Well folks, I’m pretty sure it will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that those now deemed to be responsible for all that is now considered to be so seriously wrong in this country are, of course, all of us selfish ‘white’ Christians. Not ‘selfish’ black or Hispanic Christians, nope, only us ‘white’ Christians. Who knew? But I am curious about something. I mean how is it in any way an act of selfishness, on my part as one of them pesky ‘white’ Christians, to want people to show an ID before voting, to want criminals to be put behind bars, to expect my children to be educated and not indoctrinated and to expect able bodied people to work and to support themselves.

But it would appear to matter not that I personally consider none of the aforementioned acts as being an act of selfishness, all that seems to matter is that there are those on the radical left who do. For instance, take for example Ms. Joy Reid, host of her own program on MSDNC, a platform from which, every evening, she gets to spew her typical racist tirades, and actually getting paid to do so. And it was during that very program just this past Monday, on her show “The ReidOut,” that she launched into another of her tirades this time claiming Republican “white so-called Christian conservatives” were “selfish” people who think America was built for them.

Reid said, “They’re white so-called Christian conservatives who feel like this country was built by them for them, and so everyone but them needs to suck it up and let them have their way or else. Their party, the Republicans, have gone from pretending to be the party of personal responsibility to unmasking themselves as the party of selfish people that cannot play well with others. And they even have their own cable networks plus something called GETTR, which kind of sounds like porn. Moving on.” She added, “So the special citizen says, ‘I don’t want to wear a mask, and if you try to attack me, I’ll attack the low-waged clerks at the store or at the Burger King.'”

Reid said, “I don’t want to get the vaccine either. If people get sick from me, oh well, not my problem. Joe Rogan said it’s fine. My kids aren’t going to mask up to protect those other kids. F those other kids, their parents are probably commies anyway.’ Which usually means people who want rights for other people and who give a damn what happens to them.” Reid concluded her idiotic little rant by saying, “So this midterm election year, we’re going to find out which brand of citizenship is stronger, and the answer will tell us whether our democracy is strong enough to survive.” I agree, it’s this November that we’ll find out just how stupid the American people are.

So here we have this blatant hate-monger accusing Christians of not being able to get along before then proceeding to spew some of the most hateful rhetoric imaginable displaying nothing but contempt for anyone who dares to disagree with her. Can one be any dumber than this racist twit and still be able to breath? Yes Ms. Reid, this great nation was built by white, Christian, conservatives. But unlike Democrats, we still welcome all those who are willing to roll up their sleeves, work hard and become constructive members of our society. It’s very clear that you liberals want nothing more than slaves. After all, the Democrats are THE party of slavery.

The biggest mistake white folks ever made was to bring the blacks to this country. And it’s a mistake that, even after decades of paying out trillions of dollars, we’re still paying for. If taxpayers aren’t covering the escalating costs of what have become some very generous social programs, they’re being asked to cough up the money to rebuild the damage related to the most recent riot resulting from some perceived injustice on the part of the local black population. It’s ludicrous. As far as I’m concerned if blacks want to live in squalor, we should allow them to do so. We’ve wasted enough money with absolutely nothing to show for any of it.

And here’s a bit of ‘Critical Race Theory’ for you. Whites are only 10% of the world’s population and the only race in population decline (creating only 7% of the world’s babies), yet they are the most industrious and innovative race the world has ever known. Whites unlocked the secrets of DNA and relativity, launched satellites, created automation, discovered electricity and nuclear energy, invented automobiles, aircraft, submarines, radio, television, computers, medicine, telephones, light bulbs, photography, and countless other technological miracles. Whites were the first to circumnavigate the planet by ship, orbit it by spacecraft and to walk on the moon.

Black people make up roughly 12 percent or so of the population, maybe 15 percent for the sake of argument. If you listen to any of these pathetic race baiters they would have you believe that 100 percent of America’s advancement, productivity and GDP growth was all due to their slave ancestors. But such is so very obviously not the case. Yes, there are structural racial issues we must try to overcome but not through collectivist policies, those never work. Before such race pimps like Reid came onto the scene, America was well on our way to equal justice for all. But those on the left simply could not allow such a thing to happen, the net result is where we are today.

Now don’t get me wrong, there were black inventors and great black people. Even with his faults it’s difficult not to respect Martin Luther King. But I have absolutely no respect for people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters who never followed anything King said. King never taught the blacks to be victims, never. But the Socialist blacks I mentioned do! King was leading blacks off the plantation, that’s why he was killed. These crumbs today are keeping them on the plantation. If King’s words were followed and continued, we wouldn’t have anyone like this Joy Reid insulting fellow Americans on national television on a lying propagandist channel.

There is no denying the fact that American civilization is a product of white people. Before whites came into contact with Sub-Saharan Africans and Native Americans, both groups were largely still wearing loincloths and living in huts. They were about 1,500-3,500 years behind European civilization. At least at the time, they simply didn’t have the capabilities of developing something like America. This isn’t meant to demean anyone, it’s just reality. Take whites out of the equation and you have a far different and more primitive place. The reason why immigrants are so desperate to settle America, and the West in general, is to benefit from what whites have built.

When you get right down the nitty-gritty of it, we don’t owe any of these people squat. I’m so tired of the whiners, if they view this country as being so bad there is certainly nothing keeping them here. They are free to leave at any time and should not let the door hit them in the ass on the way out. White Christian country works for me, and there’s nothing selfish about us. Without us, blacks and browns would not have all of their cherished freebies because we’re the ones contributing most, if not all, of the money needed to float their boat so the biggest thing they have to worry about is how they’re going to fill all the free time we furnish to them.

How ironic it is that if she actually lived in the world which she describes, she would have long ago been found swinging from a tree. And the fact that she has been provide with a national television program and continues to be permitted to endlessly spew her racist and hateful bullshit each and every single day proves beyond a shadow of doubt that she does not live in the world that she constantly complains about. Her own actions prove her words, and opinions, are a lie. If this country really was a country populated by racist white supremist toxic males, as she continues to claim, then we would certainly not put up with her toxic BS for even one second.



  1. Another outstanding article that I will be putting on Facebook. And so far I have posted every single article I receive in my email in-box. Just think if I donation didn’t have one lefty inside it. What a glorious day that would be!!!


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