Look, I know I’m likely seen by some as sounding like broken record, but I just can’t help myself. Tony Fauci is not some savior who cares only about keeping the American people safe. Hell, he helped to create this supposed threat to public health. He is an evil little man who is not to be trusted and the longer he is provided platforms from which to spew his endless stream of lies, the more determined the American people need to be in choosing not to listen to him. They would be doing themselves a yuge favor if they were to simply ignore all that he, those in the Democrat Party and in the ‘fake news’ media who continue to see him as some sort of God, has to say.

And it was once again just this past Sunday and during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” that Fauci was once again provided a platform from which spew his scientifically lacking nonsense, this time declaring how he does not see a return to lockdowns ‘if’ more Americans get vaccinated. And it was guest host Jon Karl who said, “So with that, and what you have described as, you know, the way to be prudent, the success of vaccines and boosters, we are not headed towards anything approaching the kind of lockdown we saw last year, are we?” Fauci responded saying, “I don’t see that in the future if we do the things we’re talking about.”

And Tony went on to say, “Jon, the thing that continues to be troublesome to me and my colleagues is the fact we have 50 million people in the country who are eligible to be vaccinated who are not vaccinated. When you have that degree of vulnerability, and you have a virus like Omicron that spreads so rapidly, it is quite likely that we are going to see in some sections of the country a significant stress on the hospital system as well as on the health care workers who are getting exhausted by all of this. So the stress is going to be there. I don’t foresee the kind of lockdowns that we’ve seen before, but I am certain of the potential for stress on our hospital system.”

And it was while further making the rounds, on Sunday, that Fauci went on to suggest that fully vaccinated Americans who received a coronavirus booster shot should still do more, like wearing masks and undergoing a coronavirus test before gatherings in congregate settings, despite the fact that public health officials originally pitched vaccines as the avenue to return to a state of pre-pandemic normalcy. This time it was during his appearance on CNN’s ‘State of the Union,’ and it was host Jake Tapper who asked if the state of testing is currently “acceptable” in America. And Fauci answered saying, “Well, we got to do better. I mean, we are doing better.” 

And it was in expressing the need to “flood the system with testing” that our esteemed man of science then said, “If you look now compared to what we were a year ago, it’s extraordinarily much different in the positive sense. We now have multiple, multiple at-home tests available, when we virtually had none a year ago. But we do need to do better.” And then it was in suggesting that vaccinated and boosted Americans should still seek out tests, Fauci went on to say, “We need to have tests available for anyone who wants them, particularly when we’re in a situation right now where people are going to be gathering.”

Tony said, “Even though they are vaccinated and boosted, they may want to go that extra step, that extra mile to know that, when we have people coming into the home, where they are going someplace, that you can know in 15 minutes whether or not you’re positive,” later adding that vaccinated individuals should still exercise caution and “wear a mask” when traveling in indoor congregate settings. And he said, “It is going to be tough. We can’t walk away from that, Jake. We can’t, because, with Omicron that we’re dealing with, it is going to be a tough few weeks to months as we get deeper into the winter.” I listen to nothing this man has to say, nothing!

Fauci also argued that the U.S. does not yet have a proper “veil of protection” because 50 million Americans are still unvaccinated. However, he admitted that it would not end there. Masking and testing, he added, is still crucial. once again contradicting what public health officials said at the start of vaccine rollout, where they presented vaccines as the way out of the pandemic. Again, contradicting himself he said, “But we have got to realize that it is more than just getting vaccination. Vaccination is an absolutely essential part of this process. But there are other things. And that’s the reason why we stress the idea about masking and testing.”

And in wrapping up his latest bit of propaganda he said, “People think that vaccine is the answer to everything. We can’t do it without vaccines, Jake, but we can do a lot more with other things, and testing, for example, both yourself and your family when you’re getting ready to do something, go out into the community, or when you’re going to have people over your own house,” he added, stressing testing as “part of the president’s winter plan.” Look, the last thing I’m worried about is Covid. I live my life normally and don’t listen to any of these quacks and politicians. I’m more worried about escalating gas prices and the epidemic of increasingly empty store shelves.

Tony speaks of being boosted? Boosted with what?! A vaccine that is only 37% effective against Covid? A vaccine that not only DOES NOT stop the spread of Covid, but creates super-spreaders. A vaccine whose antibodies against Covid have only have a few months of effectiveness? A vaccine that alters your genetics and are responsible for inflammation of the endothelial lining of blood vessels which results in thrombosis or hemorrhage? A vaccine that causes myo-and pericarditis and reason former young healthy athletes are currently dropping like flies on the field clutching their chests before they collapse and die? And we need a booster of this stuff? Nope!

