Politically speaking, there continues to be much talk about some ‘red wave’ that may, or may not, be looming just over the horizon, but I can’t help but wonder if it might be nothing more than a case of wishful thinking. Because, quite frankly, it’s going to take a great deal more than words for it to become a reality. A little incentive must also be provided. And right now, despite the debacle that we have all been watching unfold over the course of the last 11 months, Republicans still seem to be lacking when it comes to convincing enough of the American people to trust them as being willing, and able, to reverse any of what has now gone so horribly wrong.

Republicans have been very busy, of late, predicting a midterm election red wave next year, one that, or so they claim, could sweep both chambers of Congress and end unified Democrat control in Washington. But as we all know, merely talking about something, of even wishing it to be true, doesn’t mean that it will come to pass. But such confidence on their part is predicated on a number of factors. Among the things poisoning the electoral well for the Democrats are the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, rising fuel prices, supply chain woes, inflation and deeply unpopular leadership in Washington from *president ‘Creepy Joe’ and his deputy, ‘The Hoe.’

The House is viewed by many on both sides of the political aisle as being the most vulnerable to a Republican takeover, given the Democrats’ razor-thin five-seat majority there. However, despite a favorable map for Democrats, the party’s 50-50 majority in the Senate could also be toppled. History can also be said to be on the side of the Republicans, with the party in the White House customarily shedding seats in the midterms as voters look to make their voices heard. Republican waves helped flip the House toward Republicans in 2010 and the Senate four years later, while a blue wave helped win Democrats back the lower chamber in 2018.

Recent waves have flipped dozens of seats, and it’s this time around that the Republicans must net just five seats to triumph next year. The current positive estimation of Republican chances in 2022 is not the first, or the last, to predict a Republican triumph across the board. Republicans around the country gearing up for the midterms are promising a major education reform push focused on parental rights and educational standards. A Republican path to victory must involve advocating for strong schools that teach our children how to excel, not watering down the curriculum, a school where parents have a say in what their children are being taught.

But as I stated earlier, there are plenty hurdles that can be said to lie in the path of Republicans. And first of many, I think, is the fact that over the course of the last five years Republicans have dug a rather sizable hole for themselves, especially when it comes to providing the American people with sufficient reason for voting for them. And it’s been far more recently that those within the Republican Party, by allowing what was clearly a fraudulent election to be ratified, have made it possible, and dare I say far easier, for those on the left to steal elections in the future? Insanity is, as they say, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

And also, it’s the Republican Party that seems to have virtually no problem at all with continuing to allow those accused of “insurrection,” because of the events of January 6, to rot in jails. Every one of these very same Republicans now lauding some coming ‘Red Wave’ should be loudly protesting, every single day, how these patriots continue to be incarcerated, and essentially tortured, by those enemies of both God and country. Also, the southern border has remained wide open for months. And yet where is the outrage from these Republicans, and the intransigence? Nowhere! A party consisting of cowards and feminists isn’t going to ‘fix’ or change anything.

While there is a pretty good chance that the Republicans will retake Congress, sadly there’s an even better chance that they will retain the same weak leadership, they currently have. And as we all know it’s no one in ‘The Swamp’ who either fears or has much respect for, either Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, since they both seem to possess the same habit of rolling over much to the detriment of the American people. And we need no one who is not prepared to work hard at destroying the progressive agenda. Those Republicans seeking only to ‘go along, to get along’ need not apply. These progressives must be rooted out and shown for what they truly are.

And too, we must always remember, and never allow ourselves to forget, how it is that the Republican Party has the rather strange propensity for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory to the point where some, like myself, have been left wondering if they actually want to be in charge and possess the necessary interest in actually wanting to govern. That and the fact that far too many of those who call themselves Republicans are nothing more than members of the opposition working on the inside. They’re only slightly better than the Democrats, in most cases, and are usually worse because anyone who is a traitor to their oath, is the most despicable.

And so, if Republicans do come to win a majority in both houses of Congress, my fear is that once again they will choose only to squander it by handing control over to any of our current batch of RINOs. And it will be just like the show votes on repealing Obamacare, when they actually get a chance to do something real and effective and instead their spines melt and it will be once again that they will simply bend over and allow the Democrats to have their way. McConnell and McCarthy must be replaced by those genuine conservatives who are more interested in making government work for the people than in working with Democrats to further screw the American people.

It doesn’t instill much confidence in me when I see Republicans essentially gloating about a supposed victory nearly a year out from an election. Especially when I know that our cadre of RINOs are only too happy about the prospect of regaining their own power. With them it’s not about gaining an opportunity to pass legislation needed to get America back on track for the American people, that which was the same legislation they refused to pass when last they held the majority in Congress. To those ‘Establishment Republicans’ I say, “Shut up already. Winning only means something after you have done it and only if you do something with it. So for now, just shut up.”

Now not being one who typically offers advice to the Democrats, as I see it their chief goal should be one of trying to find a way to maintain their status as a national party. It would seem that they are now well on their way to being relegated to the fringe lunatic zones. If they are able to actually realize that fact, they may well attempt to avoid it using the vile methods we have become accustomed to see from them and if they have the same success that we are accustomed to seeing Democrats produce, we may never hear of them again at all. Most countries don’t have political parties comprised of those who hate their country, so we likely don’t need one either.

I have no doubt that riots will likely follow a ‘Red Wave,’ if that happens. And if blessed with another opportunity Republicans had better take full advantage of it. They will need to be united right to the very last one if our fraudulent *president is to be neutralized as he, and his handlers, will, no doubt, attempt to block anything that a Republican Congress might try to achieve. We’ve got to go public. The American people have got to know what is going on, and not only what those in the ‘fake news’ media are telling them. Republicans must act together as it’s the next two years that are absolutely vital to the survival of the country. There will not be another chance.

Of course, the Democrats continue to deny that any election fraud took place, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary. Democrats believe that they are somehow ‘entitled’ to cheat because it’s they, and they alone, who supposedly represent our minority ‘victims.’ Fraud ends in failure. Afghanistan, crime, inflation, shortages, CRT, mandates and so very much more. Millions of us believe that President Trump won, and that ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is a fraud. We do not consent to his authority. And so it is with great hope that in both 2022 and 2024 the pendulum can be made to swing back to ‘America First’ and the consent of the governed.

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