I am so growing tired of this fraud, this fake, this liar, Tony Fauci. I’m tired of all his lies and of his continuing to be allowed to get away with telling them. I’m tired of his being able to get away with murder and I’m tired of how he continues to be held up as being some kind of scientific/medical genius, when he definitely is not, and I’m tired of him being allowed to escape the retribution for his crimes that he most certainly deserves. This man will come to be synonymous with faulty ‘science.’ Tony loves to fearmonger in the attempt to give himself both importance and power.

And it was just this past Sunday that that was once again on full display. It was during an appearance on this week’s CNN’s “State of the Union,” hosted by ‘Mr. Fake News’ himself, Jake Tapper. It was then that ‘Creepy Joe’s chief medical advisor, Tony Fauci, was asked to respond to Sen. Ron Johnson’s claim, made during an interview on ‘Fox News,’ that Fauci was overhyping the coronavirus pandemic. Tapper said, “Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin said this week that you have been using coronavirus to keep Americans in fear and maintain control. Take a listen.”

Tapper then played the interview between Sen. Johnson and Fox News Channel’s Brian Kilmeade, during which Johnson, a Republican, said, “Fauci did the exact same thing with AIDS. He overhyped it. He created all kinds of fear, saying it could infect the entire population when it couldn’t, and he’s using the exact same playbook with COVID.” Tapper said, “Obviously, that’s a bizarre and false assertion. President George W. Bush gave you the Presidential Medal of Freedom because of your leadership in the AIDS crisis. I did want to give you an opportunity to respond.”

Tony whined, saying, “You know Jake, how do you respond to something as preposterous as that? Overhyping AIDS? It killed over 750,000 Americans and 36 million people worldwide. How do you overhype that? Overhyping Covid? It’s already killed 780,000 Americans and over 5 million people worldwide, so I don’t have any clue what he’s talking about.” Tapper added, “I don’t think he does either.” Clearly, stripping freedom, livelihoods and dignity all in the name of ‘science’ that has done nothing more that to prolong the inevitable could, I think, be considered as OVERHYPING.

Johnson is right, and I’m not choosing to agree with him because he’s Republican, I would be agreeing with anyone making this same argument. People alive at the time of the overhyped AIDs scare remember it well. And while the vast majority of the cases that were limited to two groups, gay men and drug abusers, it was Tony who had the ‘mainstream’ media spreading fear and saying such things as, “Get tested and don’t have sex.” We saw 750,000 deaths out of roughly 330 million people with most being gay or drug abusers? So yes, it was overhyped just like ‘Chinese virus.’

Tony pulled the same stunt decades earlier with AIDS and AZT. Patients and physicians clamored for FDA to approve off-patent medications proven effective in treating the disease. But Tony stonewalled, restricting accepted protocol to his pet AZT, which it turned out was both ineffective and deadly. But it was very profitable and hey, isn’t that what really matters? Tony is nothing but a disgrace to the entire medical profession. With Covid, he’s done the exact same thing! He STOPPED the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and people died because of his actions, again.

Tony isn’t fooling anyone, we all know that he has a financial interest in pushing these bogus ‘vaccines’ and at the expense of public health. There would have been far fewer deaths if Ivermectin had been used. This piece of human excrement is should be in prison! He’s a self-serving fake, not a man of science, not even close. He poses the most serious threat to public health ever seen in this country. Because he has been very purposeful in focusing on those treatments that, far from protecting people, succeed in doing nothing more than to fatten his back account.

But let’s not forget the role that Democrat politicians have played in, and continue to play, in all of this. Imbeciles like Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom and just about every other Democrat, and with a few RINO, governors who only added fuel to the fire. Some of whom placed elderly covid positive patients into nursing homes infecting thousands more elderly patients who had not contracted Covid until that had been done. Downright disgusting and malicious. They should all be charged with crimes against humanity right along with Fauci, Birx and Redfield at the top of the list.

As someone who is not a physician, commonsense would seem to suggest that we should have tried to knock the virus out fast, under physician direction and with treatments that were well-known, safe, cheap and effective.  Personally, I’d love to know how much Tony has made off these bogus ‘vaccines.’ We need a full accounting of not only what role Tony played in all of this, but how it is that he likely continues to profit from it. His decisions only make sense from a perspective of personal enrichment on his part and not from any amount of commonsense.

The funny thing here is that Trapper actually views himself as being a bona fide ‘journalist,’ which he most certainly is not. What kind of ‘journalist’ starts off by answering his own question, and then directs the answer of the interviewee. He then makes a sophomoric snide comment about a senator who is not there to defend himself. CNN, as it currently exists, is not long for this world. Its new owners have said they might change the network back to a ‘real’ news network with ‘real’ journalists. Trapper and his CNN comrades are likely fearing for their futures.

Mr. “I am science” is NOT a really scientist at all, by anyone’s definition. In fact, I would argue that he is the absolute antithesis of science. He’s not even a practicing physician. He’s nothing more than a swampy empire builder with a practiced mien, who finagled control of massive taxpayer dollars and parlayed that into partnerships with Big Pharma to the mutual enrichment of both and the detriment of public health. The Medical Industrial Complex. He ruthlessly employed fearmongering and cancel culture in medicine before cancel culture became ‘a thing.’

Tony was responsible for causing a nationwide panic with his theories about AIDS. He published articles, without peer review, that were completely WRONG! And yet what did our government do about that? They actually promoted him out of the position he was in at the time. How it is that Tony has manages to ‘fail upward’ into the most richly compensated Swamp Rat, even as chronic disease has exploded in America during his tenure. Tony is nothing but a liar, a fraud and a con man. His is the face of dishonesty, deceit, and greed. He most certainly is not the face of ‘science.’

Tony has much blood on his hands. It was many who died from AIDS that could have lived far longer than they did, even with the disease, had it not been for Tony. There were drugs already available, and people didn’t have to die. But it was Tony who stopped the use of those drugs, trying to come up with a vaccine and/or new treatments. Treatments he personally benefited from financially. Sound familiar? He should be arrested and charged for his Covid-19 deceit. Also, NIH, the CDC, and the FDA should all be thoroughly investigated to get to the bottom of this massive fraud.

That this man continues to be propped up by Democrats, and their many minions in the ‘fake news’ media, is nothing short of treason. And all because it’s less about public health than it is politics. The health of the American people has been, and continues to be, sacrificed at the altar of leftwing politics. Democrats demand that every American be fully ‘vaccinated’ while all manner of infected scum continues to be allowed to stream across our southern border, and Democrat politicians are routinely seen out and about without a mask in sight. It makes absolutely no sense.

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