This past Sunday RINO Liz Cheney paid yet another visit to Margaret Brennan, faux ‘journalist,’ leftwing propagandist and host of CBS’s “Face the Nation.” And it was then that Cheney again made it clear why it is that so many within the Republican Party continue to view her as nothing more than a gutless turncoat. You see, it was then that she, and somewhat boldly so, declared that Republicans had to choose between loyalty to former President Trump or our Constitution because, or so she claimed, they could not do both. Which I found to be rather odd to hear coming from someone who’s disloyal to President Trump, her party AND our Constitution.

And so, what follows below is but a partial transcript of the rather bizarre exchange that took place between these two pathetic frauds. Ms. Brennan, who is a fraud in the eyes of anyone who is a bona fide ‘journalist,’ and Ms. Cheney, who, very clearly, is a fraud in the eyes of most Republicans and all of those bona fide conservatives who chose to vote for her. Sadly, one can no longer afford to believe anything that either of these two frauds might say.

Brennan: That assumes facts can actually persuade. What happens with this committee if Republicans take the majority in 2022? Have you asked Kevin McCarthy to keep it?

Cheney: Look, Leader McCarthy has said a variety of things. He has both acted to obstruct the operations of the committee, but he’s also, on a couple of occasions, said that he’s willing to come talk to the committee. I think that the- the American people again and particularly the Republican Party, you know, we as Republicans, have a choice to make. I am a conservative Republican. I believe strongly in the policies of low taxes and limited government and a strong national defense. I think the country needs a strong Republican Party going forward, but our party has to choose. We can either be loyal to Donald Trump or we can be loyal to the Constitution, but we cannot be both. And right now, there are far too many Republicans who are trying to enable the former president, embrace the former president. Look the other way and hope that the former president goes away, trying to obstruct the activities of this committee. But we won’t be deterred. At the end of the day, the facts matter, and the truth matters.

Brennan: It goes beyond the former president, in a number of state capitals around the country in 19 different states, election laws are being changed and in some there is concern that Republican controlled legislatures could be able to change certification of an election if they don’t like the outcome of it. This is undermining confidence among some in the public about the integrity of our elections. Would you ask your fellow Republicans in states around the country to stop trying to do that?

Cheney: Absolutely. I think that again, you know, as a nation, we’ve got to be founded on the rule of law. We’ve got to be founded on fidelity to the Constitution. And when you look at what former President Trump continues to do to this day in terms of trying to undermine our belief in our democratic process, in terms of trying to undermine the rule of law, in terms of trying to find local officials who will help him do that. One of the really important lessons we learned on January 6th was how important it was that we had a few individuals who stood up. We had individuals at the Department of Justice before Jan. 6 who stood up to the president who said, absolutely not, we will not claim that this election was stolen, who told him the truth. And we had local officials in the party, the Republican Party, who did the same. And so, I think for people all across the country, they need to recognize how important their vote is, how important their voice is. They’ve got to elect serious people who are going to defend the Constitution, not simply do the bidding of Donald Trump.

Frankly, I’ve had quite enough of this traitorous twit. Everyone knows, or should know by now, that Cheney is loyal only to ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden and the Democrats. She should be honest enough to quit claiming to be a Republican and move across the aisle. After all, the Wyoming Republican Party has already said that she is not permitted to run as a Republican again and her disgusting behavior has resulted in her having been censured by the state party. And so, while McCarthy has more than sufficient grounds to expel her from the caucus, that’s not likely to happen until such time as he finally succeeds in growing a pair. But that’s not likely to happen either.

Perhaps what Cheney really means is that Republican voters cannot be loyal to HER and to President Trump. True Republican voters are loyal to the principles of conservatism, freedom, liberty, and the rule law. All things which Cheney, and her many RINO compatriot cowards have, long ago forsaken. President Trump made it very clear during his entire time in office, and since being cheated out of a second term, that he will do whatever is necessary to support those things which Cheney very clearly opposes. Cheney has turned her back on the Constitution and in so doing has become a willing stooge for ‘Creepy Joe’ & Co. as well as for the Democrat Party.

President Trump did more for the American people in just four years, by following our Constitution, then by any other President in the last 100 years. And yet Cheney somehow feels justified in making such insane accusations as the ones she has made, and continues to make. This is all so infuriating! If only theses RINOs would choose to fight against our enemies on the left as hard as they have fought, and continue to fight, against President Trump. How different things would now be! But then, perhaps that’s the reason that they so vigorously oppose the man, because they don’t want things to be different, because they don’t want to risk losing their power.

How dare she make such an idiotic statement. Her arrogance seems to know no bounds. She has turned her back on President Trump and the millions of us who continue to support him and has, instead, chosen to stand with the Democrat Party. The very same party that hates this country and the Constitution to which she refers, she has allied herself with the party that cares nothing about border safety, the economy, foreign policy, energy independence, our children’s education and so very much more. And she still has the unmitigated gall to try to deflect attention from all of that and onto Donald Trump? And for what reason? We all know the answer!

Now I suppose Ms. Cheney is free to express her opinion. But that said, I’d be curious to know her opinion regarding our current *president. The man who knowingly and willingly violated the Constitution when he admitted that he was about to take an unconstitutional action but didn’t care, because it would take the Supreme Court a couple of months to overturn his action. I have not yet heard even one complaint from her. If she can’t bring herself to be critical of this unconstitutional act, then she has NO credibility. If she isn’t going to protect and defend the Constitution, then she should resign. Cheney lecturing on loyalty is like a hooker lecturing on chastity.

This most recent appearance of her on another ‘fake news’ program again makes crystal clear that she remains totally consumed by her hatred of President Trump and little else. I simply do not understand why it is that she continues to allow herself to be used in such an unsavory manner by the very same people who also attempted to destroy her father. Does she so hate President Trump that she has allowed herself to be blinded by the fact that these people hate her and are only allowing her to speak because she is helping them destroy America. If that truly is the case, then she is no longer of any use to those of us trying to prevent our country from being destroyed.

President Trump followed the Constitution as it was written. He’s not one who has not spent the better part of his life in politics learning how best to manipulate the Constitution. Establishment politicians, of both parties, have twisted the Constitution so much that it’s now nearly everything is now unconstitutional in some way. We’ve been living in a post constitutional environment for some time due to idiots like Cheney. The more determined the people are in trying, through elections, to take their country back, the more determined those in the ‘deep state’ are in fighting back, most recently courtesy of an election that was so very clearly stolen.

And it’s RINOs such as herself who cannot be loyal to the Constitution and the rule of law and at the same time loyal to the Deep State and the globalist elites. If she was genuinely concerned about the Constitution these ongoing investigations would be aimed squarely at the Democrats. None of these politicians can continue to hide behind the defense of the Constitution when they allow the complete meltdown of our immigration policies on our southern border. Having a debate about the election integrity and discussing people’s concerns about voting systems before an election is certified, isn’t unconstitutional. Elections are not intended to be a rubber stamp!

Finally, what this RINO dolt continues to get so thoroughly and completely wrong is that there is NOT some massive loyalty to Donald Trump the man. What there is, however, is a tremendous loyalty to his message. To things like freedom, border security, a vibrant middle class, lower taxes and a strong national defense. It’s any person who stands up and fights for these issues that will be supported by those who support President Trump. Anyone who stands up and fights as vigorously as President Trump does for those same ideals, will gain the peoples’ support. It just does not seem like the ruling establishment is able to get that through their self-serving heads.




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