Well folks, apparently, it’s official, no Christmas this year. Because, you see, it’s the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), that entity which we have all come to recognize as being nothing more than a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party, that is now saying that we have a choice to make, either we skip celebrating Christmas this year or we risk losing loved ones over something as silly was wanting to celebrate our most religious of holidays. Well, I’m here to tell everyone that I could not care less what they’re saying, it’s me and mine who WILL be getting together on Christmas. They’re not going to tell me what I can, and cannot, do!

Look, it’s been more than once that this entire ‘plandemic’ has been shown to be nothing more than a scheme implemented with some very specific goals in mind. Those goals being, of course, to make a very select group of individuals very wealthy while at the same time stripping from the American people the most basic of their God given, and constitutionally guaranteed, rights. And their ploy is to make us all think that this is really about what’s best for us and is nothing more than an effort to keep us all safe. But it’s the longer that this ‘plandemic’ continues that the more obvious it becomes what those behind it are truly up to. And it ain’t pretty.     

And so it was that W.H.O. warned us on Tuesday that there is just too much at stake to celebrate Christmas this year, going so far as to caution us that it is better to either cancel or postpone the annual festivities than to risk the death of a loved one. W.H.O. director-general and Ethiopian Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told journalists in Geneva the “fastest way” to “get back to normal” is for people to cancel or delay Christmas events. And it was then that this quack went on to say, “an event cancelled is better than a life cancelled. It’s better to cancel now and celebrate later than to celebrate now and grieve later.” What drivel!!

And it should come as a shock to absolutely no one that W.H.O. has not previously issued a global decree to cancel any other religious holidays such as the Moslem’s Eid or the Hindu’s Diwali as a result of the ‘Chinese virus.’ And it was Dr. Margaret Harris, some public health doctor and spokesperson for W.H.O., that in an interview with Sky News did initially advise against nations locking down, citing the “huge implications” they have on mental health and the economy. However, Dr Harris also made the idiotic claim that lockdowns “do work”, and governments will use them if “they run out of options”, such as “when the hospitals are overwhelmed”.

The other key component of the W.H.O. spokesperson’s advice for the Christmas period was the encouragement of ‘vaccines.’ Dr. Harris commented that while “wearing the mask” and “the distancing” will protect individuals, they still need to “really, really seriously, get vaccinated”. Harris went on to suggest people shouldn’t “just get vaccinated”, but if individuals are aware of someone who’s “still struggling with the idea of being vaccinated”, that they should “help them to get vaccinated.” Additionally, if people were going to have Christmas gatherings, Harris advised them to consider individuals’ ‘vaccine status’ if they were going to attend the event.

Dr. Tedros argued that if “70 percent” of every country’s population was ‘vaccinated’ by mid-2022, the plandemic could be ended by 2023. While pushing for increased ‘vaccine’ uptake he also mentioned that the omicron variant “is spreading significantly faster than the Delta variant” and people who are ‘vaccinated’ are “more likely” to be “be infected or re-infected”. Funny how they keep pushing their same lines of failure to protect people from their virus. We all know insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. These people have an agenda, fear is the driver, compliance is the destination and domination their reward.

Since pretty much everything the W.H.O. has said thus far has been a lie, nobody with a brain is going to start believing them now. I think it’s hilarious that they have the audacity to say anything at all. After all, it was this very same organization that was all in with social distancing, the wearing of masks, the shutting down of society including the economies of every country, and widespread forced ‘vaccinations.’ None of it has worked. None!! In fact, we’re worse off today than we would have been had we simply ignored the virus completely. Trillions of dollars in wealth have been wiped out by this ‘plandemic,’ and absolutely nothing positive has been accomplished.

As far as I’m concerned, any group that has been as spectacularly wrong as W.H.O. has needs to shut the f*ck up and go away. They’ve done quite enough damage. For 2,000 years in Western medicine, quarantines were only used for the sick and the infirm. Communists now think they know better, but are proven wrong yet again. But they have succeeded in seizing more power over what is, very clearly, a gullible populace. Anything even remotely associated with the U.N. is corrupt, as is the body itself. Most any endeavor under its auspices is devoted to bureaucracy and waste. Then throw in the one world aims. No thanks. I prefer America’s sovereignty.

Fauci has repeatedly praised Tedros’ knowledge and abilities, which tells us all we need to know about Fauci. We are supposed to heed the advice of someone who reveres a secular cult (Marxism) that brought nothing but poverty, hunger, genocide, misery to the civilized world throughout the 20th century. A cult that has repressed the free thinking, imagination and creativity of its citizens. A cult that has contributed next to nothing in science, modern medicine, technology and engineering. W.H.O is filled with Communist liars trying to destroy the family, worldwide. Omicron is little more than the common cold and it isn’t killing anybody.

The CDC and others have fudged the covid counts so much they’ve actually admitted they have no idea just how many may have actually been sick with covid and how many have actually died from it. We all have a number and there’s not a thing we can do to change it. The news media is a disgrace for showing the covid death count and giving people no context, like the heart disease death count, the cancer death count or the accident death count. Plus, we know the covid death count is grossly inflated. The really sad thing about all of this nonsense is that they’ve now cried wolf so many times that if something serious does come along nobody is going to listen.

This is all pure craziness. If we had just allowed herd immunity to do its thing early on we would probably be done by now just like the Amish and a bunch of others. When have we locked up the healthy? Quarantines are supposed to be for the sick. What about natural immunity? What about science? This is just criminal the way it has been handled. These people are enemies of Christianity. Get the God-fearing people out of the way and worship of government is inevitable. Don’t give in to these evil useful idiots, don’t cancel your Christmas. Destroying religion and nationalist celebrations is just part of the plan by globalists to bring about a one world government.

Fauci says unvaccinated relatives are not worthy to attend family Christmas gatherings. Bureaucrat Fauci is a thin-skinned, unstable ideologue with visions of grandiosity. He has wreaked havoc on our nation and permeated a major crisis on the global stage with his poor advice regarding the ‘Chinese virus.’ He personifies a mentally and emotionally unstable person within his worldview. He is representative of a group of psychologically unstable people who need a career operating in government institutions because they could never be successful in the private sector. They can only succeed in academia and institutions without merit-based structures.

Every direction you look, Leftists are hard at work in their continuing effort to dissolve the glue that binds our society together. Keep people separated, keep family separated. Mask everyone to minimize personal connections and nonverbal communications. Redefine law as a mere tool to persecute political opponents. Tear down cultural statues. End or minimize religious observances. When the ‘Chinese Virus’ was just getting started, the globalists were already gleefully rubbing their hands together at the prospect of a “serious crisis NOT to be wasted!” in their effort to “fundamentally transform.” No one likes the new societal order they have in mind.

More and more people are slowly coming to understand that our freedoms are at stake when it comes to a ‘New World Order’ that is fixated on dubious ‘climate change’ in the West, and world domination by the Chinese Communist Party in the East. We must oppose collectivist globalism with endless vigilance. The installation of compromised ‘Creepy Joe’ Biden has put this plan into hyper-speed. The Left has gotten what they have lived for, yet few are buying what they offer: poverty, gender confusion, obedience, atheism, inflation, open borders, propaganda, and government oppression. Vote them all out while we can still vote. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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