So how is it, do you suppose, that future generations will come to view this specific moment in time? Well, I think that that will depend a great deal on just how much longer we, the American people, allow this insanity, regarding both this fraudulent *president as well as this fraudulent *pandemic that we’re forced to contend with on what has become a daily basis, to continue. After all, we now have a man in the White House who very clearly does not belong there and who, just as clearly, got there under what were some very questionable circumstances, to say the least. There is simply no way that this man was elected by the majority of the American people.

And it has been for nearly two years now that we have had to deal with what we continue to hear being described as a “pandemic.” A “pandemic” made possible by a “virus” created in a lab funded by ‘scientists’ right here in America and then brought to our shores with a very specific purpose in mind. And a “pandemic” for which viable cures, that were safe, effective as well as inexpensive, were not only ignored but ridiculed by supposed men of ‘science’ as well as physicians and ruled out as ineffective in favor of what we were, and continue to be, told are ‘vaccines’ that have succeeded in doing nothing more than to make their champions very, very rich.

It’s been very clear for some time now, at least to those who care to pay attention, that our *president, ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden is more than a little mentally challenged. And it’s those of us who have known a friend or family member suffering from dementia who are very clearly able to see the familiar signs. And yet we’re all supposed to simply accept the fact that it was this very same guy who spent the majority of his time during the 2020 presidential campaign in his basement and was able draw no more than a few hundred to his rallies on the rare occasions he chose to venture out, was somehow able to convince over 80 million people to actually vote for him.  

And since being inaugurated he has demonstrated a real knack for doing only those things that make life for most Americans much more difficult. He’s been office for less than a year and Americans are now faced with record inflation, record gas prices, record energy prices and record food prices. And when it comes to the ‘Chinese virus’ he has consistently done only those things that have succeeded in making matters worse with his archaic, and blatantly unconstitutional, mandates that have placed people in the position of having to decide to take one of these ‘vaccines’ or lose their job. While at the same time allowing into this country those who are unvaccinated.

And then we have Dr. Fauci, a man who is arguably the most evil man that you will find anywhere on the planet today. And that’s saying a lot when you consider there are serial killers, child sex traffickers, and Democrat politicians also in the same world, but Fauci has them all beaten on the evil scale with his career of killing people, dogs, and who knows what else. Fauci is the epitome of someone who is very clearly “disturbed.” Beyond being a blatantly narcissist, he has demonstrated, throughout his career, a perverse methodology to his brand of “science” and a willingness to achieve his personal goals regardless of who is harmed by his efforts.

If Fauci were an honest, conscientious man, he would address the accusations made against him and either explain or debunk them. Instead, he choose to go into ad hominem attack-mode, as he does whenever he’s challenged. Fauci is a man who has much blood on his hands, and yet he continues to be held up, by his many supporters on the left, as a bona fide man of ‘science’ and the supposed guru on all things related to the ‘Chinese virus.’ But then that could have something to do with the fact that he…played a part in its creation. Ya think? It’s way past time for us to wash our hands of this guy, we should have done so before he ever got a chance to get started.

So, try to put yourself in the position of those yet to be born, at least those whose mothers don’t chose to end their lives prematurely, whose lives will depend greatly on just where it is that we, in the present, choose to go from here. Will they be left to wonder why it was that we chose not to rise up against a man, and his party, because of what even they can plainly see was a blatantly fraudulent election? Will they wonder why we allowed a supposed man of ‘science’ to continue to bullshit us? Or, will they, instead, look back and thank us for rising up against the insanity even though viewing it as being somewhat of ‘better late, than never’ kind of scenario?

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