So riddle me this. How is it that in 2022 it’s the ‘entertainment’ business, regardless whether we’re talking film or music, politics, regardless of political party, but more so among Democrats, and, with very few exceptions, the field of ‘journalism,’ that all seem attract some of the most perverse, blatantly corrupt and patently dishonest individuals you will find anywhere on the entire planet. And it’s proof of that that plays out right before our eyes on a daily basis. And yet, many Americans still pay to see their movies, still buy their music, and still believe those who spew ‘fake news.’

And it’s another example of this that was provided to us courtesy of Ms. Johnson who, from her perch there on ‘The View,’ recently made the idiotic claim that blacks in 2022 are no better off than the blacks who lived back at the time of the Civil War. You see, it was Johnson, aka Whoopi, during Tuesday’s episodes of ABC’s “The View” made her claim that black people are “where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation” while discussing voting rights with, of all people, that champion of dead people everywhere when it comes to their ‘right’ to vote, Chuckie Schumer.

Johnson said, “You vowed to call a vote on major voting rights legislation in time for Martin Luther King Day next week. I just want – I want to ask you this because it’s irritating me to the nth degree. Why are we still talking about my right as an American to vote?” She added, “I still feel like suddenly black people still are where we were under the Emancipation Proclamation. What is happening? Why are we still fighting this way? What’s – what’s going to change?” And of course, Chuckie was only too happy agree, saying, “You’re 100% right, and it’s not just staying the same.”

Chuckie said, “It’s going to get worse if we don’t do something. What happened is this, Donald Trump spread the big lie that the election was fraudulent. Of course, it wasn’t. He had no evidence, but state legislatures, only Republicans, very partisan, no Democrats, are now making it harder for people to vote based on that false big lie that the election was fraudulent. But they’re not aiming it at everybody. They’re aiming it at people of color. They’re aiming it at poor people. They’re aiming it at students. They’re aiming it at the elderly. They’re aiming it at the disabled.”

Now I think it’s important to keep in mind here that Johnson, aka Goldberg, is worth roughly $60+ million! So I’d have to say that the old Emancipation Proclamation has certainly worked out very well for the ugly, old, racist and whiny Whoopster! Now I like to think I’m a pretty good student of history, but I must admit that I had no idea that at the time of the Emancipation Proclamation there were that many talentless 60 year old black “entertainers” who had a net worth of $60+ million despite having no redeeming qualities whatsoever. So I guess nothing has really changed very much!

It seems strange to me that Johnson, who’s a millionaire, and Oprah, who’s a billionaire, still complain. They have their huge mansions and live in the lap of luxury. How nice. Perhaps, they don’t appreciate what they have. Perhaps they have too much. Look, obviously, there have been horribly evil things done to blacks over the course of our country’s history. But why not focus on all the progress that has been made for the cause of racial equality? People who buy into this type of hateful rhetoric are perfect examples of our government-controlled education system.

Maybe, just maybe, blacks haven’t been able to advance because of the fact that 70 percent of black families are fatherless, or the fact that they are 12 percent of the population but commit 60 percent of all violent crime in America, or the fact that black females are 6 percent of the population but have 55 percent of all abortions, ya know, little things like that. But you’ll never hear Johnson, or any of her ilk talking about such things. But then, why would she, or anyone else on the left want to talk about any of those facts? Because blacks are not to be blamed for their fate.

And this may come as a shock to Ms. Johnson, but if any black person living during the Emancipation period was standing before her and heard her say that, they would likely look at her in disbelief. Because here she is, a black woman, co-host of a television show and has millions in the bank from her decades of being in films. She has been afforded every luxury of life that most white or black folks will never taste and yet she has the nerve to compare ‘the plight’ of black people today to those who were made to endure slavery. She’s disgusting and should be ashamed of herself.

With many of our cities under Democrat control since the 1930s, Blacks, and all urban poor, have been provided with free poverty-level money, instead of jobs, to the point where this underclass has become both permanent and generational. And it only gets worse with lousy schools, the squelching of school choice, while Democrats send their kids to private schools. Welfare encourages fatherless families, so children grow up without fathers. Crime keeps families in fear and small businesses fear setting up shop out of fear of being left unprotected, limiting opportunities for employment.

Finally, let’s be honest. The greatest enemy blacks have in America are themselves. If you are black and enslaved today it is because you stupidly listen to the wrong people. You chose to skip out on education because that’s a white thing, along with holding down a job and not having kids without being married. Graduate from high school, get a job, then get married and there is a huge likelihood you will not live in poverty in this country. Buy into victimhood and cry you are oppressed while listening to people like you, or choose to be a criminal, and then your life will be miserable.


  1. This is the cow shit spread everywhere.
    Something more positive on stock, than Alzheimer and disgusting polibyro faces?


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