Al Gore. It’s been for more than 40 years that Gore has been sounding the alarm about how global warming is threatening the planet and human existence, and he’s still preaching the perils of bogus ‘climate change’ and is still making millions off it. Gore’s 2006 film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ made him a wealthy man and he even won an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize, even though none of his many predictions have yet to pan out.

It was in his most recent interview with the left-wing media, which, of course, fully embraces and works very diligently to advance this cockamamie ideology, was with ‘CBS News’ and took place on Gore’s 400-acre farm located in Tennessee where he has lived during the coronavirus plandemic and where he leaves the toil to others. And it CBS News that asked Gore if people think of him as a farmer. Gore answered, “I don’t think so and truth to tell, I don’t have many calluses on my hands either.” And CBS reported, “His team handles most of the farm work, tending to the sheep and raising the animals that help fertilize the land where they are growing everything from carrots and beets to a variety of greens.”

CBS News reported that Gore’s farm is his “climate change laboratory and pointed out that “there is three times more carbon stored in the topsoil of the earth than all the trees and plants combined. By plowing less and making that soil more fertile, scientists believe that farmers could help trap massive amounts of additional planet-warming carbon emissions in the ground.” And it Gore that claimed, “There are better ways to plant.” Now, of course, it was at no time during this silly interview that Gore chose to enlighten on these “better ways to plant,” but in his defense he was never asked to provide any. But then he like knew that no such question would be asked, therefore he felt safe in making the claim.

And, of course, CBS’s rather glowing report on Gore included advancing the idiotic notion that the weather can somehow be controlled by human practices and that time is very rapidly running out for humankind. And CBS gleefully reported on how, “Gore says Mother Nature is now making the most effective argument for climate action, and he is encouraged by the rapid growth of solar and wind power and people buying electric vehicles in record numbers. But the planet is still rapidly warming as we continue to pump near-record amounts of pollution into the sky, leading scientists to declare a code red for humanity.” This despite the fact that there absolutely no seriously scientific data that backs up any of Gore’s bogus claims.

Gore said, “Job number one is to stop using the sky as an open sewer for all this man-made global warming pollution.” And, he added, “That’s what’s making the weather crazy and dangerous—leading to all of the consequences that are on the TV news almost every night now.” Gore went on to say, “A realist will tell you ‘Look, we’ve done some damage, some of it regrettably is not recoverable.’ But we go from where we are. You want to avoid tipping people into despair because some people go from denial to despair without pausing at the intermediate step of actually doing something about it.” And, of course, Gore again claimed that, “This crisis is still getting worse faster than we’re deploying the solutions!”

And Gore ended by saying, “There is a remaining question about whether we can solve it in time.” And of course, time was made available for Gore to heap all manner of idiotic praise on that little zealot of a ‘climate change’ and Swedish celebrity, Greta Thunberg. Gore said, “The more they march, the more noise they can make, the more demands they insist upon, the faster progress we’ll make. I’m a firm believer in that.” And I’m sure that he is, as he laughs all the way to bank. He’s very grateful for ‘useful idiots’ like Thunberg. After all, they’ve made him a millionaire several times over, and only serve to help him rake in millions more. And those like Thunberg are either too stupid to realize that or they’re simply in on the scam. 

It seems to have completely slipped everyone’s mind that CBS neglected to mention the fact that Gore’s home in Tennessee is the largest home in the entire state. Gore has three other large estates around the country, and all ‘pollute’ while he’s not there. His “carbon footprint” is like 64,000 times that of the average American citizen. He needs to clam up on ‘climate change.’ He’s not a man of the people, he’s a flaming leftwing kook, and elite oligarch who came from a very elite family. Anyone serious about their ‘climate change’ agenda would want an ACTUAL overall decrease in carbon, not some paper-based scheme that allows them to pump out all the carbon their lifestyle produces and to supposedly “offset” it with carbon credits.

While this sort of arrogance and hubris is not unique to the political left, people like Gore certainly demonstrate the classic symptoms. He’s a congenital liar and a fraud, and someone who won a Nobel Prize for deliberately lying about a climate graph. If Gore was to do anything before he dies to try to diminish his guilt and seek absolution before the judgement of history condemns him, he should admit the lies and the fraud, point out that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that rising CO2 causes ‘global warming’ and return the stolen Nobel. But that said it’s even the Nobel that has now become politicized to the point where it’s become absolutely worthless. For crying out loud, even ‘BO’ has one, and for what? Being black? But I digress!

And it’s Gore, along with his fellow ‘environmentalist elites’ who want to force people back into caves with no electricity, no indoor heating or plumbing, no modern medicine and/or dentistry, being forced to gather wood for cooking fires or access to any manufactured item. Meanwhile it’s they who will have multiple mansions on thousand-acre estates, fly in private jets, ride in stretch limos and motor around on luxury yachts. We see them buying oceanfront mansions for tens of millions. Common people are finally starting to question what’s really happening. It makes no sense to buy a hugely expensive mansion that will be washed away in only a few years. Could it be that it is another, “do as I say not as I do”, from the lords of green?

And finally, it’s the same ‘fake science’ on which bogus ‘climate change’ is based that’s eerily similar to the ‘science’ on which the need for these ‘vaccines’ are based. Pfizer claimed their ‘fake trial’ showed that their ‘vaccine’ was 100 percent effective at stopping this supposed serious disease. Now that they’ve been forced to release their data, we know that claim was false. We were all lied to, and lied to on purpose. But that was just the beginning, because it’s all of these vaccines that cause death significantly HIGHER in the vaccinated group than the non-vaccinated, mainly due to a much higher rate of heart attacks in the vaccinated. And yet they continue to be pushed by the same type of ‘people’ who continue peddle bogus ‘climate change.’



  1. Like anything we do on our earth even if we threw the entire kitchen sink at the problem, that’s assuming that such a problem exist to start off with. Let’s go ahead and assume that such a problem exist.

    Even if it did mankind is arrogant enough to truly believe that he has the ability to alter the environment by 1° 2° or 3° and that is going to offset any damage 100 years from now. 200 years or let’s say 500 years from now. How absurd.

    On top of that the damn Paris climate accord’s that Biden screwed up and put us back in has absolutely no teeth to hold real big time polluter’s accountable. Because it’s all 100% voluntary. But you will never convince me that what we do is going to alter the earths temperature from 1° to 3°


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