And so, after successfully cheating his was into office it was immediately that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden set about turning back the clock regarding many of our most important issues. And it was first and foremost on his list of things to do was the reversing of all that President Trump had accomplished in making our country totally independent in terms of being able to satisfy all of our energy needs here at home. ‘Creepy Joe’ loves to tout himself as a being a ‘moderate,’ even going to far as to once ask the rather rhetorical question, “Do I look like a Socialist?” But has been since assuming his current office, that he has proven himself to be just that!

‘Creepy Joe’ Biden wasted no time after being sworn in as *president in bowing to those on the radical left, those who had assisted him in gaining his illegal entry into the White House by destroying the U.S energy independence ushered in courtesy of the policies that were put into place by President Trump. Policies that had also succeeded, for the first time since 1949, in making the United States a net annual petroleum exporter. Through regulations, executive orders, and other means, ‘Creepy Joe’ has driven up the cost of energy for Americans and made the country more dependent on foreign, and often unfriendly, entities for its energy needs.

Here are ten actions that ‘Creepy Joe’ has taken that have effectively ended abundant and affordable energy here in America:

1. On his first day as president, ‘Creepy Joe’ canceled completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline, taking away thousands of American jobs, reducing domestic energy production, and driving up the cost of oil.

2. One of ‘Creepy Joe’s first actions as president was suspending oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and New Mexico.

3. ‘Creepy Joe’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reinstalled regulations that restrict domestic energy production, including resurrecting the “Waters of the United States” rule that limits how farmers and ranchers can use their land.

4. Last month the EPA announced new regulations for methane emissions from oil and gas production, transmission, storage, and distribution. The American Petroleum Institute estimated that the Democrats’ desired ban on oil and gas development on federal lands would cause nearly 1 million Americans to lose their jobs, and cost the U.S. $500 billion to import gas.

5. ‘Creepy Joe’s EPA is also pushing a new rule regulating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. That regulation is estimated to raise the average vehicle price by $1,000.

6. President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, citing its harm to American jobs and the U.S. economy. ‘Creepy Joe’ rejoined the United Nation’s globalist project, which will result in more energy regulations and restrictions and drive up the cost of domestic energy, including gasoline and heating.

7. ‘Creepy Joe’s decision to put a moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal land and his goal of banning hydraulic fracking will no doubt please Russia and OPEC as the U.S. loses its energy independence and increases its dependence on foreign oil and gas.

8. ‘Creepy Joe’ vowed to prohibit fracking, which will cause a massive loss in American jobs. “Banning fracking, as he has promised to do, would eliminate 19 million jobs between 2021-2025,” according to the House Republican Policy Committee.

9. ‘Creepy Joe’s policies have resulted in skyrocketing prices at the gas pump. A year ago — in November 2020 — the average gas price was $2.11 per gallon. By November 2021, the national average gas price had shot up to $3.42. Americans paid 61 percent more for gas as inflation soared to a 30-year high.

10. ‘Creepy Joe’s ‘Build Back Better’ plan would spend taxpayer dollars to force utilities to use more expensive forms of energy (as called for in the Green New Deal), reducing energy choices and raising costs for American consumers.

And it’s all of these things that will only serve to make everything far more expensive because it will cost more to transport goods. The increased environmental regulations will also make raw materials cost more, leading to higher home prices. It will also squeeze Americans and American businesses as it makes their utility bills cost more. And, of course, it’s all of this that is being done with a purpose. Because it’s our supposed *president, ‘Creepy Joe,’ and every member, right down to the last one, of the Democrat Party who want America to fail and are doing all that they can to make that a reality. So make no mistake, it’s all of this that is being done intentionally.

And so, it’s for the first time in our nation’s history that we have as our *president a man who is perfectly willing, and quite content, to intentionally, knowingly and, dare I say, very purposely to set about sabotaging the U.S. all the while handing over to our enemies both military intelligence and equipment. But then, knowing this man, and his party, as we all do should any of this really come as much of a surprise? After all, the less Americans use energy the more there is for Communist China, and Democrats are working to make that a reality. Democrats are now doing as much damage as they can to the very fabric of American society because they’re being paid to do so.

And while there continues to be those willing to describe all that we are witnessing as mere blunders, I think we can all agree that that is the height of naivete. A blunder only occurs if someone is trying to do it right. The entire ‘Left’ has been grabbing its power from our freedoms all the while pretending to blunder. And when it’s “blunder after blunder” that very clearly harms our freedom and our nation, wise men must ask themselves, “Is this all being done deliberately?” Democrats pretend to blunder while the Republicans pretend to be a real opposition. Isn’t this just the political mode of ‘good cop, bad cop,’ with both sides on the same team trying to get us?

Even Hitlery was recently heard blasting ‘Creepy Joe,’ going so far as to argue that his policies are neither “sane or productive.” But before anyone thinks that the old girl might finally have come to her senses, even partially, rest assured that she isn’t opposed to what ‘Creepy Joe’ is doing. In truth, it’s just that she just wants to be the one twisting the knife, so it’s she getting paid by the Chinese Communist Party. Red China’s coal usage is going up as ours is going down. The same can be said of their use of oil. And when was the last time that you heard anyone on the left, including Hiterly, calling for Red China to go ‘green?’ That would, of course, be…NEVER!!!

To think that this time, last year, we were energy independent with gas about $2.00 a gallon. ‘Creepy Joe’ has taken us down so far, so fast. And for what? These people are insane. The entire freak-out over bogus ‘climate change’ is insane. Mankind cannot meaningfully change the world’s climate. And destroying the American economy, in the insane quest to do so is utterly and absolutely insane, like few other endeavors mankind has ever engaged in, for the entire known history of the world. This like everything else that those on the left are presently engaged in is about one thing and one thing only. Well, two things really, power and control!

And let’s not forget the U.N., an organization that long ago became nothing more than a club, or sorts, that counts among its members some of the world’s most despicable ‘leaders,’ leaders who force upon their citizenry all manner of indignity. And it’s many of these same ‘leaders’ who all dance to the same tune, mutually assured dependency. It’s a strong and free America that is their nightmare. They would rather pander to a handful of third-world madmen and adhere to the dictates of a couple of tyrants (Comrades Xi and Putin). The U.S. should have abandoned this corrupt and blatantly dysfunction organization a long time ago. And yet we didn’t.

Sadly, far too many in the Republican Party have done little more than enable ‘Creepy Joe,’ and have been doing so since November 3, 2020. Everything that ‘Creepy Joe’ has done has met with precious little opposition from our feckless and inept opposition party. Do not forget that most Republicans fully accept the idea that ‘Creepy Joe’ got 81 million votes. President Trump won the 2020 election in the biggest landslide win in U.S. history. It is a measure of the level of overt fraud that a man who is clearly demented and known for levels of corruption that are both unprecedented in both scope and audacity was ‘installed’ as our *president.



  1. And he is a vile piece of pure shit. I wish him a MASSIVE! “Grand mal seizure !!” That racks his body over and over and over for hours!!! and during that entire time his eyes are open and he’s seeing all the destruction that his policies has been causing America.

    Starting with the southern border he can see so many coming across and everything it leads to. I want this piece of shit to suffer!!!!! before it takes his life!!!! And it hits him over and over and even 10 men can’t hold him down because the seizures are so powerful!!!!!!


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