To be honest, it’s getting harder and harder to determine just who it is that’s proving to be the more desperate in their effort to hold onto power? Is it the Democrats who after having painted themselves into a bit of a corner and will now say whatever they must if they are to have any hope of avoiding, what recent polls seem to be indicating, what will be a day reckoning? Or is it Fauci, who seems quite determined in his effort to prolong the fear of that which, in all likelihood, is nothing more than the flu and is driven by what, just as likely, is his fear of losing many of his closest allies in roughly a year if, in fact, the Democrats do lose their grip on Congress.  

And it was Fauci who once again, during another appearance on Sunday’s broadcast ABC’s “This Week,” worked to maintain the fear that he has played a part in creating and to bolster his apparent need to be needed, who said that he would be pleased with a vaccination requirement for domestic air travel. And it was guest-host Jon Karl who asked the ‘not so good’ doctor, “There is no vaccine requirement for domestic air travel in the United States, and when the president was asked, should there be one, he said that his team has said it’s not necessary at this point. Do you agree with that? That there shouldn’t be a vaccine requirement for domestic air travel?”

Fauci said, “Well, it depends on what you want to use it for. I mean, vaccine requirements for people coming in from other countries is to prevent newly infected people from getting into the country. A vaccine requirement for a person getting on the plane is just another level of getting people to have a mechanism that would spur them to get vaccinated. Namely, you can’t get on a plane unless you’re vaccinated, which is just another one of the ways of getting requirements, whatever that might be.” And he went on to say, “So I mean, anything that could get people more vaccinated would be welcome.” And I have no doubt that that’s true.

He added, “But with regard to the spread of virus in the country, I mean, I think if you look at wearing a mask and the filtration on planes, things are reasonably safe. We want to make sure people keep their masks on. I think the idea of taking masks off in my mind is really not something we should even be considering. That’s what we meant by it depends on what the goal of getting people vaccinated before they get on a domestic flight.” I think most of us can see what Fauci is, at least, attempting to do here, and that would of course ben the ‘midterm election variant,’ which, I think it fair to say is part of the next ‘steal.’ The hype of the Omicron ‘variant,’ is just that.

And so, it’s we who refuse to accept all of the hype who must continue to be painted as being the ones who are the true enemy here, that’s why so many of these falsehoods continue to be pushed. The best chance that these people have of being able to maintain their grip on power is to divide and conquer, by pitting citizen against citizen. One must be pretty desperate to do what they’ve done, and continue to do, to mess with the lives of those they’ve never met. It is all political. Those on left are certainly disgusting individuals, as are the RINOs who hang with them. This quack is just like the rest of the stinking leftist vermin enemies of this country.

Fauci’s is clearly very much in favor of anything that will rob from the American people their constitutionally protected individual freedoms. I would love to see a real ‘journalist,’ one with just a bit of a backbone, tell this pathetic man of ‘science’ that we are now done with him and that we will no longer pay him any attention! None!! I would love it if someone were to inject him with a little truth serum so that we could finally, once and for all, get the truth from him. Fauci admits there is no scientific purpose in the ‘vaccine’ to stop spread! The only reason for a mandate now is to use it as a hammer to beat people into submission. He is truly a very sick man.

And another thing, it continues to piss me off to no end that a lying little creep like Fauci, a guy who aided in the engineering of this ‘virus’ and who has made some very substantial financial gains from it, is permitted to continue in dictating the societal and economic aspects of people not only in this country, but across the world. And it’s those who have been paying attention who are also becoming pissed off, as they too are aware that the Democrats, as well as Fauci, have nothing but utter contempt for America, its citizens and our God-given freedoms. They are still stupidly trying to play America citizens for fools with their lies and endless dis-information.

I would like to think that as more people finally begin to realize that Fauci’s Folly is decimating the American population, the time will come when they will also come to realize that more may be required of them than to simply talk about holding those responsible for it, accountable. Biological weapons research causes a worldwide pandemic, which creates the climate for tyranny over a shot which depletes one’s immune system, and for which the corporations that created them have no liability. Does this REALLY sound like the American Way? Fauci, Moderna, J&J, and Pfizer screw up MILLIONS of lives, and rake in millions all without facing any consequences.  

Every Sunday Fauci says something totally outrageous on as many of these stupid talk shows that will have him and that are only too happy to provide him a platform from which he can spew his nonsense and keep himself relevant. Fauci has done more to undermine public trust in government science than anyone in history, the endless lies, moving goalposts, flip flops, fraudulent testimony before Congress and willingness to trample any and every constitutional right in the name of fake science make him the medical Mussolini of our time. What difference does it make if I leave the state by plane or by car? I can bring the virus to another state just as easily by car.

This unelected little creep is no more following the ‘science’ than ‘Creepy Joe’ is able to remember where he is on any given day. Fauci is pleased with anything that brings about, confusion and chaos and that serves to disrupt our American way of life by creating fear, fake narratives, and of course, a way for him and his ilk to make skads of money. The evidence is all around us and just because we’ve yet to hear it from any of those in our ‘fake news’ media does nothing more than to prove that! People in power will continue to push society to see how much control they can obtain. At some point we must push back or put our chains on our own wrists.

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