I’m very sure that there are many who remember Fauci from when he was placed in charge of stopping the AIDs epidemic and how he then panicked the world by declaring even close contact could spread the virus and how he refused to look for a treatment and instead sought a vaccine. Many speculated he insisted on a vaccine because it’s much more profitable to big pharma. Now here he is once again and he’s trying to sell the same line of snake oil. How much do you think ‘vaccine’ makers profit when you insist every adult in the world get two or three shots each? No wonder they destroy any doctor who suggests inexpensive medications can save people.

Every week it’s something else and he has not been right about anything. He’s a quack! His proclamations are all intended to do nothing more than distract us from the fact that he is in cahoots with the Chinese on this killer virus and has been so from the very beginning. At the end of the day the issue is that these supposed ‘vaccines’ simply don’t work like ‘vaccines’ of the past. Americans have learned to cope with this creation of Fauci’s. It’s those in government who have yet to figure it out, because they have no interest in doing do. Terrible messaging and their inability to understand and accept risk as the rest of us manage in our lives every single day.

And I’m sure everyone has noticed how it is that Tony never talks about natural immunity. His own CDC estimated back in October 146 million cases of Covid in the U.S. since the start of the pandemic. Far beyond the confirmed clinical positives. Couple that with the fact that close to 500 million ‘vaccines’ that have now administered. The age group most vulnerable to hospitalization and death, 65 and older, are at 98% with at least one dose. Close to 90% fully vaccinated. The age group 50-64 are 78% fully vaccinated. All CDC stats. One would think with the combined natural immunity and vaccinations the nation should be close to herd immunity.

Fauci never utters a word other than to tout ‘vaccines’, masks and more lockdowns. Tony has needed to go for a long time and it’s a true medical professional with the proper expertise who will keep the nation informed in an honest, straight forward manner that now needs to be brought in. The little weasel is anxious to get everyone vaccinated so there is no control group because it’s becoming more and more obvious that the vaccinated are the ones with problems. Fauci never talks about natural immunity or treatment. You’ll never hear him promote Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin or Monoclonal infusion. Have you asked yourself why that might be?  

And it’s every time that that fraud is pressed on the issue of illegals flooding across our border, that his first response is always the same, “well, that’s different.” Different why, exactly? Hundreds of thousands are allowed entry into this country illegally before than being boarded onto buses and planes and transported off to various ‘Red’ states without ever being vaccinated and without possessing any sort of an ID and Fauci doesn’t consider that being any sort of a serious problem. Simply calling this guy a fraud, or a quack, is such an understatement because he’s has continued to prove that he is so very much more than that. He is Public Enemy No.1!  

Fauci has been, and continues to be, all over the map when it comes to the ‘Chinese virus.’ First he said masks didn’t work, then he said they did and that one may even need to wear multiple masks. Now he claims these ‘vaccines’ work, when they so very clearly do not. And we continue to be told how it is that social distancing remains the key to minimizing the chances of spreading the virus and that too was, and is, a lie. Now boosters are the answer, now they don’t work. Lockdowns would keep everyone safe, but they don’t. He doesn’t know what the Hell he’s talking about. He and the CDC compadres come up with a different recommendation every few hours.

This continues to be nothing more than fearmongering perpetrated by one of the most EVIL men in the world and used against those hesitant about taking some experimental serum that is making him and his big pharma buddies very wealthy. He needs be made to understand that this is not Germany nor is it the 1940s. People have every right to fight back. He is punching with threats that are backed by a corrupt government and the people are punching back with defiance and their freedom to choose. Suddenly, they TAKE AWAY our rights and then tell us if we are good little sheep we can have them back. Sorry, our rights are still ours and not theirs to take!

Finally, if this magic potion really worked, people wouldn’t need boosters. Once vaccinated for polio, we can’t get it. No booster’s needed. Once vaccinated for smallpox, we can’t get that. No booster is needed. Get vaccinated for coronavirus and you can still get it, carry it and infect others. You need a booster, and you can still get it, carry it and infect others. The magic potion simply doesn’t work. Herd immunity does. If the vaccines actually worked why would we still need to wear masks? And if masks actually worked, why would we need to be vaccinated? Wake up people, this isn’t about Chinese Coronavirus, it never was. It’s ALL about CONTROL!

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