Ah yes, it’s once again that we have yet another Democrat about whom one must wonder, does he really believe the shit that comes out of his mouth? This time around it’s the very greasy looking Jamie Raskin who has represented the folks in Maryland’s 8th congressional district since 2017. But you have to wonder if it’s anyone in his party that actually believes anything they say. And you’re always left wondering just who it might be that they’re trying so hard to convince, is it themselves or is it everyone else? It was this kook Raskin, just this past Thursday in an appearance on CNN, with Andy Cooper, who came with yet another whopper.  

You see, it was then that this imbecile, Raskin, said, “I’m optimistic about the history of American democracy, that we have always moved towards being a more perfect union. There has been backsliding, there’s been reaction, there’s been resistance, but in the big picture, we move forward.” And it was from there that he continued, saying, “This is going to sound partisan, but in partisan terms, look, Hillary beat Trump by more than three million votes. Joe Biden beat him by more than seven and a half million votes, and the young people are increasingly on our side.” A Democrat putting things in partisan terms, now there’s a real shocker. NOT!

He went on to claim, “The GOP is a shrinking minority party, which is why they’re hanging on to every anti-democratic lever of power they’ve got, the gerrymandering of congressional and state legislative districts, the filibuster, the packing of Courts — all of these things are covering up for the fact that the vast majority of the people reject what they have to offer.” Once again we have a Democrat accusing Republicans of supporting exactly what he and his party supports and is trying to hard to accomplish. After all, isn’t it the Democrats who are making threats about packing the Supreme Court and seem so desperate to abolish the filibuster?

And he added, “So we’re in a titanic struggle here because it’s a race between the vast majority of the American people who want democracy to keep going forward and then a party that has positioned itself outside of the constitutional order which is attacking our elections, which is passing voter suppression statutes and which is trying to deny majority rule in the country.” If that is in fact the case, it makes you wonder why it is that they exhibit such stiff opposition to voter ID laws, opposed any and all audits of the 2020 election, why they continue to talk about stacking the Supreme Court and why do they demand that the Electoral College be done away with?

The Democrat Party is little more than a cult comprised of those who willingly follow scum, like this sleazy shit Raskin, who are nothing more side-show freaks who believe there are 57 genders and lactating men; who think babies are nothing more that blobs of tissue; who celebrate child-castration; who think that somehow ‘two-plus-two-equals-racism’ and that truth and facts are somehow tools used by white supremacists. Unless they push through their bill to set up Soviet-style rubber-stamp elections, they are dead ducks. The American Left went berserk when Donald Trump came. They revealed their depravity and perversion in nauseating detail.

And while CNN continues to claim that Hitlery won in 2016 and that ‘Creepy Joe’ somehow got 81 million votes in 2020, word now comes that the network has now lost roughly 90 percent of its viewers. People no longer believe or trust them, they’re tired of the network’s brand of so-called ‘journalism’, one that consists of nothing but anti-America, anti-religion, and anti-white ‘reporting.’ First and foremost, the only reason that networks like CNN and MSDNC, as well just about every other ‘fake news’ media exist is for the purpose of spreading Democrat propaganda. And as more and more people are finally coming to realize that, it’s fewer who are watching.

Raskin’s claim notwithstanding, it’s the Democrat Party that seems to be collapsing into smaller enclaves, balkanizing themselves into the minority while spouting the delusional nonsense that they are somehow on the rise. They’ve actually been losing more and more on the federal level for quite some time. It’s why they try and enact every authoritarian action they can when in power. The minority vote is abandoning them, the youth vote rarely turns out for them in the numbers needed. Even their own strategists have said that if the minority vote shift that has now been seen in Virginia and elsewhere continues that it spells doom for the Democrats.

Obviously, Raskin still doesn’t accept the results of the 2016 election which he challenged on the House floor in January 2017. So how come that doesn’t make Raskin a threat to democracy? Or is it only the dubious 2020 election that all must accept without question or be denounced as ‘seditionists?’ For all their bloviating about equal and fair elections, that’s the last thing Democrats want. They’re idea of fair is whatever benefits them. They seek to destroy the ability of those in flyover states to voice their opinions to the point where they might as well stay home on election night and allow those on the east and west coast to determine election outcomes.

Donald Trump got something like 63 million votes in 2016. Hitlery got 66 million. It wasn’t nationwide. She over won California, Illinois and New York by something like 3 million votes. President Trump, after a successful 4 years, despite every attempt by the Democrats and the media to destroy him won 71 million votes in 2020, more than any candidate in history including ‘BO’ in 2008 or 2012. Yet we’re expected to believe ‘Creepy Joe’ got 81 million votes after campaigning from his basement and drawing crowds of dozens to his rare public campaign appearances? Never has the maxim “It’s not who votes that counts but who counts the votes,” been more true.

Anyone is allowed freely to lie in this country because of our Constitution. Day after day leftist blowhards take advantage of that. The problem for them is that people can think and speak for themselves and counter their lies with truth. They’re hoping that enough people will believe that their lies are true, this is pure propaganda. Now we have a senile fool in the White House who openly encourages the ‘fake news’ media and all social media giants to censor Americans who dare to speak the truth. If this isn’t fascism I don’t know what is. I encourage all American patriots to keep spreading the truth and teach the real history of authoritarian regimes to the next generation.

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