I think I’ve mentioned before that old adage that speaks of what to do whenever it is that you find yourself in a hole of your own making. And it was some time ago that I’m thinking that maybe some Democrat, still in possession of a bit of common sense, would have taken old ‘Creepy Joe’ aside and yelled in his one good ear, “Stop fucking digging!” Because over the course of the last 10 months he has most certainly got himself in quite a hole. All courtesy of some rather spectacular policy failures such as defunding the police, an escalating crime rate, rapidly soaring inflation, supply chain shortages, the Afghanistan disaster, open borders and so very much more!

And I must admit that I’m rather torn when it comes to my desire for him to ‘stop’ digging while I can still afford to fill up my gas tank or supply my family with what food I can still find, or wanting to keep digging until he gets deep enough to bury both himself and his entire Democrat Party. And it’s proof that ‘Creepy Joe’ has dug himself into quite hole that comes to us courtesy of a recent NPR/Marist poll, released on Thursday, that showed that it’s now just 16 percent of American adults who can bring themselves to strongly approve of *president ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance. Yet he has given no indication that he intends to slow his digging.

More than double the number of people strongly disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance than strongly approve of it. Respondents indicated 38 percent strongly disapprove of his job performance which is 22 points greater than those who strongly support his job performance. And it’s only 10 percent of Independents who strongly approve of the *president’s performance, while a whopping 38 percent strongly disapprove. Moreover, more Democrats (5 percent) strongly disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s job performance than Republicans strongly approve (2 percent). Hard to believe that 2 percent of Republicans approve. Someone must be messing with the pollsters.

And it’s among white college graduates, a key voting bloc for Democrats because they tend not to be all that bright, it’s 35 percent who strongly disapprove of ‘Creepy Joe’s performance, while just 20 percent strongly approve. And it’s people under the age of 45 who also give the *president low marks, with only 8 percent strongly approving of his performance, while 33 percent strongly disapprove. When you realize just how much NPR stacks the deck in their polls to show widespread support for the left these numbers are even more damning. By the way, the poll sampled 1,172 adults November 30 through December 6. The margin of error is 3.8 percentage points.

The sad part here is that it’s many of those who now claim to disapprove of the way he’s doing his job, that actually voted for this moron. And it only further illustrates the fact that leftists are emotional basket cases. They couldn’t handle a few ‘mean’ tweets but were just fine with voting for a guy who was obviously senile. And now they have the nerve to disapprove of the way he’s doing his job? What the Hell did they think was going to happen? Lock downs along with mask and vaccine mandates, high taxes, $100 fill ups at the gas pump and a $100 bag of groceries and armed terrorists and dead US soldiers. Nope, never saw none of that coming.

Now I don’t know about anybody else, but I for one hated the “fascism” of peace and prosperity, job and economic growth, cheap gas, a plentiful food supply and energy independence. It was a living Hell! Thanks, leftists for saving us from President Trump. But can 16 percent of the American people really be this amazingly stupid? Well, I suppose they can be if they’re all are registered Democrats who are either on the federal payroll or the welfare rolls. But what concerns me is that we have 16 percent of the population walking around non-institutionalized who strongly approve of Creepy Joe’s job performance. ‘Senile’ man, good, ‘Orange man,’ bad.

Or perhaps, many who voted for ‘Creepy Joe’ didn’t think things would get so bad, so fast? But it doesn’t matter. And I’m not willing to cut them any amount of slack for their stupidity because they knowingly voted for a political party that ran on hate for America, it’s history and her people, just to rid the White House of the man whose only ‘crime’ was to put his country first. Democrats can rate ‘Creepy Joe’ in the polling in an effort to feel virtuous about being honest, but they’re a direct part of this currently unfolding disaster. And what did they really expect to happen when he’s had a proven 40+ year track record of accomplishing absolutely nothing.

It should go without saying that the Democrat Party is the most dangerous political party ever to exist in the history of the United States. America allowed this loser and his political hacks to make a mockery of our electoral process by allowing them to steal an election and to mount what was nothing less than a coup. ‘Creepy Joe’ clearly seems too old to deal effectively with the nation’s real-world problems. And it the rest of those who comprise this most corrupt, and clearly inept, administration seems stuck on utopian planning while big problems are allowed to get worse. I’m not sure the nation can handle three more years of this type of “leadership.”

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