Let me just say that there is absolutely no one who better slips a cog than does everyone’s favorite leftwing crackpot, Howard Dean. And as one who never seems to disappoint in that regard it was Dean who recently had yet another of his rather legendary meltdowns, brought about this time by the decision recently handed down by the Supreme Court regarding *president ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate. According to Dean the decision was nothing short of catastrophic. Meanwhile, it was most everywhere else all across the country that there was much cheering that could be heard in response to that very same decision.

It’s people like Dean who refuse to accept the fact that most smart people no longer take them seriously, and many no longer buy into their increasingly incendiary rhetoric especially when it comes to their faux sense of some impending doom. But that didn’t stop Dean, this past Thursday during an appearance on MSDNC’s “The Beat” hosted by yet another leftwing wannabe ‘journalist,’ Ari Melber, from describing the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down *president ‘Creepy Joe’s vaccine mandate for large private companies as a threat to America because millions would die. Melber asked, “Does this set back the safety of Americans today?”

And, of course, Dean was very quick to respond, saying, “It does. The disturbing thing about this, of course, is in their right-wing ideological zealotry, they have substituted their judgment for public health judgment, which they’re totally unqualified to do. They did the same in the abortion case in Mississippi, where they look like they are headed that way, where they substitute their judgment for the judgment of doctors and patients. This is an ideologically motivated court.” An “ideologically motivated court?” Seriously? Anyway, Dean continued by saying, “This situation is going to kill probably more Americans than died certainly in World War II.”

But he wasn’t through. He went on to say, “Maybe even, if we keep going at this pace, kill more Americans than died in the Civil War, which is the war that did more damage to this country than any other. The court is not helpful. They’re not using common sense.” Dean added, “The Mississippi decision, the voting rights decision, the Citizens United where corporations are now people and can put as much money as they want into political stuff and in many cases not be found out, the court is a threat to the United States of America. This is actually a threat to individual lives. There will be a great many of them, in seven figures, as a result of this.”

And so, there you have it, another fact-free rant from, leftwing loon, Howard Dean. More people died of ‘Covid’ as the country was getting vaccinated in 2021 than in 2020, and that’s not counting the huge increase in non-Covid mortality from vaccine-induced ‘coincidences’ like blood clots, heart inflammation and even some fast-spreading cancers, in younger people. While pretending to be anti-corporate, it’s Dean who is the epitome of medical fascism. And once again this is simply more projection coming from the party of slavery. You know, Democrats just can’t stand it when the people are treated as individuals with rights, instead of as slaves.

Dean was just one of many talk heads out spewing the same talking point. Obviously they all got the memo to talk about the Supreme Court making medical judgements. That’s how they’re now spinning this. And yet Dean doesn’t get anywhere near as worked up over the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants being allowed, even encouraged, to cross our southern border, most of whom are unvaccinated, and none of whom who are tested. And once here they are then sent throughout our country. And neither did he freak out over the killing of our elders in nursing homes by his buddies! Democrats and the press are the domestic enemies!

It’s none of these supposed ‘vaccines’ does a thing to protect the recipient, and they don’t keep the recipient from transmitting the virus to others. Vaccinated people contract Covid, they die from Covid, they spread Covid to others, and, adding insult to injury, they die from the side effects of these ‘vaccines.’ Exactly how is it that any of these ‘vaccines’ are beneficial? And add that to the fact that illegals don’t have to get the jab, Congress doesn’t have to get the jab, Senate doesn’t have to get the jab, Postal workers don’t have to get the jab, and yet millions are going to die if businesses don’t have to get the jab? Does that make even a lick of sense?

Anyone terrified of living in freedom and afraid of self-determination might want to consider a change of venue. And those seeking to reside in some nanny state, the U.S. is not going be the best match for you. If you truly do want to live in freedom, then you’re going to have to accept the effort that it’s going to take. If not, then there are plenty of other countries that will likely be a much better fit for those who are simply unable wrap their heads around our Constitution, the U.S. Bill of Rights and our uniquely American culture. Why be here? Democrats want a caste society with freedom and self-determination for a few and to have everyone else do the work.

Democrats have been intentionally killing people for purely political purposes. Donald Trump mentioned Hydroxychloroquine. The Democrats at that point seized on denigrating, even blocking, any and every treatment for covid – Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, etc. As a result, thousands of people have died, who could have been saved. That was to advance a political agenda. They’ve stuck with it. All of those things, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, even hydroxychloroquine, can save lives. They were, and continue to be, blocked, in order to advance a purely political narrative. Howard Dean is a much more plausible person to accuse of killing people.

Dean is a liar, but we already knew that. All of this just goes to show how power hungry these leftwing nuts are. The vaccines are proving to be ineffective, especially against the newest variant. In fact, all the vaccines accomplish is the lessening of symptoms on an individual, not slowing the spread. The federal government forcing companies to force their employees to get vaccinated is a massive overreach and borderline violates HIPAA. But the most ironic part now is the best. People were fired for not having a vaccine; yet now people can show up to the office with covid as long as they’ve been vaccinated and obeyed the shortened quarantine. It’s pure insanity.

If Dean, and those in this Democrat administration are so concerned that “millions will die,” then why do they not simply find a Constitutional way to achieve their goal? Why not go to Congress, make the necessary compromises to save the millions who they claim are supposedly doomed to death. It would seem to be worth the effort, saving millions from death. But instead, they always insist on extra-constitutional solutions. And ones that only serve to increase the power of the central government. Odd, don’t you think? Perhaps they are not really so concerned with the millions? Or perhaps Dean is spouting hysterical hog wash for political gain?

And finally, it’s according to those like Dean that the Supreme Court is a threat to America. The filibuster is a threat to voting rights. Republicans are a threat to Democracy. President Trump is a threat to all mankind. ‘Climate Change’ is a threat to the planet. Walls are a threat to our borders. Prisons are the cause and not the effect of law breaking. Our liberties are granted to us by a benevolent government. So, the Founders and every single person ever involved in making this country great, got it wrong and this bunch of leftwing loons are the only ones who can make it right? Arrogance and delusions of grandeur on parade. Ineptitude and ignorance at its best.

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