It was with perhaps a hint of desperation in his voice and, dare I say, a touch of fear that Tony Fauci recently once again demonstrated his determination to do all that he can to continue to sound the alarm as he warned us all of the potential dangers involved in choosing to gather together with friends and family, this time when welcoming in the New Year. I say a touch of fear because Tony, like so many on his side of the political aisle, likely sees the handwriting on the wall regarding, at least, the potential outcome of an election that is now just over the horizon.

And I think it safe to say that Tony clearly understands that if things do go as so many polls are now predicting, he is very likely to lose many of his most ardent supporters in Congress, which will in turn, I’m quite sure, result in making his future very uncertain. And therein lies his motivation to once again do all that he can to instill fear in all those willing to listen as he does all that he can to increase the hype regarding the ‘Chinese virus.’ But there’s nothing new in any of this, as Tony continues to do that which he has been doing for nearly two years now.

And it was Fauci, during an appearance this past Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” who said that considering the highly contagious Omicron variant of coronavirus was rapidly spreading, people should “stay away” from larger New Year’s Eve parties this year. Guest-host Kaitlan Collins said, “I do wonder, we are approaching New Year’s Eve at the end of this week. A lot of people have got events and gatherings planned. I know you said it’s okay to be with friends and family if you’re vaccinated and boosted, but what is your advice to people about larger settings for New Year’s parties?”

Fauci said, “Kaitlan, I would stay away from that. I mean, I have been telling people consistently that if you’re vaccinated and boosted, and you have a family setting in the home with family and relatives, but when you’re talking about a New Year’s Eve party, we have 30, 40, 50 people celebrating you do not know the status of the vaccination, I would recommend strongly stay away from that this year.” He added, “There will be other years to do that but not this year.” And it was Collins who then said, “Not this year. That’s good information.” And she’s a ‘journalist?’ Nope!

Clearly Tony is afraid that the Omicron variant will likely serve to hasten herd immunity and relegate him back to his overpaid position and keep him away from the television cameras. Fauci is nothing but a media whore. Eventually, when things do go south, Fauci will be the face of Covid, and those supporting him now will hang him out to dry. He WILL BE the scapegoat. Like other liberals, Fauci is a miserable human being. They routinely try to project their miserable lives onto normal folks. No one is listening to him anymore and will defy any, and all, of his junk science proclamations.

We continue to have people crossing our border unvaccinated, with many caring Covid, who are being transported all over the US. They are not being stopped, or hindered, so the American people should be treated the same. And it was when Fauci was questioned concerning these illegals that his response was, “that is a different situation.” Seven to ten thousand non-vaccinated and non-tested immigrants are welcomed across the border and then provided free bus or plane transport to the U.S. city of their choice. If this “pandemic” was real, the border would be locked down.

And I refuse to listen to a ‘doctor’ who has pooh-poohed therapeutics recommended by doctors to their patients since the beginning of this virus. Imagine how many lives could’ve been saved if he would have embraced ALL medications invoked to fight this virus. He dropped the ball with the handling of HIV/AIDS in the 80s’ and he’s clearly dropped the ball with this virus. He’s admitting that the ‘vaccines’ don’t work! That’s it folks. They don’t work, and you’re being screwed every day by this insufferable megalomaniac who thinks that all the ‘science’ on Earth flows through him.

Fauci continues to wage war against any, and all, holiday gatherings. No one trusts him. He says one thing, then in the next sentence, he says something else. He has changed course on every decision made since the beginning of this plandemic. A better piece of advice would be to “Stay away from Fauci.” He only advises others, because his advice makes him money from the kickbacks of ‘vaccines’ and his patents on the proteins found in COVID. He cruelly pays for experiments on people and animals, like a modern-day mad scientist. Just say no to his self-serving advice.

Look, when you choose to live in constant fear, you’re already dead. The ‘vaccine’ clearly does not prevent you from getting the virus nor does it prevent the spreading of it. Getting the ‘vaccine’ is neither a “public good’ nor is it anyone’s “patriotic duty.” Take your masks off. Even if you’re the only one. I never wear one and rarely does anyone say a word to me. I’m starting to see more and more people do it. It will build and we will get back to normal. But our compliance with their mandates will only cause this to never end. This will not stop until enough people say NO MORE.

And let’s face it, what danger does a virus pose that cannot find its way around an idiotic clear plastic shield or cross a fold out table in front of a cash register. Fauci is truly a publicity whore. But it doesn’t really matter though, most people are moving on with their lives and ignoring the clowns that keep trying to overdose them with what is simply fear porn. I would tell Fauci the clown, what difference does it make whether we wear a face diaper, get twenty boosters or stay seventy feet apart. According to ‘Creepy Joe’ and AOC we’re all going to be dead in 5 years anyway!

You can bet Tony won’t be staying away from New Year’s parties with his liberal friends. They won’t even be wearing masks, but their servants will. I’m so sick of these holier-than-thou doomsday idiots and control freaks.  He can do as he sees fit concerning his health and we will do the same. There’s enough credible information out there now that we should be able to assess the risks and decide what’s best for our own health. We know the ‘vaccines’ don’t work and we get more proof of that every single day, so he needs to go away with his constant BS, we’re sick of it.

And finally, here’s just a few facts to ponder about the ‘Chinese virus:’ We’re told the virus can travel 6 feet, but it cannot travel 6 feet 1inch or greater. Also, it can live on all surfaces except anything that comes in the mail from Amazon and it does not live in Walmart, Target, Home Depot or Lowe’s, or any grocery store. And, it is only deadly in bars, restaurants, small businesses, hair salons and especially in Christian churches, and it cannot live on your food, as long as you get it to go. Also, it is not contagious when rioting and looting stores that the virus does not live in.

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